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Really Good Plan to Infiltrate Area 51...

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posted on Feb, 20 2005 @ 08:34 PM


OK, what ya do is ya go to Russia and find the right connections to get access to the black market weapons over there, not that hard just find some guy whose with the Russian Mafia, and ask him. Then buy from him 20 AK74's, 10 RPG's, maybe some SVD's would be needed and and silenced VSS Vintorez'sm, plus you will need LOTS OF AMMO, and explosives, grenades (RGD-1's, C4, etc). These weapons will cost shyte-all over there and converting US dollars in roubles will give a small Russian fortune of money. Now get together about 30 ppl, don't need to be ex-SF Commandos, just spend some time exercising and using your weapons and you'll be fine!
Then go back to Nevada, and have everyone meet at Rachel that town outside of Area 51, now your going to need transport, unless all of you can run 20 miles (unlikely
), so I recommend buying at least 6 Hummers, H1 model's are excellent Off-Road vehicles, and see if you can get the glass bullet-proofed, and also you will need some surveillance equipment, DV cams maybe with live feeds going to somewhere, or something like that. Now get everyone together, make sure you hvae all your weapons and DV cam's and crap, and make your Hummer's are in perfect/showroom/mint condition. Now 3 Hummer's will need to drive towards the South entrance and 3 towards the North, no you will be detected like 20 miles outside the base, so keep driving, once you encounter "Cammodudes" DO NOT FIRE AT THEM UNLESS THEY SHOOT DIRECTLY AT YOU! If they do, blast the shyte thru them, keep driving and if they get close enough throw grenades at them, or launch a few RPG's. Once you get towards the outskirts of the base, it will no doubt go into lockdown, so both teams should meet at somewhere and drive further in together. Remember to drive in a formation and to cover each other. Once you are on base grounds, the guards will be going ape-**** and you will have a platoon on you in no time, once you get up to the main base, hop out the Hummer's, and both teams should rush the main ADMIN building, GUNS BLAZING, and then once inside blast your way to the elevators and go down into the underground part of the base. When inside, take photos of everything and film the whole place, NOW RUN LIKE HELL, GUNS BLAZING, OUTSIDE, GET INTO THE HUMMERS AND DRIVE LIKE MAD, GUNS BLAZING, AND DRIVE TO THE AIRPORT AND FLY TO RUSSIA AND HIDE AND POST YOUR FINDINGS!

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posted on Feb, 20 2005 @ 08:37 PM
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A plan to infiltrate area 51!

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