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if you had your own armed forces/ government forces/ defense contractor company

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posted on Feb, 19 2005 @ 09:46 PM
What different branches/units/agencies (military or goverment) would you have? What would there equipment be? You can do future, recent, or make up some of your own equipment . What training and special programs would you have? What would be each branches/units/agencies missions? Also if you can make up some real scenerio's that would really be cool. Also for your companies have their main expertise areas and the inner orgainsation like special facilities, or departments like skunk works.

blue cell

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posted on Feb, 20 2005 @ 08:45 PM
My defense contractor company would be named air, land and sea systems inc. I would divide it into 8 sectors sea, air, land, communications, , undersea, , infantry, Special forces ,and netcentric. Sea would deal with of course warships it would be divided into these categories steath ships, special forces ships, amphibious ships, and transport ships. The steath ship department would mainly dear with reducing radar, magnetic, infared and acoustic signatures. Also it would focus on sensors radar, acoustic, and infared. It would also work on making concealed weapons that could pop out shoot and go back into the ship, in addition to this it would work on making weapons that did not have a high infared signature after they fired. It would also work on concealing this signature.

posted on Mar, 1 2005 @ 04:38 PM
Here's a few ideas my steath ship department would come up with. One would be a Vertical launching cell that could hold 10 small but powerfull missiles in one big cell, it would be able to launch them so close together because of its soft launch capability. They could be optimized for any attack role, also I would have special compartments in the ship that I could flood to make my ship sink it would be semi-submersible. It would also have special compartments were the ship could launch small subs and ships.

posted on Mar, 1 2005 @ 05:30 PM
My company;
A skunkworks from across the globe...
Get great people from lockheed martin, boing, BAE, EF, Sukhoi..etc..
To create a great line of plane concepts.
Hmm the manovourability of the Sukhoi and yet the stealthy stuff from lockheed interesting...

posted on Mar, 1 2005 @ 05:49 PM
I would create a special agency that would look into Failures in justice.

Then goal of the agency would be to find and build case against crooked police and federal agents (FBI, DEA, ATF,), and most importantly crooked Judges, Prosecution lawyers and politicians. The agency would be broken into two groups the first larger part would look for occurrences by studying court cases, news reports, police documentation. The second would be trained surveillance agents who can hack bug and observe. The idea is that no judge police or politician could try to stop or hinder the organization since doing so would suggest guilt. The leaders would be elected.

posted on Mar, 2 2005 @ 02:32 PM
Here is a couple of ideas from my department of special forces ships. Well one idea would be to have a submersible ship, the ship would have compartments all over it that could be flooded with water. Another idea would be to have a high speed special operations motor boat. It would have light protection but because of its speed it wouldn't need that much anyway. This boat would serve as a drug boat interceptor and help the Coast Guard intercept fast speeding ships. It would be armed with rocket launchers, mini guns and of course it would have the latest avonics.

posted on Mar, 2 2005 @ 03:55 PM
Here is an idea my amphibous ship department would come up with. My idea would be a air cushioned war/landing ship its hull would be made of titanium which is very light but very strong. It would be armed with 10 of my advanced vertical missile cells, which can hold 10 missiles each. It would also be equiped with goalkeeper guns for self defense. In addition to this it would also be able to carry 10 MBTs and would have a hold that could hold 250 men, it could also hold 50 miscelaneous vehicles.

posted on Mar, 2 2005 @ 04:04 PM
My Plane sector would have these departments materials dep this department would deal with making better materials to make planes out of, so they could be more stealthy, strong, and light. Another department would be the avonics dep, this department would specialize in making long range radars, radar warning receivers, targeting pods, etc. Another department would be the design department they would specialize in making airplane ideas. They would work with the materials and avonics department with concepts like FSW designs and the like, the materials department would help them build the materials to make the concepts work. And the avonics dep would help them make the plane controlled by computer, because of some of the designs could not be controlled regularly.

