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Londoners 'face floods, droughts and blackouts by 2050 caused by effects of climate change'

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posted on Jun, 20 2018 @ 06:40 PM
and let's say for perspective that we took the .04% of total c02 in the atmosphere and decided to see how long it would take humans to double that rate (it would still be less than the total amount of c02 in the atmosphere during the Jurassic period) it would be 750x2 = 1500 (about 500 less than the Jurassic period)

it would take us

18,750 years to double that rate

just for perspective

Ack correction 2500 years my bad
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posted on Jun, 21 2018 @ 09:33 AM

originally posted by: RAY1990
a reply to: TruthxIsxInxThexMist

Horses are messy, guess it would drive employment a bit but who wants to shovel manure for a living.

Not to mention all the logistics involved with keeping horses, they need food and water, a place to stay and looking after.

IMO we've came too far to go backwards, cities would be practically empty with the use of horses. Not everywhere is built like Venice. Large settlements need supplies, look at the work done in London for instance. Over the last 500 years a lot of work was done to the river just to support shipping.

Problems or challanges?

Either way we change for the future it needs to be done gradually. Speedy advancement seems to be a bane to our evolution... Hence today's problems in the world.

How about bicycles and carts then? I've seen a few in London but not enough. That would go a long way to cutting these poisonous fumes from transportation.

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 11:17 AM
a reply to: TruthxIsxInxThexMist

Bikes are the way forward, keeps you fit and a lot easier to store than a car. I like what places of learning do these days with the bike exchange type system... Such ideas could be rolled out nationwide, free bikes for everybody!

Ultimately though we'll need a way to move tonnes of goods for the foreseeable future. Before trains shipping was already overburdened. I remember reading a while ago that something like over 100,000 tonnes of trading vessels were lost around the UK in just one year in the late 1700's. I might be wrong about the numbers it was probably higher. I do know in the same year a local port launched just over 100k tonnage in vessels.

Point being we were becoming stagnant, trains came along and relieved local shipping. The automobile did the same.

Carts won't cut it, horses won't. We have a need for recycling too. That's going to be another burden in regards to transport. There's lots to consider really... Just think about how much is moved to your house in a week or within a work place.

It's not all doom and gloom though, drones are looking promising. They don't use combustion for energy either.

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 12:56 PM
a reply to: RAY1990

Drones? Now there's an option. They would have to be pretty big though and solid at carrying eqiupment, especially over populated areas.

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 08:34 PM
a reply to: TruthxIsxInxThexMist

Amazon Airship

Drones for delivery are finally being tested in places, maybe they'll only be used for small deliveries but it still frees up infrastructure.

I haven't heard anything about the patents filed in that link I provided, but 'dropping' down goods could always be an option. It would work out cheaper too. Just use airships to take goods up and drones to fly the stuff back down.

Safety is always an issue. It's why a lot of new technologies have took a while to get passed testing phase...

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