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Sestercentennial Is Coming Soon America

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posted on Jun, 28 2018 @ 08:35 PM
2026 will be the 250th Anniversary of the United States and here we are eight years out, are we ready for the party? 1976 was full on for the Bicentennial. Everything was all about the Spirit of 1776. Even olives came in Liberty Bell shaped jars. And School House Rock was heavy on the education of the Revolution. Thinking back it was a level of patriotism that wasn’t even remotely close to becoming eclipsed by the flag waving immediately after 9/11.

Eight years before 1976 was 1968. Tet Offensive began ensuring Johnson’s claim of the Vietnam War ending soon were out the window and that draft would come for more young lives. Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy assassinated. Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, the same fate. North Korea captured a Navy ship raising tensions, it would be 11 months before they released the crew. Medals stripped from two Olympian athletes for protesting the treatment of Black Americans.

1968 was a far darker year in US History than 2018 has been. Some will say we won’t see that Spirt of 76 again. Some more vehementlay than others so I place it in the Mud Pit for those inevitable replies. But I would like to believe we are going to see it again. Maybe this time we can keep it going for awhile.

posted on Jun, 28 2018 @ 08:37 PM
a reply to: Ahabstar

1976 was full on for the Bicentennial.


I guess I am old. Had buffaloburgers to celebrate that one. Get it? Bisontennial?

Wait a minute...2026 is not "soon."

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posted on Jun, 28 2018 @ 08:45 PM
My sources say it was banned sometime during May.

posted on Jun, 28 2018 @ 09:12 PM
a reply to: Phage

Eight years is less that either of us have been here on ATS. Embrace the old fart-ness.

posted on Jun, 28 2018 @ 10:02 PM
Just think, The Unhinged can celebrate two years past the Trump era so sparklers for everyone!!!

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