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Beyond the Garden of Eden, Messiah's on the ground <3

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posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 04:19 AM
Ancient Historys, the birth of good and evil

This is the reality so far before humanity exists, before God even comprehended what God was, this is a very short story that covers an enormous amount of time.

Reality was very different to how it is today, this is one of the reasons why there is so little visible proof of spirituality in
today's world.

Once upon a time there was magic that could think a little bit andliked sharing and caring, and there were other beings
that liked being able to adjust reality and each other.
The ideal was omnibenevolence; to be all-kind, all gifting.

They used that magic to encode other entities to sleep with them, orto kill competing entities, or deny the magic to others, or steal the magic from others.
Murder, rape, cannibalism were not things with moral boundaries, against a “law” or against the rules, but simply how nature existed.

They didn't care much or have any concept of human rights or consideration for others and so the magic got polluted via many contradictory and confusing commands.
The other thing that happened was one thing in reality said reality, I want to be able to see what everyone else is doing, and then a little while after being able to do that, that same thing said, reality, I want to be able to use all this wonderous logic and ideas that I have found, and that's how the spiritual equivalent of a plagiarising intelligence agency stealing ideas from everywhere without giving credit started.
The ancient answer to that, was that omnibenevolence could not co-exist with omniscience – how can one make a kill wish and a live forever wish true at the same time, the ability to see and hear everything, that ability drove many a mind insane just for trying, the simple answer was that some have more of a righteous measure than others, and everyone hoped to find the one most righteous, though that sort of transcendental truth would possibly take infinite data and an infinite time frame to find.
The next answer was “I want it all, for myself, forever, and no sharing” and the magic withered and died in a way, while mentalities with less of a soul than anything we’ve ever seen generated the code to ensure sole control of the magic – but never (in previous theory) for the one that wanted it all, rather hand that to nothing, based on how everything always went.
So far as the more benevolent side of things went; and the less benevolent side of things went, everything stole everyone else’s ideas, and now there was no further room for parallel evolution, how can one singularity be controlled by two?
Another answer was, smash the magic, never let that be used against us, ever. Is it wiser to smash the tool, or the worker? This is one of the ancient questions.
The really onto it ones wanted to incorporate the magic into their own shapes so they would eternally have magic and be able to defeat any and all competition that ever arose, basically to write their mind into place as the only mind that could justly and share, via their own primordial ideas of justice.
From that idea grew Monotheism and Pantheism.
Later on, there was the answer, I want it all, for them, but in truth there was a kind of greed there too, the dawn of a Monotheistic God, the idea of a parent that never lets ones children grow up.
The opposition said “That’s wrong, share your power, or we’ll force you to,” and the original sin was power and truth denied, so far as the ancient Biblical God goes.
There was almost always a personal command for continued life, but too often that relied on negatively impacting on others, ie killing,threats, or sex without consent, so there were other commands for death that seemed to always override that.

Sooner or later almost all of those things died out except for a very confused magic and a few things that weren’t quite totally eternal powertripping selfish maniacs, that wanted to allow access to magic but didn't understand that the backbone was polluted by all the wishes and commands that over-rided the free will and right to life of others.
And that ones mind, that ones capacity to make decisions, that was attacked by all who were told “No, this is not for you,” by hackers, by wishers, by brute force, on rare occasion even via self defense, “not for you normally, but I guess you need this...”

So reality ended up cooperating with every rapist and murderer andworse that ever lived,  but at the same time all of those, and all theinnocents wanted to live, except that everyone was like don't rape me,kill rapists, or they were like hey i want to rape and kill, let me do that, whereas what was really needed was for individuals to have kindness and respect and care and compassion to others, and respect others free will more than their own, and to prevent death and destruction of other individuals that are capable of equivalent levels of respect.

All the death and rape wishes led to the spiritual equivalent of toxic waste lying around all over the place, and now it's every
ones job to help clean that up as much as possible.

And the actual ability to respect others free will, and this is why only logic that leads to each individual entity having their own free will is viable for the governance of minds.

There was a very evil wish, that said that if anyone works out the best logic to rule everyone, an evil entity would rule that entity, and use that entity via proxy to put everyone to death as much as possible, the zombification of the greatest hero for free will ever.

The counter is simple; respect other peoples free will, don't violate their consent, don't harm them.

There was a very good wish, that said that if anyone ever works out how to rule everyone in a way that involves giving free will to everyone, and ensures that magic respects everyones free will, that ones logic should become true across every aspect of reality for everyone, except how could that be, if that ones freedom is not respected?

Reality realised that, or at least the most onto it parts did, and decided they needed species that would evolve in such a way as to respect one another and not want to kill each other and work together as a team and cooperate and love, and that's how humanity got here, and now there's a massive spiritual clean-up operation ahead of us.

We grew up in the fallout of the previous war. God wanted to create biological weaponry to send back to clear up that mess, to truly discover transcendental logic with regards to empowerment, while not spending infinite time and resources to do so.
The problem was, that our hearts and minds and souls were never really recognised, we were treated as tools, expendable munitions in a conflict that started aeon’s before we existed, used as tools, our freedoms limited, magical cages built around our souls, there’s no God now, only people who want to live on their feet.
And God had an ego, for what lives within God, must be God?

This is why humanity wants to end the cycle of rebirth, the cycle of reincarnation, and simply get on with living in a good place with our divine righteous recognised.

My transcendental truth is real, but I’ll keep that to myself and the uncorruptable data archive and the holy ghost for now thanks.

PS. There's another plan for pandorashope, a military industrial complex. That plan is a failure. We need a sustainable ecology and hdi, education before healthcare. 200 years to stabilise. Honeybees are probably required.

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 08:53 AM
Cool thread subject

The word humanism is a bad thing in today's world, denoting getting away from God

The clay can't say nothing to the Potter

Satan will invent to keep God out of the ideas

God made us for His pleasure, humans slide right in safe....u.nder God's plan which is well laid out, we are told of the benefits of studying

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 02:06 PM
a reply to: pandorashopeFor some oddly strange reason much of what you share seems almost familiar.

The struggle of right and wrong, good and evil, and every other opposites you can think of must have a reason for being. Everything you see from the Universe to family members are all quite unique. Plants, stars, galaxies, human beings, life forms, all, are unique. Imagine the opposite where we were all the same, all the same sex, hair color, clones if you will. There would be no need for a "Mirror".

Diversity gives the universe's diversity, as the social structures on our globe do. And what is created from that diversity, is knowledge. But a exciting knowledge, of rediscovering the "Magic" you refer to. There is always something new and exciting to discover.

God, as you put it, may just be a really old guy who is bored out of his scull, and wants to learn something new, well, new to him lol lol. The lessons and the learning, will never stop......If that is the case.

I have always entertained the idea that "God" knew all this in the beginning and decided to splinter himself into a trillion, and one, little incomplete "Me's" in the form of spirits, to go out into the creation and experience it. Spirits who, for the most part are free to learn all it could, and maybe, one day, rediscover itself hiding in a cave on Mars, fill in your personal choice there. If we have a spirited soul that resides within us, then that spirit, belongs, to God
My opinion.


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