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Nellis Range map and some range map ramblings

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posted on Jun, 21 2018 @ 01:32 AM
I've kept a Nellis range map that I pulled of a FOIA web site on this page (link below). I set it up as a kmz. I managed to annoy myself since there are times I want it as a plain image file. Poking around my computers, I found what I think is the original source and added it to the page.
direct link
Do a "save as". I don't block right clicks. Normally I ask people not to upload my files to other sites, but since this was pulled from a FOIA, it isn't my image so uploads are fine.

Searching the Library of Congress, it turns out they have hard copies of range maps. Now of course hard copy is kind of useless unless you are in DC. But the existence of such maps makes them FOIA-able or outright purchased. You need to know what exists in order to request it. Here are a few:


Years ago you could do a FOIA and get the NTTR map for free. The government finally wised up and directed people where to buy them.

There is often confusion between the USAF NTTR and the FAA sectional that covers the NTTR. They are different maps.

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