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posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 01:35 PM
My land systems sector would be made up of these departments, armor department this department would be the department that worked on making strong, and light armor so as to make vehicles more deployable. Avonics department this Department would work on making the tanks shots more accurate, and work on making the people inside the tank more aware of their suroundings it would also work on making systems that could blow up enemy projectiles. My undersea company would have these departments, the acoustic dep would research on making longer range sonars, and making better anechoic tiles and making the machinery run quieter. Materials department this sector would work on making the materials stronger making for better depth. Here is how my infantry sector would be organized weapons and avonics dep, this group would work on building weapons with better range and accuracy, and making them lighter and more efficent. Clothing dep, this department would work on making the soldiers clothes more comfortable and more warm that is if it was deployed in very cold conditions. Here is how my special forces sector would be set up vehicle department this group would work on making strong, heavilly armed, and quiet SF vehicles, also it would work on getting them really fast with long range. equipment dep this department would work on making equipment that would help SFUs break through enemy defenses, take hydrographic surveys, etc. My Netcentric sector would work on connecting all of the planes, ships, vehicles, troops, and commanders so that they could get a realistic view of the war. It would also work on enhancing the soldiers situational awarness byequiping the soldier with advanced hearing aids, special sensors, etc. In addition to this would work on putting mini databases of maps, intelligence etc into the soldiers helmet.

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posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 02:02 PM
State of the art nuclear capabilties including the latest ICBM technolog, SSBN and SLBM technology, latest Missle defence technology (provided it actually worked.) this is for defensive purposes only.

Would continue to develope conventional weapons(tanks, fighters, infantry equipment, ect.) as soon as another counrty came out with something that was even remotly better. say if you came out with a fighter that was a smidge better than mine, id imeadtly(sp) develope one that was years ahead of yours. same thing with tanks, ships, and everything else.

work on space based weapons, but keep them grounded until a war broke out.

i wouldnt touch bio or chemical weapons, war is a business and it needs to be efficent, making the enemy suffer and linger isnt efficent, though god help you if you use them on me!

ill add more here later as soon as i can think of more

posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 03:00 PM
Okay here is how the basic organisation would go.

My Army would be made up of 5 mechanized divisions, 10 infantry divisions, 10 special units, and 5 air divisions.

My Navy would have 8 fleets 2 in the Pacific ocean, 2 in the Atlantic 2 in the Indian, one near the North Pole, another one near the south. In addition it would have 16 air squardrons, it would also have 5 special units.

Elite corps This branch would have 3 infantry divisions, 2 mechanized divisions, 2 air divisions, and 3 special units.

Air force My air force would be made up of 10 air squadrons, and 10 ground groups that specialize in various tasks. It would also have 5 special forces units.

posted on Mar, 4 2005 @ 04:37 PM
Okay here is some more info on how my armed forces would be organized.

Army Bases/centers I would have 5 training centers Arkansas, California, South Carolina, Colorado, and Alaska. I would have a base in Germany, UK, Sweden, and Norway. I would also have a base in Australia, on top of that I would have a base in South Korea, and Japan. These bases would serve to have training exercises with our key allies.

Army SF units
1 Destroyer Unit
mission This units basic mission would be to destroy enemy vehicles, airplanes, and sabotage bases and supplies.

2 Army Training Group

Mission This units mission would be to train Army units in different types of warfare and once they passed the course they were capable of fighting in say desert warfare or whatever it might be.

3. Coastal Defense Unit

Mission This unit would serve in times when the enemy was invading our country from the sea, and would serve as an elite infantry that was the spearhead of our defense.

4. Army Rangers

This units mission would be to capture key enemy installations like Airbases, Army bases, training centers, etc. It would also serve in the reconnasiance role.

5. Army Special Operations Wing


This unit would serve as the Army SFUs transportation, it would also serve as their fire support.

6. POW Rescue Team


This units mission would be to rescue Armed Forces Personnel.

