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Yes, Antwon Rose probably got what he deserved

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posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 07:02 AM

originally posted by: Ophiuchus 13
a reply to: OccamsRazor04


Some media reports on Antwon Rose are 'false,' Allegheny County Police say
TRIBUNE-REVIEW Friday June 22, 2018, 8:00 p.m.

Updated 17 hours ago

Allegheny County Police are saying media reports regarding Antwon Rose that cite unnamed police sources are false.

Superintendent Coleman McDonough said in a statement directed to the media: “The Allegheny County Police Department continues to receive inquiries related to reports from police sources that 1.) a video of the drive-by shooting in North Braddock shows Antwon Rose firing a gun; and, 2) that gunshot residue has been found on Antwon Rose's hands.

“According to Lieutenant Andrew Schurman of the Allegheny County Police Department's Homicide Unit, both reports are false. While ACPD does have a video showing the North Braddock incident, that video does NOT show Antwon Rose firing a gun. The information about gunshot residue is also false. Crime Lab reports are still pending and have not yet been issued.”

McDonough said the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office “concurs and affirms” the information provided by Schurman.

So which is it then 🤔

Even though he may not have pulled the trigger himself, he was in a car voluntarily with someone who did. If he was innocent, why did he run? I have absolutely no problem with this shooting. If cops stop you because of suspicion you’re in a car with bullet holes after a drive by shooting - hands up, don’t run. Easy as that.

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 07:08 AM
The presence of guns in the car means they were in America; they have as much right to have them as the cops; some of you making the argument that the presence of guns implies guilt need to rethink that argument.

The cop who shot this kid in the back should have known better whether he was technically within his rights or not.

Just because you can kill a person doesn't mean you should.

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 07:19 AM
a reply to: msfitte

It is appearing that there are two groups of protesters. One group is local. They are the ones that were at the ball park. All they want is an impartial investigation of what happened. The other group is from out of the area. They are apparently professional protesters. I went to Saturday's game and some of the people from Friday night were there. I talked to the same guy that I talked to on Friday. He told me to avoid the Carson Street area because the other group was going to be there. He was pretty pissed off about the other group because people were believing that they were part of it.

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 10:10 AM
I have always given this advice and heeded it for the most part, "Choose wisely the company keep because you are guilty by association". Fair or not. In my painfully, passionately stupid youth I did a lot of things that could have landed me in a situation that may end in my demise. Now, I always say, "I'd never run from cops, though!" Flashback to 17yrs young and by golly, yes! I ran from cops and hid too! (We were jumping from the balconies of an apt complex into their pool...naked.) I "borrowed" a boat once around that same age...
Now, while I can say that my appearance may have had something to do with the leniency acted on my part by authorities, but I think that having friends that didn't shoot people also played a big part. The topic of "police brutality/murder by police/whatever you want to call is a topic that needs to be discussed. I think people need to get real though.
I'd love to hear people talking about PTSD on both sides. I'd love to hear everyone admitting that there is a problem...ON BOTH SIDES. Police are just doing their jobs, what are these kids doing?

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 10:19 AM
a reply to: underwerks

Deserves? Perhaps not.

But as has been said, I'm sure, his choices lead to this. He could have turned away at any time.

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 10:33 AM
a reply to: seagull

He could have turned away?

I would say fleeing would qualify, surely. He definitely turned away from the incident, and hightailed it out of there. That is why the bullets hit him in the back. If he had been sticking with it, he would have been shot in the front.

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 10:47 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

That was not what I was saying.

Why was he involved, however peripherally it turns out to be, or not, at all? Because he made a conscious choice to be there. To be in the "lifestyle". He could have chosen not to be there, at all.

So far as I know, there's no definitive proof, either way. He still chose to be there, to be living the life.

Was the cop right to do this? I don't know, I wasn't there. Legally, apparently he's got a leg to stand on...morally, that's another question entirely. But, I wasn't there, didn't see it.

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 11:32 AM
a reply to: seagull


How in the world do you know ANYTHING about his life...

He ABSOLUTELY could have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time..

I haven’t seen ANYTHING yet that says what happened at the shooting exchange..

It would be crazy easy to have been with people you barely know. Shooting breaks out and you don’t know if anyone was hit in the shooting exchange you witnessed. So when they get pulled over you want NOTHING to do with them so you take off running, afraid that you will be charged with all he rest..


That’s it.. conservatives have been making the argument it is ok to shoot someone while running for decades.. atleast..

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 11:35 AM
a reply to: seagull

He made a conscious choice to do what?!

There are sooo many options..

The conscious decision to catch a ride with someone you barely know??? Lol

That’s the other end of your speculation.

Maybe he was the ring leader or maybe he was a bystander..

We have no idea.

Well that’s definitely worthy of a death sentence..


The driver surrendered and those who fled left their guns behind purposely .. period.

The cop ahoy him “just in case he might be in danger” and he wasn’t.

In fact that is the perfect example of what I said previously..

