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The Poor Cat.

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posted on Feb, 21 2005 @ 03:32 AM
Before I post this, no animals were hurt intentionally, it was an accident.

When my husband and I first got an apartment, he brought a cat home to me, and I was so excited! I always wanted a kitten. Well, after a few months, I got real close to Sheba, she followed me everywhere and cried when I was leaving.
One day, the phone rang,while I was doing laundry, and in my haste to get the phone I threw the wet clothes in the dryer. I was expecting a call about a job. After I hung up,I then sulked a bit,I was told I wasn't qualified enough for the job so I sat down and began to draw. After awhile I began to wonder where Sheba was.I looked and called her name and no cat. Then I figured she had fallen asleep, and would be right back at my side soon enough.
So, after I finsihed drawing, my husband arrived home. He asked about the job, and I told him, then he sat down to eat. After about an hour he asked "Where is Sheba at....she's always right by you?"I told him she must be asleep. I got up and said I was going to get the laudry out and went down the hall. When I opened the dryer door,

I threw the clothes in the laundry basket, and took it into the kitchen, wondering why it seemed so heavy.

I let out a scream, I was holding Sheba in my arms, not a towel, she waas dead and stiff as a board! sob! I cried "Look! I killed Sheba!!" and I ranand slammed the bathroom door shut and cried. My husband said it was not my fault it was an accident, after I explained how I was rushing to get the phone. Then he picked up Sheba and I screamed again. "I'm a cat murderer, everyone will hate me now!You can't tell anyone ..I mean it!"
A few months passed, and I was at the drugstore, and one of my friends came up to me and we chatted, and then she started talking about all the laundry she had to get done. My heart started racing..I wondered ...did she know? So, before she left she said to me, "Donna, did you kill any more cats lately?" and walked away laughing!!!!
I was so upset I sold my dryer and haven't used one to this day.
My poor Sheba, may she rest in peace.

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