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Tadpoles [Frogs] are not completing metamorphosis / Thyroxine & Human affects

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posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 08:19 AM
For years many articles have been written on the disappearance of Frogs. I have a Coy pond without Coy. Water quality is correct and oxygen is generated via a waterfall and pump. The Tadpoles are not morphing beyond the 2nd stage of their development. They are dying and cannibalized by the others. My brother is a College PhD Department Chair of Biotechnology and Genetics and is seeing the same thing in their controlled laboratories. Hes a happy go lucky guy but I know that hes sheeting his pants seeing this as his tadpoles are not completing metamorphosis in a scientifically controlled environment.

I read that in regard to the Tadpoles,

How hormones control metamorphosis in frogs and toads | Carnegie ... The thyroid gland secretes thyroxine (TH), a hormone essential for the growth and development of all vertebrates including humans. To understand TH action, the Donald Brown lab studies one of the most dramatic roles of the hormone, the control of amphibian metamorphosis—the process by which a tadpole turns into a frog.

So I looked into what affects the production of thyroxine (TH). Its the release of toxic PCB and DDT into the environment all of which has been known for years. I am not a scientist but I am wondering whether the toxins are already inside all of us as evidenced by what my bother is observing in a controlled laboratory.

Here are some of the affects on humans [Weight Gain and Infertility]

What Can Go Wrong with Thyroxine? Having too little thyroxine or too much thyroxine can cause health problems. If your body releases too much thyroxine, you will suffer a condition called thyrotoxicosis. This can cause a goiter, which is a swelling of the neck because of an enlarged thyroid gland. Thyrotoxicosis can also cause menstrual irregularities, an increase in bowel movements, weight loss, heat intolerance, fatigue, and irritability. Thyrotoxicosis is commonly caused by hyperthyroidism, tumors in the thyroid gland, or thyroid inflammation. The body can also produce too little thyroxine, a condition known as hypothyroidism. Low thyroxine levels cause problems with development if it occurs when an individual is young. In adults, thyroxine deficiency will lower the metabolic rate, causing weight gain, memory problems, infertility, fatigue, and muscle stiffness.

Many articles and scientific papers are out there on all of the above and since the Frog is at the basic level of the food chain all the way up to us is it safe to say we as the human race are already screwed? That human generated environmental toxins have already altered human DNA such we will suffer self generational extinction.

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posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 08:32 AM
a reply to: Jake56

I believe you are absolutely right.
Also, aside from birth control, antibiotics and all the other chemicals we put out into our water as humans (human urine) it's other products that we use on a daily basis, such as triclosan. It has its use but does not need to be in every product that we buy. Plastics are hormone disruptors as well which leach into the water.

This is good info for those who may not be aware:
The Effects of Triclosan on Puberty and Thyroid Hormones in Male Wistar Rats

What Is Triclosan?

First made as a pesticide, triclosan has been around since the 1960s. In recent years, it made its way into a wide range of personal care items.

Triclosan is best known for its germ-killing power. That's why it has been used in so many hand soaps and body washes.

In water-based products like aftershave and makeup, it is a preservative. It also helps fight odor, which is why it's in deodorants and body sprays.

Your toothpaste might have triclosan, too. Colgate Total is the only American Dental Association-approved toothpaste with this ingredient. The FDA approved it after reviewing data showing that it prevents gum disease.

posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 08:59 AM
I've seen more frogs the last few months than I have in the last few years.

posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 09:07 AM
a reply to: ccseagull

Thanks. So if we discount the current social political climate as neutral with respect to women not wanting to have children or just putting off childbirth lets take a look at the +/- fertility % rates among all nations, specifically those that have been developed and industrialized [PCB + DDT] such as the USA & Europe and compare those rates to undeveloped countries or those with very little industrialization [manufacturing] such as the continent of Africa and the Middle East. One could also throw in China and India as their industrial - manufacturing base just ramped up in the last 30 years as compared to the Industrial Revolution. Once you look there is a correlation.

Take it another level and look at the UN, and open boarders and mass migration. They might be poor, uneducated or whatever but their DNA could be unaffected such as they have a "pure" strain of DNA? Such so that's why that agenda is being pushed as to attempt to introduce and regenerate the DNA among the human race?

I think of my family coming in from Europe as serfs in the late 1880's. Many had generational heath issues as described by all scientific journals. Many were infertile on both male / female sides thus the "family" just died out.

My mind is whizzing as we both could be on to something here as those with $$$$$$ already know and they sure wont tell us.

