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Artificial intelligence researchers are putting Neanderthal brains into ROBOTS

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posted on Jun, 28 2018 @ 03:08 PM
Man, the world in 50-100 years will be INTERESTING to say the least.

Teams at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) are experimenting with lumps of tissue taken from fossil bones of our early ancestors

They've reportedly managed to grow tiny brains, about the size of a pea, in petri dishes inside labs.

They say the next step is to link these cavemen brains to robots using neural implants to try and create a kind of Neanderthal cyborg.

"Ultimately, we want to compare the Neanderthalised organoid [with the robot] to test its ability to learn," said Alysson Muotri, a member of the research team at UCSD.

Here's a more in depth article from Yahoo.

This type of research that the public knows about. I have a friend that works for an agency that I will not say and he has seen things that people wouldn't believe when it comes to science and technology.

This is interesting research though and human curiosity will always push the envelope. The only thing is the envelope is full of A.I., gene therapy, cloning, genetic enhancement, nanotechnology and more. At one point, pushing the envelope was just saying atoms exist.

In 5-10 years, I wouldn't be surprised to see a headline that says,

SHOCK DISCOVERY Thousands of Human Clones Walk Among Us

The internet has been around in some form since the 60's.

The history of the Internet begins with the development of electronic computers in the 1950s. Initial concepts of wide area networking originated in several computer science laboratories in the United States, United Kingdom, and France.[1] The US Department of Defense awarded contracts as early as the 1960s, including for the development of the ARPANET project, directed by Robert Taylor and managed by Lawrence Roberts. The first message was sent over the ARPANET in 1969 from computer science Professor Leonard Kleinrock's laboratory at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to the second network node at Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

So when we hear about certain studies or research just know you're hearing things that usually are in more advanced stages but you will only hear what's available for public consumption.

Here's a story from 2009 where a couple paid $155,000 to clone their dog.

A Boca Raton, Florida, couple paid a California firm $155,000 to clone their beloved Labrador retriever, who died from cancer a year ago. The clone, a 10-week-old puppy dubbed Lancey, was hand-delivered to them earlier this week by Lou Hawthorne, chairman of BioArts International, a biotechnology company.

"One minute with Lancey and you know he's special. He's both extremely aware and very sweet," Hawthorne said in a BioArts statement.

Dolly the sheep was cloned in 1996. That's 22 years ago. There's a lot of cloning going on in different areas that people don't know about.

posted on Jun, 28 2018 @ 03:22 PM
a reply to: neoholographic

Some info on this was posted here in this thread:

Interesting stuff!

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posted on Jun, 28 2018 @ 04:30 PM
a reply to: neoholographic

I reckon there are AI walking around and interacting on the internet. I've seen photos of people who just look too perfect... especially women prostitutes!

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