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-@TH3WH17ERABB17 -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART -8-

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posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 03:11 PM
a reply to: queenofswords

שמן אפרסמון‎,

How do you know about the oil dude?

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 03:11 PM
Q has started the demand ball rolling.

This tweet from the president from June 5, 2018 was dropped.
Now, it is up to We, the American People, to make our demand for full transparency Loud and Clear!
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posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 03:12 PM
a reply to: EnzoD

What is inspiring to this very day is that Donald Trump
is keeping his promises as POTUS despite the unending
attacks upon his Presidency, his person, his family etc.

I can count on it; he will not back down, he will not give up,
and he will not accept defeat. I can bank on the
fact that he will do everything in his power to restore
the United States from the huge decline BO intentionally
put it in.

His list of his accomplishments are long and prestigious.
Even though the media is 24/7 negative and the Dems leaders
have literally lost their minds dogging him, he relishes
the fight, takes to Twitter to reach out to the everyday
voters to keep them informed.

I also have confidence in the VP, Pence. This is a
three twist rope that will not easily be broken.

"Though they plot evil against you and devise wicked schemes, they cannot succeed."
Psalm 21:11

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posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 03:14 PM
a reply to: burntheships

Amen! Rosenstein is meeting with Trump now at the White House. I hope he leaves they're unemployed.

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 03:14 PM
a reply to: MIdnightImpact

That's what I tried to reflect in my MEME attempt, further down from your post.

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 03:25 PM
Oh gawd! Did I just hear that right? Twitchy Nancy Pelosi is about to hold a televised press briefing on the IG Report?

This ought to be "good"...(and funny, probably meme-worthy).
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posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 03:26 PM
So when are we going to see the light?

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 03:27 PM
Cranky is going to make an important point here for everything going further on this report stuff and Q failing...

The problem here is people are operating under the WRONG assumption about what the government is. Folks think that government is a benevolent organization created by some well meaning men to make a wonderful lasting home for the population. They think over time the government got corrupt, but it still has the wonderful protections in place to weed out wrong doers and give the people who own donut shops and start up tech firms a life of freedom. Wrong. Read the docs, the constitution is not about you and me, but business.

Government is a system of control created to control the business of controlling businesses & commerce. Laws are ways to create REMEDY, not prevention, after business contracts have been violated. Internal policy, by which these folks operate is not law you are a party to. IE. killing a unarmed man by an FBI agent is not a policy violation as they have an internal policy that says it is not a violation.

The organizations created, FBI, DOJ are about DEALING WITH COMMERCE, BUSINESS, not people (you are seen an business which gives them "jurisdiction" over you. They are private companies you think are places to protect you from harm with moral rules governing them. Government: Govern=Control, Ment=MInd.

They have their own rules. Have you read the FBI rules for being an FBI agent? All of them? Have you read the UCC, all of it? Have you read the DOJ rules for employment? Those rules apply, did P&S break moral rules, almost assuredly. But did they break FBI rules? What's the penalty for that?

Why does this matter? That report, as uninteresting as it may seem, is not for you per se. The question is, the only question, is "how do the people in the entire DOJ feel about what is written?"

Consider your company serves bagels everyday from 7-1. For a week none of your employees show up. A customer says, "fire them". Does the customer have a right to dictate how you deal with your employees? Was not showing up against YOUR rules?

This is the part Q is trying to get you to see, see it!!! Did they break the rules? Did they break MORAL rules? Did they break your trust? Are their rules about you at all, or about THEM and their actions to each other?

DJT is breaking them up from within THEIR rules, of course it is not going to make sense to you. Q is giving you a glimpse of this, a glimpse you have never seen before, as all internal broken rules that became public in the past were teeeeveee events of justice: Oliver North!

Big picture...

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 03:37 PM
Worth noting that the IG report, released today, NEEDED to be the watered down incomplete version or We The People would not be furious enough to give a public outcry demanding the fully transparent version!

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 03:39 PM
The IG Report is watered down Garbage and we all know it. We the people demand an unredacted, unchanged report ASAP. We do not consent to rule by secrecy. We do not put you people in office in order to keep secrets from us, especially when it relates to the Governments own corruption. I am NOT happy with the "long awaited" IG report. Trump tweeted a few days ago that he is also not happy that the report is being weakened...well DJT...then fckn do something about it, you are Chief in Command.

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 03:43 PM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

Then we need to make our outcry twice as long
and twice as loud.

Just as we did with The FISA Memo!