They were willing to exchange fire with a civilian, but not with the cops. Because cops are not in more danger from criminals than regular people..

Even harden criminals don’t kill a cop if there are ANY OTHER OPTIONS..
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posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 11:37 AM

originally posted by: underwerks
a reply to: JBurns
No 17 year old deserves to be shot in the back as he’s running away.

It takes a gigantic POS to think that he does.

His 17 year old self wants to play gangster stuff, shooting up a place maybe killing happens every day. Oh but sure the cops should have looked at his id.

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 12:00 PM
a reply to: underwerks

You should ride with a cop for a week in the ultra-bad neighborhoods where these things take place before you go judging others. Head down to Compton on your next holiday and try to make friends with some of the locals....maybe ask them about their feelings or something. See how long you last.

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 01:15 PM
a reply to: JoshuaCox

Conscious choice not to be there, because, yes there are options.

People get out of that all the time. Some of the best friends in my life are from South-central LA, Compton, and they're just as dark skinned as this kid was, if not darker.

They made a conscious decision not to play cops and robbers for realsies. But that doesn't play to the "no chance" agenda, does it?

The kid didn't deserve to die. But he made a choice, when there were others he could have made.

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 01:26 PM
For all who find it justified that police should shoot to kill anyone running away them, in the back and posing no harm to others around them... what if it were your child, family member, or friend? Would you be pleased they received the death penalty for that, without due process?

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 05:19 PM

originally posted by: Bigburgh
See if i can load this?
Car driving through protest.
There is an overhead view too, but KDKA has not uplaoded it to yt or website.


Time of car going through the crowd is 1:00.
Other than that you are right. They all dispersed when told.
Channel 11 I have not been watching, I've been watching KDKA or WTAE.
I happened to come across the live un aired feed on Carson ST. When a gentleman shoved the camera man and gave the Bird with colorful language. ( this happend between segments ).

Again as I said, this is a irritant the protesters are punishing innocent bystanders , but everyone needs to let the investigation proceed. To many media leaps to false reporting.
I must admit i was worried by day 2, but now after watching and waiting. I think it will resolve as the protesters want answers as i do to.

The other problem is that cell phone video from the lady that remains unnamed. The police had a warrant for the phone and took it. The lady did not delete the video and what I gather is there was more footage. The media is only showing that bit.

This is unsubstantiated as i got this from a county police officer ( a close friend )
So it's just an SO I HEARD FROM SUCH AND SUCH if you know what i mean.👍

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posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 06:13 PM
a reply to: seagull

But you don’t know those are your options until your friend starts shooting out the window.. lol..

What if they were the ones defending themselves???

From there it would be a rollercoaster of OMG what do I do now?!?!”

What it really all comes down to us how many cops vs innocents would we save if police were required to confirm the threat before shooting..

How many cops would have died this year if they DID NOT shoot before confirming the suspect was armed????

How many civilians DID DIE because the cop did not wait to confirm a gun??
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posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 06:27 PM
The moral of the story is? Don't break the "law" and you'll have no reason to run? Then get shot in the back? If "Antwon" was raised right? I don't think he'd have died getting shot in the back, while running. "Running, equals guilt". The kid was guilty of something. .... He could've, probably died facing the enemy? Whoever that happened to be. Probably, "the racist cops"? I have no doubt he'd have been shot and killed either way. But I have no respect for "Antwon" getting himself shot in the back. Just think how that poor cop feels? Dusting a guy/kid in the back? No glory in that. That cop will have to live with that. Antwon could've made better choices, just like many others could've. But he didn't, ... End of story. Now the "taxpayers" have to pay the bill for some LEO's "PTSD" counseling. All because Antwon, got shot in the back.

posted on Jun, 25 2018 @ 06:37 PM
a reply to: Gryphon66

You are correct. Guns in a/the car is not a crime. This is America! A gun in a vehicle is no more a crime, than is having a Bible or a copy of the US. Constitution in the car. But LEO's are trained to fear those they serve. My personal opinion is if you're afraid of arms, you have no business having a job that requires you "bearing arms".

posted on Jun, 26 2018 @ 03:46 PM
Update: June 26 2018 11:30am est.

Zaijuan Hester, 17, was arrested in the Hill District.

In that incident, shots from the car in which Rose and Hester were riding in, hit and wounded a 22-year-old in the 800 block of Kirkpatrick Street.
That person was hit in the abdomen, but returned fire, putting two holes in the rear window of the jitney.

He is currently charged with a probation violation for filing off an ankle monitoring bracelet...

This is not false news anymore..
The Clip and the bullet holes in the Jitney have been corroborated since day one.

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posted on Jun, 26 2018 @ 03:56 PM
a reply to: JBurns

No great loss.

posted on Jun, 26 2018 @ 08:48 PM

Surveillance video shows drive-by shooting moments before Antwon Rose was shot

The video isn't perfect, but we're watching a video of a video. D.A. Zappala stated this below.

District Attorney Stephen Zappala told us last week videos provided good evidence of what happened there. 

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