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Shag Harbour UFO incident.

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posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 06:48 AM
Shag Harbour... Isnt that the incident Discovery keeps airing?

posted on Mar, 27 2005 @ 07:27 AM

Originally posted by celticniall
Has anyone done a correlation between alleged crashes and the placement of powerful radar arrays? This would be interesting to see if there really is any correlation. Are there any other criteria that is the same in all or most alleged alien crashes, like near military bases, near nuclear testing sites, etc ?

Did a bit of research on the radar near Shag Harbour at the time of the crash. Found a general history of it at this site and the type of equipment used. Radar site history
And I found a picture of the site when it was near completion. Site picture

And a good overview of the incident itself here.

posted on Mar, 29 2005 @ 03:37 AM

Originally posted by Gazrok
Many researchers (myself included) believe the early crashes were due to them being unfamiliar powerful radar arrays and how they could affect their drive mechanism. I don't think it's too difficult to believe that they would be so beyond something like radar, that it was likely an unforeseen issue. Indeed, most crashes happened during a short period of time, and most well-documented ones (what few there are) were near powerful radar arrays (which weren't exactly common as they were new at the time in question). I don't think it was alien incompetence, simply an unforeseen complication. Seems even aliens are subject to Murphy's Law, hehe...

I think it may have to do with natural Earth Phenomena too. Just recently in the last 10 - 20 years new forms of lightning have been discovered. Not only is there vertically falling negatively charged lightning, but there is horizontally discharged positively charged lightning that is much nore dangerous than negatively charged lightning. According to a documentary I watched on the National Geographic On Demand channel, this positive lightning most likely was the cause behind the Columbia crash. There is also a lightniong phenomena called Sprites. These are huge eruptions of multiple fingers of lightning rising up from the earth's surface that are very powerful bursts with alot of voltage, moreso than negatively charged lightning strikes from the atmosphere. It's quite possible Roswell was a case of positively charged lightning striking the alien craft. Also just because something may be technologically superior to our technology doesn't mean they are infallible to mechanical failure. Nothing is ever 100% perfect and malfunctions will happen regardless of whether it is a terran vehicle or an extra terrestrial craft. There will always be minute design flaws that will cause it to not work properly. Also you have to take into account the age of the alien craft. Just like our cars, I'd wager alien aircraft of a certain age will have more difficulties than a top of the line new model.

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posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 10:12 AM
Do you think that these changes in atmospheric phenomenon may be also due to the output of these powerful Radar arrays and partly the cause of these crashes? If, as you say, these are relatively new phenomenon, then there may be a link with the development of such technologies as Radar arrays and the likes of HAARP, amongst other wave emitting stations which not only is changing the atmosphere frequencies, but also downing these alien craft. Maybe this is the way to go to prevent an invasion...surround the Earth with powerful waves of energy, thus preventing UFOs from entering the atmosphere?

posted on Mar, 3 2008 @ 11:23 PM
Hello to all. I just joined ats . I live in mass. But I have very deep roots in Round bay N.S. I spent all of my summers and for 2 yrs. lived in Round bay N.S. . I have seen the ufo about 10 yrs ago. I was going to be around 11 and I looked out the back window. I saw a golden white light over mcnutts island. So I went out on to the back deck. There was no noise, no lights on the deserted island. So I watched the ufo for 30 min. then a second light just slid in next to the first one. I called the coast guard thinking they might be flares. The ufo hovered but moved to the right and left at a super slow speed. Then there were 3 ufos and after I saw the third ufo all 3 of them flew off at a amazing rate of speed. They took off at a angle of about 70 deg. to the horizon and they had sort of a tail of light. It was so fast if you blinked you woul of missed it. Check out the maps. Round Bay over looks mcnutts island. On the other side of the harbor from mcnutts island is the old naval base. PLEASE tell me all you know

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by Gazrok

If Shag Harbour was a fruad, a whole lot of people were fooled by it. Please check that and other information about the incident you are using here. The date was Wednesday, Oct. 4, 1967. The press coverage that gave the first major details, interviews, and created world attention came out, published in The Halifax-Chronicle Herald, on Oct. 7. It was written by a bright, gifted young reporter who tried to stay objective (Ooops! That would have been me!)

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 09:21 PM
On October 4th, 1967, something flew over Russia and Canada before finally diving into the water off the coast of Shag harbour. It was said that the Americans were very interested in retreiving the object and Russia interception was warded off. Some say the Americans found a number of flying saucers just up the coast of Nova Scotia from the location one dove in the water.

There were two Air Canada pilots in the skies over Canada during the night of the incident. One of these pilots is my father. Not even two years ago, a friend of a friend heard my father's name come up on a show on the History Channel about the Shag Harbour Incident. I've always been interested in the idea of Extraterrestrials and I asked my Dad when i was a kid if he saw any UFOs when he flew. He said no but there was this one time a long time ago when he saw a missile test that frightened the hell out of him. So, I figured well surely if my dad hasn't seen one, there aren't any.

