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Largest Identity Theft Ring Going on Inside our Government?

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posted on Feb, 19 2005 @ 10:42 PM
I'm just questioning a theory that has been forming in my mind for the last few months or so. So, please don't get mean because I don't have anything concrete to back it up with, just my own thoughts and feelings.

It seems, though, that our identity is our self. We ought to own our own selves. At least we used to pretty much, as long as we stayed within the law.

But, the outdoor cameras have been going up silently for I don't know how long, and they put just anyone who happens to walk by them under surveillance without their knowledge.

We can barely conduct any sort of simple business anymore without showing I.D. usually at least 2(two) forms of it. Until recently, I often shopped with a debit or credit card, and only recently I notice that I can't even use them anymore unless I have my I.D. (barcoded, fingerprinted, with a hologram - the whole nine yards).

We used to be able to smoke on airplaines, at least in the back. Then they took that away, so then there was only the airport. Then, they took that away.

I could think of lots of things that we used to be able to do relatively freely, that we no longer can, however, I don't see the purpose in wasting anymore space.

I hope that you guys get the meaning of what I'm trying to seems as if bit by bit, the government is stealing each and every one of our identities, until one day, we will be nothing but numbers. Or so I fear.


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