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Just a thought................

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posted on Feb, 21 2005 @ 07:21 AM
Last night I could not get to sleep so like I do I start writing stuff down to try and make myself tired...................anyway earlier on I had been watching some science programs and one was about parallel universes and it got me thinking...............

What if there are other universes that we cant see or here because they are on a differant kind of spectrum.

What if in these other universes you or I are living and making differant choices to what we make in our universe, but what if in all these universes someone made the same decision at the same moment in time and at the same place in time..........could these lead to a joining of all the universes where for a fraction of time they all crossover. Could these be an explanation for ghosts and people hearing voices ??

Could this be an explanation for deja-vu ?

Could it be an explanation for UFOs and aliens ??

Could it be in one or more universes they have discovered the ability to crossover into other universes ? Maybe the reason why most people see ' greys ' is because these are suits worn to protect the body of the beings crossing over.

Would be interested to read any of your thoughts.

If this has been covered in another thread - my apologies.


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