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A Scary Snday Morning Read

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posted on Feb, 19 2005 @ 06:04 PM
I woke up and drove to the shop to get the sunday paper and came home to preuse it over breakfast in peace and quiet. Instead I found my ire raised by an article on the front page about curfews.
Brisbane, Australia is looking at CBD curfews to stop the levels of crime that are escalating in the area.

In Cairns Australia, nearly 100 people have been charged with Drunk and disorderly and causing public nuisance in a nighttime blitz over two or three nights. Howe long before "curfews" get mentioned there....

I asked one of the charged persons what they were charged with being a public nuisance for... He can't remember.. He was talking to friends when the police arrived and started herding people up for searches and bundled off to the cells, which were packed to the brim with people who had been out having a fun time.....

Of course the bar owners were happy to take these peoples money for the alcohol consumed.....

Then we see an article about new laws being placed and wider police powers to stop people rorting the welfare system and getting free handouts from the charities. New laws? Wider police powers? For getting help? Of course the headline in The Sunday Mail reads "Exposed: The bogus beggars plaging our streets"... pity the next real beggar who comes along trying to get a free feed...He is likely to have a vigilante squad on his tail as well as those mysterious 'wider police' powers wrecking havoc...maybe a strip search in public for the poor dude...

Then "Credit Limit Plan to cut mobile phone debt"...on the same page as the fake beggars article...... Geez now theres a plan underway to introduce credit limits to mobile phone users in an effort to "control" phone debt...hmmm that control word again....

But the topper of the mornings read definitly came about on page ten

"Big Brother in your bin"

All about local councils and plans to microchip wheelie bins just to check how much rubbish is produced by households.
To quote "the microchips would enable Queensland councils to see whether residents were producing too much rubbish"
oooh and if residents are deemed to be producing too much rubbish then they could be visited by their own personal council rubbish officer.....scary....
Apparently the same technology is already being started in London later this year by 100000 households.......
The article even states using London as a guinea pig that they are sitting back and watching.......of course the official line is for recycling purposes info....

Interesting reading after last week when a meth amphetamine lab was busted in the local area... The newspaper at the time placed in a special little box that stood out like doggies bollucks ... a list of things to watch out for in wheelie bins that could alert that the residents have a drug lab... even showing pictures of different chemical containers and cooking containers to look out for....
Does this mean that garbo's already go through our rubbish looking for such things and others....or does that mean that you are expected to keep an eye on your neighbours bin contents as well as sniffing for a bad odour "like cats urine" was the papers desciption ...

These articles stink of control and big brother's insidious march towards completion all in forms that the general public will not take offence too.....

Or maybe I am the only one to see the insidious threat to our freedom that these articles contain....

[edit on 19-2-2005 by Mayet]

posted on Feb, 19 2005 @ 09:06 PM
Yeah here in Adelaide, our council just gave us smaller bin to stop us making more rubbish, so what did people do? Dumped it somewhere else, beaches, abandoned estate. I tell you Government people must live in a fantasy land, they are so far removed from reality.

posted on Feb, 20 2005 @ 10:57 AM
I live in one of the boroughs in London that is to issue rthese 'smartbins'. The council polled the public about whether they wanted standard wheely bins or not; which in most people i know is a definite no. They then said that they were introducing the bins, at a cost of several million , and spending an extra few milion microchipping the bins. This is so if your household produces what seems like too much rubbish for it , they come and investigate you to see if you're recycling enough. Oh, what it is to have a liberal council (they're supposed to be labour, not fascists). The recycling service the council started is poor too.

The council is also trying to introduce a special Smartcard, a single card which serves as an Oyster Card , library card, council swimming pool and leisure service card and holds your photo and other information.

I for one don't want all these services integrated on one card, or snooping wheely bins. If this was the USA the civil liberties chaps would be outraged.

posted on Feb, 20 2005 @ 11:17 AM
Remember when the Chinese visited the UK???

Tony Blaire had the police beat the protesters, confiscate their banners and video cameras, and throw them off of the streets that the Chinese were to drive down.

Sorry, all you that voted Blaire in, now have to live with the fact that this little anti democracy freak is now on for a third term in power....

Oh, and im sure all you who voted Labour in. just KNEW that Labour would never go to war with out the peoples backing....LMAO @ all Labour voters.

posted on Feb, 20 2005 @ 11:27 AM
If you dont want microchips in your bin, take them ou and smash them. If the council refuses to take your rubbish, dump it on their grounds until they do. If we all join together and disobey them they are helpless.

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