7. Special operations Training/Tactics Development Unit


This unit would focus on making training exercises that increased each teams skill, it would also work on developing tactics in Mountain Warfare, Artic Warfare, etc.

8. Urban Warfare Unit

Mission fighting in urban areas.

9. Airborne Insertion Unit

Mission insert behind enemy lines from the air and then disrupt their lines from behind.

10. Assassin Squad

This units primary objective would be to assassinate enemy leaders, and destroy important buildings.

Special schools
demolition school Texas
sniper school South Carolina
scout School Oregon
arctic warfare school Alaska
desert warfare school Arkansas
urban warfare school New mexico
mountain warfare school Colorado
jump school Kentucky

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posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 03:20 PM
The basic training would last 24 weeks it would be split into four phases

phase 1. Physical Conditioning
phase 2. weapons instruction
phase 3. military tactics
phase 4. critical thinking


In this phase the students would go on daily 3 mile runs have to do 200 pushups, 400 jumping jacks, 50 pullups, and 100 chinups. They would also have to 100 sit-up and 150 crunches, they would also have to go through numerous obstacle courses.

Barb Wire obstacle course

Students would have to crawl under and get through 100 yards of yards of barb wire in the dirty mud.

The "BIG' obstacle course

In this course students would have to crawl under 50 yards of barb wire and then climb up a 200 foot high tower. They would then have to rapple down from the tower and run and hop on logs then jump onto a wall and climb over it they would have to do this 10 times then they would have to run through mud for a mile.

Phase 2

firearm instruction course 2 weeks
In this phase students would learn how to use firearms effectively they would practice firing rounds from the XM8, AK-4, M-16 CAR-15, and numerous other firearms.

Things other than firearms course 4 weeks,

In this course students would learn how to fire missiles, mortars and numerous other weapons.

phase 3

In this phase students learn patroling techniques, and learn how to take enemy positions and to defend their positions

phase 4

In this phase students are tested on there critical thinking ability and are asked what they would do in certain situations. This of course tests how they would react under pressure, and develops soldiers, and leaders that can think clearly even when under extreme pressure.

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posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 06:44 PM
Well Here is one of my Army Special Forces units profile

Coastal Defence Unit


Well here is what a team would be made up of medic, heavy weapons man , 2 scouts, 2 Demolition men, 2 destroyer men ( basically people that destroy enemy vehicles).


Training would be in 5 phases

phase 1 hand to hand combat
phase 2 physical exercises
phase 3 instruction in seting and making booby traps
phase 4 instruction in how to make strong defensive positions
phase 5 instruction in setting up ambushes on coastal areas

Phase 1

In this phase students would learn how to steathly sneek up on soldiers and use special moves that put them out of commision. What they were taugh would be a mix of using pressure point with greko roman wrestling.

Phase 2

In this phase students would do 5 mile runs on the beach every day and would in addition do 250 pushups, 500 jumping jacks, 100 pull ups, and 75 chin-ups every day. They would aslo do 1 mile swims each day,
here is a little bit of the tests they would go through

10 mile run in no less than 80 minutes
4 mile swim in an hour


They would mainly draw there recruits from the elite corps.

posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 01:25 PM
just realized I didn't do the last 2 phases

phase 3

In this phase students would learn how to use the materials of the beach to make defensive positions. One defense position would be made out of sand bags, they would be given bags and then they would fill them with sand. Pile them up and make walls and a roof, and other special rooms and they would have to do this with out any directions.