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posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 09:11 AM
a reply to: watchitburn

So have I but its about whats in the lab.

posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 09:53 AM
Working on my thoughts, I'll get back to you on it

In the meantime, here is more reading. Finland has had low sperm counts in young men. They don't know why, it's been a mystery for about the last thirty years or so (that I've been aware anyway). When reading this article it seems Denmark is in the same boat.
Causes for adverse trends and regional differences in sperm concentration are not known. Genetic background may explain some of the regional differences, but the trends point to a significant environmental contribution. Currently we do not know the environmental effectors. On the basis of biological knowledge, endocrine disrupters affecting testicular development can be considered putative culprits.24 While this is challenging to prove in human epidemiology, owing to complex exposures to thousands of chemicals, we need to stay alert by continuing semen quality studies to protect male reproductive health.

posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 09:55 AM
We just opened our pool a couple weeks ago, and have a small kiddie pool for the dog , anyway we ended up with a bunch of tadpoles in the small pool , and more eggs as well .
The wife wanted to dump it out and I said al least wait for the tadpoles to turn to frogs, there was at least what looked like close to 1000 of them swimming around.
I didn't want to kill 1000 frogs, so she lived with it , ( thanks baby ) but they never changed and I wondered what happened?
I had a feeling that it was environmental.

Also noticed the huge drop in lightning bugs over the past few years. And suspect the same thing

posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 10:08 AM
Lightning bug drop here as well. I have always thought the sign of a healthy plot of land is the presence of frogs, snails, slugs and salamanders. If their gone, your soil is toxic or unhealthy.

posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 10:12 AM
a reply to: Jake56

Before you go completely apocalyptic, try adding some iodine to the water.

posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 10:15 AM
a reply to: wylekat


posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 10:17 AM
a reply to: Jake56
Well, coming from a Biblical viewpoint, and being aware of end times, I do think it's all part of the intended process.

I can't stand all the hatred in this world, the blatant pollution, the chemicals in everything, the mass forcing of immigration, the government underhandedness. It may feel I'm going off topic, but I don't think so.

All I keep seeing is there are too many people in this world. There would be enough room/food/resources in this world for everyone IF profit and capitalism wasn't the main thought in everyone's heads. I'm all for that, but when one company can buy water rights, suck up all the water and sell it in bottles to make a profit - and deny locals adequate water for their needs then that's ridiculous. Water is a life source and should never be something for sale.

People are not having children in developed countries as they are all about living for the moment, which is fine, however it's almost like a brainwashing. One is morally wrong to have children these days. Then the government screams that there aren't enough people to maintain the country so they open the floodgates without proper vetting.

The laws are so overdone that criminals are protected while those protecting themselves are the ones thrown in prison.

Money is handed out to other countries to improve this and that, and that's great, however not enough if any gets to what it was meant for. Look at Hillary and Haiti.

Everything is racing towards the destruction of this planet. The planet is suffering because of human greed, evil residing in humans. I remember when the Internet came about, visiting chat rooms, message boards - there were people of every type, every job sector, every class - and they were all willing to converse and were such a joy to talk to. Now everyone has a chip on their shoulder, take their anger/frustrations out on the next person that simply makes an innocent comment. There is rampant rage in this world. People are going crazy, and doing insane things. People don't feel accountable. Don't get me wrong, I am merely generalizing.

For every chemical that enters the water it affects a person's body/mind. And same for all life forms. I believe the powers that be don’t really care what is in the water, or what happens to humans in general. I believe it’s all part of the New World Order.

Somehow, there will be a day when there will be a one world government. That means there will be no separate countries as such. And so all this open border stuff makes sense to me. I don’t agree with it. A country should be soverign in who it allows in, and the people it lets in should be vetted. And any immigrant that doesn’t conform to that country should have their citizenship revoked and be sent packing.

Along with the New World Order (of I believe the U.N. are) will come a one world religion. This is another aspect of why I believe mass immigration is being pursued – to mix all the religions. Eventually people will come to agree with some type of one world religion and there will be peace.

But, it all starts simply, and with the basics, such as chemicals in the water. They make the body sick and people run to the doctor and get prescribed up which messes more with the body (I am all for medication) and especially the mind. People become sicker, more mentally fragile and more passive. Life is out of control, no one has time to just “be” anymore and become more susceptible to finding a way out of their out of control feelings/life. Chemicals mess with DNA. The devil wants nothing more than to destroy humans and if it starts with one science creating "Frankenfoods", or another scientist to say that triclosan improves shaving cream, it just creates more disaster down the line that intertwines with the next disaster.

Our food is treated with chemicals. I was reading a post on ATS last night on the flavor of eggs. Food has no flavor anymore. Everything is processed, irridated, injected with hormones/steroids/antibiotics. The soil is treated with glysophate, all the grains prior to harvest are sprayed with glysophate. GMO foods are everywhere. We are living creatures and subject to all the chemicals, poisons, additives in everything that we come in contact with.