My father was lied to. He reported the sighting of the UFO and it was submitted and analyzed at a place in the Untied States in Ohio. The feedback was that it was a missile being tested off the coast of New York. My father lived with that, but it was wrong. They lied to my dad. I then investigated the topic of Shag Harbour all over the internet and my dad's name kept coming up. I showed my father and was completely blown away. I contacted the authors of the book, Dark Object, by contacting Stanton Friedman. Chris Styles talked to my father and I over the phone and got the whole picture together. We also gave Chris some information that was kept locked up in the vault since the incident without even knowing.

My father's testimony that is held in the Canadian National Archives is not right about his flightpath and location over the Earth. There were drawings of the lights scribbled on the initial report and they were compared to an time-lapse photo taken that night of the lights in the sky before the object dove into the water. Before I showed my father the picture of the lights, I asked him to tell me every aspect about those lights. What shape, where? What colours? I then showed him and he said, "those are them."

He said the sky lit up and he thought New York City was under attack by a nuclear bomb because the light looked very similar "cell" like formations in the slow-motion video of a nuclear bomb, during the outward blast. The lights faded later to nothing.

My father told me that the exact person he flew with that night was hearing stories from pilots, and seeing for himself as he was flying, UFOs slightly camoflauged in the clouds over Shag Harbour before the incident occured!

posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 08:53 PM

Shag Harbour is now on youtube.

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posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 01:26 AM
reply to post by drew hempel

thanks for the link, good video that answers some questions and raises a bunch more...

I noticed they let it slip last night on the Paracast that the video could now be found online, MacDonald didn't sound too happy about that....

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 02:30 AM
Shag Harbour is probably one of the most important cases worldwide. There is a lot of documentation and research on this subject.
Chris Styles

There is a book.

It was probably tracked by bothe Canadian and American radar long before sightings took place. Something odd involving the navy took place off the coast of N.S. after the "crash" incident.

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 12:04 PM
excellent (as always) presentation by jkrog08 found here;

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by Toxicsurf

Toxicsurf, thanks for posting that link - I can't believe I missed that one.

posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 08:19 AM
Hello i come with some scientific explanations of the incident.

First thing to know : it is a submersion not a "crash"

Electrolysis is a method of carrying out chemical reactions by an electrical activation. This is the process of converting electrical energy into chemical energy.

1-iron electrodes subjected to a strong electric current produces electrolysis of the seawater (seawater being more electrically conductive than fresh water) that this effect of "yellow foam" sometimes orange, and that particular smell of sulfur, hydrogen "highly explosive" is also made

Dissolved in water, and even more when it is a little hot, highly corrosive foam product lot
while releasing a pungent smell (similar to chlorine ) that people who knew nothing of chemistry , such as fishers of Shag Harbour, could compare to the smell of sulfur, which is equally aggressive , pungent and suffocating !
sulfur does not smell itself it is sulfur dioxide S0² having the suffocating odor described by fishermen.

To my mind when the "ufo" immersed in sea water suddenly it occurs to a giant electrolysis, which had as first consequence brutal hydrogen produced which detonated causing this "flash" and deafening noise that witnesses described the second effect is that yellow foam characterizing electrolysis during the dive of the UFO in the Atlantic ocean.

it takes a considerable amount of energy to produce a chemical table of 35 meters on 90, so it is possible to calculate the electrical energy of the UFO

I think i also know why the research by submarine divers to find of the UFO have given nothing (...)

the french
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posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 02:58 PM
so can you present the energy calculation and results here ?

posted on Mar, 9 2016 @ 02:38 AM
Hello fellow's

The calculation will be approximate ... because of unkown data of the UFO , however, it can give an idea. I will keep you informed, this calculations will take some time.

I forgot to specify additional details supporting "the immertion" and not a "crash".

1/Big waves were not oberved during the incident that was a few hundred meters from the shore, nobody mentioned that water was impacted as it will look like for a "crash".

2/The object was floating 250 m (820 ft) to 300 m (980 ft) offshore in the waters of Shag Harbour during the observation according to witnesses

It look like that the the UFO had sank OR penetrated into the water after floating a while, which would explain the lack of big waves.

To give you a little idea of the uge amount of energy that the UFO may had used and how it's difficult to estimate/calcul : During an home electrolyse experiment with a car battery that i did in the past, the "yellow foam" appers on a about 10 hours on a little recipient like a bucket with only one litre of salt water and a peace of metal that i wanted to clean.

in the case of shag harbour it's on a BIG surface of water with a 10cm yellow foam forming on a short time, that things who went into the water had kind of big energy and probably very mortel like some kind of powerful electric transformer you find in most electrical central.

the french

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