Phase 4

In this phase students would learn how to effectively set up ambushes on coastal terrain, this would also build there teamwork and thinking skills. And they would actually have fake bullets to shoot at a OPFOR so it would also be very realistic.

posted on Apr, 3 2005 @ 10:25 PM
Destroyer unit training would be split up into 8 phases

1 sabotage
2. instruction in shooting missiles and other munitions
3. extensive hand to hand combat training
4. instruction in driving all types of vehicles, boats, and aircraft
5. instruction in advanced SERE
6. instruction in advanced infantry tactics
7. physical fitness
8. a whole course on the vunerable parts of all types of aircraft, vehicles, ships, etc.

first phase 3 months

In this phase students would learn how to lay booby traps, make there own booby traps, and learn how infiltrate and plant the right amount of explosives to blow up certain things.

second phase 4 months

In this phase students would learn how to use all types of missile launchers, and also learn how to use all types of mortars, and learn how to use them so the munitions would land with accuracy.

third phase 5 years ( this is why its a dream kinda thing)

In this part of there training students would learn Ninjistu, jujistsu, pressure points, kung fu, capoeira, and many other self defense
techniques. The would also be a strong emphasis on using your senses to locate your opponet when you can's see him.

fourth phase 2 years

In this phase recruits would of course learn how to use all types of vehicles, boats, and airplanes. They would learn how to use cars, tanks, hummers, trucks, and all types of other vehicles, they would also learn how to hot-wire these cars. They would learn how to drive yachts, motorboats, and other boats, they would learn how to hot-wire these also. They would also learn how to or course drive planes, jet-fighters, bombers, private what ever it might be.

This is just the first part I'll do rest of the phases later.

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posted on Apr, 4 2005 @ 06:47 PM
fifth phase 6 months

In this phase students would learn advanced survival, evasion, reistance, and escape. They would have some of the fastest and best trackers in the world coming after them, they would have to do this training in different places , mountain, artic, desert, jungle, savana, and forests. And do each exercise many times and each exercise would be about 1 week long and some longer.

6th phase 6 months

In this phase students would learn how to set up ambushes, and to assault targets, all types of buildings in all types of terrain. They would practice assaulting bunkers, forts, defense positions, etc in the artics, deserts, forests, and other terrains.

phase 7 12 months

In this phase students would have to run 10 miles every day and have to do 300 push-ups, 500 jumping jacks, 100 situps, 75 chin ups, and 50 pullups every day. In addition to this students would have to run and workout in all types of terrain, and they would also have to do 100 mile treks in all the different terrains in 2 days this would build on their navagation and their endurance. They would also have to go through many extreme tests,

swim 10 miles in 3 hours in 20 minutes
crawl through 1 mile of barbwire in 2 hours
run through 5 miles of mud in an hour

phase 8 1 year

In this phase students would learn all the vulnerable parts of ships, vehicles, and airplanes. They would memorize the most important parts and this would help them sabotage better.

Recruits from Navy, Elite Corps, Air force, and Army.

special schools

sniper school
medic school
scout school

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posted on Apr, 4 2005 @ 10:56 PM
I think I'll call my mercenary or PMC something like Shadows of the Battlefield Inc. I'm going to start of with my regular infantry.

The standard infantry man would be called the assualt trooper. He/she would be armed with the XM-8, or M-8 in the near future hopefully.

Then there would be the heavy assualt soldiers. They'd be equipped with M60's or the LMG variant of the M-8.

Then there would be the Anti-Armor soldiers. They'd have the latest Stinger missiles along with some nice anti-tank missile launcher.

Then I'd have the snipers, they'd have different choices. For typical battles they'd probaly use the sharpshooter variant of the M-8. For less but more accurate shooting, such as taking out guards before an assult, I'd go with either the M24 or the latest Russian SVD sniper rifle. And for the really armored targets, I think the M99 would work very nicely.

Then support soldiers such as medics would probably be armed with either the carbine variant of the M-8, or the MP5K.

Anyhow thats just the start of what I'll be going into.

posted on Apr, 4 2005 @ 11:25 PM
I would simply invest in a genetically engineered army that would be faster,stronger and smarter then any human and Then rule the world.

Keepin' it simple

posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 04:18 PM

Originally posted by cyberdude78

Anyhow thats just the start of what I'll be going into.

Finnaly someone besides me is doing this yes!

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