Sorry, this reply may be all jumbled.
Oh, and thyroid disorders in humans is skyrocketing. I have hypothyroidism, had the goiter, it messed me up like you wouldn’t believe. I had it removed, am now on synthroid (a synthetic) and my levels constantly fluctuate as do my bodily functions (weight/heart/cortisol/joints/mood/etc) – it plays with every organ of one’s body.

I am working on a project so if I don’t respond to anything else you write, it’s only that I am tied up. ☺

posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 10:43 AM
a reply to: ccseagull

That was a beautiful post and it really gets to the heart of the matter.

The only thing I wonder about, does the devil (if they exists) wish to eliminate humanity off of this planet? Why would they? If humans were no longer here we would be beyond the veil and possibly be beyond control of certain deities. Wouldn't the devil (if they stayed true to form) wish us to be here suffering instead with a long life ahead of us?

I wonder how much of our society would need to change to reverse this possible corruption of the tadpole? We would need to seriously reduce our ag chemicals and possibly our reliance on plastics. It almost appears that at this point in time, people are so unhappy they would prefer vast swaths of animals/insects just die off so they wouldn't have to consider them anymore.

posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 11:19 AM
a reply to: ClovenSky

You are so kind ☺

Again, from a Christian viewpoint, anything that the devil does to create suffering is his goal, whether that be our current health, the destruction of all that God created, and said, “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning--the sixth day. Genesis 1:31. NIV.

The devil is jealous of humans and he knows how much God loves us. Every little jab, every work of destruction, everything that he does hurts God. The devil knows his time is basically up and he’s going to run amuck and torment us and try to take us down with him as much as possible. If that means that someone can’t have children (devastating), or someone with health issues (thyroid issues make me spin into massive depressive states and I struggle with just wanting death), and destroy one’s faith in God, then BINGO for him. Then, perhaps even having the ability to mess with nature and then scientists start trying to fix the problem with more chemicals, or who knows what – every scenario seems to fit. It’s like one giant sci-fi horror show. The devil is under the authority of the power of Jesus and the less people that know that then the more he can get away with.

Everyone hates something, ie: my daughter hates mosquitoes with a passion. I always remind her that they feed the birds and other insects. There are beneficial insects as well, and each are necessary to the other. Mosquitoes feed frogs, salamanders, etc. But everything in this world has been “tainted” after the Garden of Eden (including the earth). Sorry, I am not attempting to turn this into a study on the Bible, I’m merely trying to answer your question from my viewpoint.

Right now there is a spiritual war going on and humans are oblivious and most don’t care or believe. We can take control over our own lives by knowing our authority through Jesus. But, I do believe, if you were to take any supernatural belief out of the equation that the earth could be restored. Thousands of years, millions? I think the earth would balance out from mankind’s inpact aside from any Biblical reality.

posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 12:39 PM
a reply to: Jake56

Just iodine. Plain iodine. Find out how much per gallon is needed.

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 05:51 AM
a reply to: Jake56


posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 07:16 AM
Do the tadpoles have anything to eat? If they don't, they will not develope

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 08:33 AM
a reply to: ccseagull

Thank you for your excellent response and thoughts on this matter. I agree and the ones with the $$$$$$ can get rid of the rest of us and it probably is their Bilderberg goal. I have had Mitochondrial disease since birth on the Protein end. It was not diagnosed until 2002. So just WTF where did that come from? All other family members OK. I take the Cleveland Clinic Cocktail and thanks to several doctors who think outside of the medical school box I am OK and my CPk level dropped from 1100 in 2002 to 180 in 2018. So what do I take? As described by the "experts" I take those "FAKE" over the counter vitamins. However, since I have had annual blood tests the "experts" cannot blow me or my doctors off.

Daily Cleveland Clinic Cocktail intake: 400MG Coenzyme Q-10, 1000MG Vitamin C, 800MG Vitamin E, 200MG Vitamin B6 and a baby aspirin. All bought at Sam's Club

If you need to pursue other outside the box thinkers who are not quacks:

Dr. Ambrus Jr, in conjunction with The Cleveland Clinic mitochondrial group saved my life.


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posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 08:34 AM
a reply to: oldcarpy

Algae. green and there is plenty.

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 08:39 AM
a reply to: Jake56

OK, not lack of food then.

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 08:45 AM
Florida - my neighbors have a old pool there must be 10,000 tree frogs in my back yard (they get into everything lol )
Right after dark its so loud with the males looking for dates .
heck we have a kiddie pool which i empty and clean every few days guess what tads in it lol '

frogs doing great here . ps also a 1000 or so of the green lizards geckos 1000s and when we first moved in 10,000 as the home was over grown .

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