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STS-75 tether, STS-80 light circle, Darbyshire (and other) show the same entity?

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posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 02:35 AM

This is my first topic, so if I do or say something dumb, please cut me a little slack. The subject connection seems like one that would have already been posted, but a search didn't turn up anything with the same thesis. I normally just lurk, but I really wanted to bounce this off a larger (and smarter) audience.

This idea formed when I saw a BBC article about a UFO video from Bonsall in Derbyshire, England. I thought the image in the article looked similar to the STS-75 tether incident notched doughnuts. Apparently someone else thought so too: "And officials at NASA are said to have asked to examine the tape, because they believe it shows the same type of craft once spotted by the space agency's own cameras during a space shuttle mission."

Well, that's interesting, but we've all seen pictures/videos where UFO 1 looked like UFO 2 and so on. So I continued to other NASA videos.

While watching the well known STS-80 video of glowing orbs in a circle over Africa, I saw a similarly shaped doughnut, in this case translucent, pass by the camera and descend to Earth in a straight line. You can just track it until it apparently stops at a certain altitude while the Earth continues to rotate beneath it. THEN IT LIGHTS UP TO BECOME ONE OF THE GLOWING ORBS!

That got my attention. Was I seeing the same doughnuts/entities in these three videos in different states? Translucent and light-pulsing? From the ground, and from space? Remember how some doughnuts in the tether video seemed to pulse with light and some were translucent? I looked at the STS-80 video a couple of times and saw two more, for a total of three.

Before I go on, here's the source material so far.

1. BBC article on DarbyShire video

2. Darbyshire video. You can go about 10 seconds in to get a quick view, or the whole video is shown later in the clip.

3. STS-75 tether incident. The good stuff starts at around 2:15. A nice light-pulsing doughnut passes left to right at 3:44, but there are lots of them. Note that some of the doughnuts are pulsing, and some are non-pulsating and translucent. Also, the notch configuration varies between the doughnuts.

4. STS-80 orb circle.
- At 1:32, an orb moves up from the bottom center and then turns back into a translucent doughnut.
- At 4:06, a translucent doughnut enters the upper right corner, descends, and turns into an orb on the left.
- At 5:17, a translucent doughnut enters the upper right corner, descends, and forms the center orb.

Being intrigued, I started to search on topic and found additional information. Some of these are of unknown or limited provenance.

Portugal, 2014. This formation could be like the STS-80 video, only seen from the ground. A formation with one doughnut closer to the viewer than the others.

Unknown provenance. Same type of thing, but there's no movement and no pulsing. This could be some type of lens flare or reflection. I saw a few "doughnuts" that were straight up flares/reflections in other videos.

NASA compilation. See about 3:10 for similar behavior to STS-80. Another good one at 3:28 with a clear doughnut shape.

STS-48. At 10 seconds an orb fires up. It looks like a doughnut hole might also be visible. At 1:21 an even larger doughnut goes orb with doughnut hole clearly visible.

Sun observation video. At 1:01, is that a translucent doughnut? The notch caught my attention, being similar to the others.

Amateur compilation. Something like what I've done here, using the same source videos. Well, there goes my Nobel!
The "moon" clip in this video doesn't look right to me. I did a number of searches for the original and couldn't come up with it. A lot of folks referenced it, but the clip was "no longer available"

Here are my thoughts on these doughnuts.

- These don't look like structured craft to me. I remember when I first saw the STS-75 tether video, I thought they looked like something I'd see in a petri dish.
- If they're not craft, they could be physical phenomena, like "ball lightening" that is electro-magnetically drawn to certain types of energy fields. Organic life? Seems soooo unlikely in space. Some type of life based on what, inorganic elements? IDK, any thoughts?
- The varying "notch" patterns would also point to some type of inheritable with variation "life".
- I think a lot of the run of the mill "lights-in-the-sky" sightings could be these guys in their "lights on" mode. A LOT of the NASA videos have "lights" that could easily be these things. They seem to come in swarms, which lends credence to "life" rather than "craft".
- Finally, IMHO, what I have seen leads me to the conclusion that all the prosaic explanations for the tether doughnuts (ice, dust, lens flare, whatever) don't wash. There's something there. It's seen in multiple videos exhibiting definable, observable, characteristic behaviors.

For myself, I'm going to be looking at NASA videos very differently now. Are the YouTube videos the only source for NASA stuff? Has anyone tried to FOIA for mission videos?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to any thoughts. Actually, I'm fairly certain I'll see something like "Yeah, noobie, we've talked about this a million times and here's what it is ..." Well, OK, I'll get schooled!

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posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 05:10 AM
It is a bit strange that this doughnut is spotted that many times, and they do all look similar to be honest. Gonna look into it a bit more when I am at work on my breaks!

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 11:44 AM
a reply to: WaitingForGodot

Nice work WaitingForGodot to catch the somewhat matching images from various sources.

Likely there are other similar confirming images captured on classified sources that you won't see unfortunately.

Nice job on your first topic which is very interesting and controversial.
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posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 11:56 AM
Great post WaitingForGodot, i look forward to more ... thankyou

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 12:16 PM
The "tether ufos" were explained many years ago. Optical illusion caused artifacts. PROOF shown in this clip:

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 12:18 PM
Also the China cave dago stones....found with alien bodies

That exact same precisely

V notch to the tee, dudes....lay one on top of the other precisely match
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posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 12:18 PM
Saving for a read later.

Thanks for sharing!

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