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 03:50 PM

originally posted by: Khaleesi
a reply to: imthegoat

You do understand this report deals exclusively with the Clinton email investigation, right? I'm hearing arguments from both sides of this. I've specific wording being spun multiple ways. One stance is that the wording is specifically referencing Comey. Others say it refers also to Strzok an Page. What I have seen says the investigative decisions were not affected by political bias. That could mean various things. It could mean Comey didn't allow his decisions to be affected by political bias. Or it could mean no one allowed their political bias to interfere. It really depends on how you interpret it. One thing that is clear to me is Strzok's text showed his bias. On top of all that this doesn't address whether that bias influenced the Mueller investigation. This report is exclusively about the Clinton email investigation and whether there was bias involved in it.

I'm fully aware of what the report is, and I'm fully aware of the wording and context used in the report. I read the part referencing in the article, and the page/strzok part in the report and it says the same thing. The report is garbage just like all of us deemed it would be. My comments weren't in response to Q playing this up at all, it was response to the report itself and horowitz/rosenstein.

Clearly, and very clearly, there was strong political bias regarding both the Hillary AND Trump investigations. Even the part about the statutes the executives regarded in charges related to Hillary and her aides about the emails was bullsh!t. They cited the same gross negligence, but deemed prosecution unnecessary based on historical prosecutions under the same statutes. Basically saying "it hasnt been done before, let's not make an example out of Queen Hillary of House Clinton."

Its absolute hogwash, and something NEEDS to be done about it. For all the Hillary supporters who want to chime in; just stop. Gross Negligence does not need intent in order to prosecute, and Hillary, Huma, and whatever other aides she had should be prosecuted regardless if you support her or not. Letting government officials get away with trash like this is exactly why nothing will ever change. They allow them to be above the law. They allow them to get away with all of this shady crap, and they allow them to get away with these backdoor deals that do nothing to benefit this country or the people who reside here -- just to line their pockets.

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 03:53 PM
BBC Bias from across the pond today:

Trump charity is lead story and IG report on secondary stories sidebar!

Also, BBC 24 TV is saying that the EU will implement tariffs against US in next few days (but no report item on website yet)... B+ for Balls but F- for strategy!

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 03:55 PM
a reply to: burntheships

Fully agree!

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 04:04 PM
So the latest Q drop mentions RR again.

Q mentions RR often, and this is not the first time Rachel Brand
has been posted in conjunction with RR.

We now know a lot more about what Jeff Sessions is thinking
about RR and letting him remain in his position.

Sessions yesterday defended RR.

Rosenstein played a major role in that termination, and critics say that makes him a witness in the Mueller case.

But Sessions made clear he authorized Rosenstein to remain in charge of the politically charged probe.

“That decision really fell to me , ultimately on the Comey matter,” the attorney general told co-host Buck Sexton. “And that’s not a disqualifying thing. “The recommendations we made on the dismissal of Comey resulted from his handling of certain cases that were laid out in his (Rosenstein’s) recommendation to me or his analysis to me and my recommendation to President Trump.

I have read that several times. Still, looking at RR and all of his actions
he seems like a very conflicted man.

Others seem to agree.

On what planet is it necessary for Jeff Sessions to recuse himself but perfectly appropriate for Rod Rosenstein to continue as acting attorney general for purposes of both the Mueller investigation and Congress’s probe of Justice Department investigative irregularities?

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 04:38 PM
is this the goalposts moving even further?

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 04:56 PM
What BS!
Wray just finished his presser and his recommendation is.......More Training. He is trying to turn the FBI into Starbucks.
WOW, what a load of crap and what a nothing burger this IG report turned out to be.

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 04:57 PM

originally posted by: burntheships
New Text messages revealed in the IG Report show that
Lisa Page mistress ( who was Andrew McCabe's special counsel )
texted with her lover

Lisa Page: “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!”

Peter Strzok: “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.”

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 05:22 PM

originally posted by: LurkNoMore

originally posted by: burntheships
New Text messages revealed in the IG Report show that
Lisa Page mistress ( who was Andrew McCabe's special counsel )
texted with her lover

Lisa Page: “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!”

Peter Strzok: “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.”

And even with that email, the finding was there was no bias. It's total BS and I am starting to doubt Q.

posted on Jun, 14 2018 @ 05:23 PM
a reply to: LurkNoMore

It was to be expected. We were told by Trump in a tweet
about the IG Report being altered, watered down.

CAUTION: IG Michael Horowitz and James Comey worked together in 1990s in US Attorneys office in Manhattan. In addition, Horowitz married to former CNN and PBS producer, who gave money to Obama and who previously worked as a senior aide to Dukakis during presidential campaign

Journalist Paul Sperry has a lot of very informative tweets up.

Several on Andrew McCabe and his
corruption with the Clinton Foundation,
and the corrupt investigation into Hillary.

It is a must read.

I won't pretend to understand the supposed strategy
behind Jeff Sessions defending RR, if there is one
that is beneficial to Trump.

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