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Trump supporter gives $300 dollars in tips to three Mexican Nationals

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posted on Jun, 27 2018 @ 08:09 AM
a reply to: 3n19m470

I got stonework that was of exceptional quality to me. That's it. Nothing else and NO hidden agendas!

If you live in the South the quality of the finish work is of extremely poor quality; wood trim, drywall, paint and stain. Also some of the concrete driveways are never broom or float finished. Just smooth but exposed aggregate at the surface

Many of the contractors also install doors and windows without a level. I bought a used home and I have a French double door. The frame is 5/8" out of level. I will remove it and replace it myself.

Git er done is Job #1

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posted on Jun, 27 2018 @ 08:12 AM
a reply to: odzeandennz

Isn't it supposed to be "spank the monkey" ?

posted on Jun, 27 2018 @ 08:18 AM
a reply to: vonclod

Agree there are many racist Trump supporters and it goes back to the early 1800's. I see it every day and these same "racists" also hate people from the North.

Seems to me that decades of generational inbreeding keeps that hate stuff just rolling along on all sides.

posted on Jun, 27 2018 @ 08:26 AM
a reply to: Jake56

this is a common theme I hear among people who are pro illegal immigration and a major problem with it at the same time

yes they do take skilled jobs, construction trades are skilled jobs, you can do work fairly easy in the trades but not good work

the problem is they work for less money so the reason they were hired by that contractor is because they were willing to work for peanuts

posted on Jun, 29 2018 @ 06:35 AM
a reply to: toysforadults

Agree but I have no idea whether they were here illegally. Like was I going to ask them? NOT! I think they were here on a work permit.

Why; ICE did a huge sweep through Georgia, Florida, Alabama in late 2015 and early 2016. [Yepper, Dems Obama years] The Home Builders and subcontractors were out of crews and all the white and black guys the Illegal Aliens displaced from Home Building industry either moved or retired "per our builder"

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