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There's the Theory of Evolution and the Interpretation of Evolution

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posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 07:49 AM
a reply to: turbonium1

The moon is simultaneously moving past and away from the earth and at the same time being pulled toward the earth, it fall's but is moving fast enough that it never reaches the ground this is called a stable orbit and it work's.

The fact is that the time we live, the moon earth and sun and all those mysteriously almost perfect ratio's is far too unlikely to just be chance so the solar system in at least some measure show's the presence of an intelligence behind it's form.

Gravity is real, the moon is a separate body from the earth but has a necessary stabilizing effect upon our climate and rotation, it is however the most unlikely moon in our solar system BUT then there are the mysterious moon'let's of mars which also defy standard model's with one having to be a hollow body to account for it's orbit and having all those lovely perfectly linear scar features on it's surface?.

When you fire a bullet it does not immediately fall to the ground or gun's would not work, if the bullet was moving fast enough then it would simply never reach the ground as it would fall at the same rate as the curve of the earth's surface fell away beneath it - of course a bullet would slow down because of wind resistance so it would never maintain such an orbit and our ground is not level so it would hit terrain at some point but the argument stand's.

The moon is like that bullet, it is passing the ground at the right speed so that it follow's the curve of the earth and never reaches the ground, it is both large enough and there sufficiently little impedance to it's motion in space were there is very little gas that it's inertia is not slowing down, in fact the moon may be receding from us about 1 meter per year which will actually slowing increase over the millions of years until it break's away from the earth's orbit entirely and goes off on it's own path through the solar system but that is a very long time from now AND if it's orbit was engineered then it is possible that some unknown force would once again intervene.

posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 12:20 PM

originally posted by: turbonium1
We have never, ever, found a single species, on Earth, to show any indication of 'evolving' into a different species.

Not over 10,000 years.

Complete nonsense. Everything evolves constantly. Thre is no end goal of "evolving into" anything. Organisms just slowly change.

Let's consider the odds...

Every species is evolving, continually, into different species, and we are all evolving now...

About 8.7 million different species exist on Earth, today, by current estimates.

That's a fairly decent sample size, to find 'evolution' of just one, single species.... isn't it?

Over 10,000 years, nothing.

Evolution is measurable and testable. It has been seen dozens upon dozens upon dozens of times. Why make a dishonest argument like that? The genetic mutations can be measured in every single replication.

How many thousands of years does it take before they finally have no choice but to admit 'evolution' was all made up, it's just a bunch of BS, and how sorry, and ashamed, they all are?

As soon as somebody can falsify ALL the evidence and come up with a better or more accurate explanation for the diversity of life on earth.

So what are the odds?

Multiply 10,000 x 8.7 million.

87 billion to 1.

LOL! You might want to brush up on your math. That isn't how it works or how you determine odds.

Floating around, within 0 gravity of space, is not exactly being "held in place".

If there is a force on Earth, which pulls everything towards the Earth, it cannot suddenly 'hold' things far away, in place, at a distance. I know you have no other excuse, but that's not even close to reality!

Complete nonsense. You may want to look up the mechanics of being in orbit. There is ABSOLUTELY still gravity while orbiting earth, but the momentum of the craft is moving just fast enough to even out the pull, which is why it stays in orbit instead of falling to the earth. This makes the rest of your 2 responses completely bunk. Why the unwillingness to even look it up? You just assume flat earth propganda videos are automatic truth without even fact checking them. This why people are so quick to dismiss science. Science takes work and effort. You can't just watch a youtube video and fully understand it.

posted on Jun, 24 2018 @ 12:29 PM

originally posted by: chr0naut
When I prayed, It rained a deluge, enough to put out a house fire, out of a cloudless sky,within seconds of praying (and I didn't pray for rain). The circumstances were particularly weird.

So again, you prove confirmation bias because you have no idea the prayer is the cause. You just assume, when sudden rainstorms happen all over the world on a consistent basis. When I was into new age meditation, my grandfather was dying in the hospital and given a 20% chance to live. I focused my energy via chakra meditation and within an hour of that, he suddenly he woke up and was fine. Obviously the meditation didn't heal him, either the doctors made a mistake (or intentionally said the odds were low to avoid a disappointment if he died) or my grandfather simply beat the odds, which happens. Funny enough my aunt was deeply religious and says her prayers are what healed him. Nobody actually knows, and inserting the explanation YOU WANT is a poor method of determining truth. The situation with my grandfather helped me realize that spiritual mumbo jumbo does nothing for the person being prayed/meditated for, it helps the person DOING IT because it makes them feel better and gives them hope. That is how it always has worked. It's a crunch to help keep us hopeful.

Plus this creates a huge dilemma of why god only would selectively answer prayers. What about the billion starving children around the world that are prayer for by millions of people on a daily basis? God comes and intervenes in YOUR situation just because YOU prayed, while ignoring all the kids dying from cancer, starving, sick or being abused. That is quite the ego you have there if you actually think that is what happened. Why do people that get prayed for the most still end up dying? There is literally no connection between prayer and health, it just gives hope.

You still haven't given any explanation as to what in the 'Omega idea' was absurd. When I asked last time, you told me how hypotheses were testable.

I'll discuss that idea when testable evidence that supports the premise can be provided.

But sure, ridicule all you want. Ad hominem is usually a sure fire indicator that you have run out of legitimate argument.

I don't use ad hom, I explain my points. You have already proved you don't grasp what that or other fallacies are.

Self contradictory.

Either testable or not.

Either there is gradualism or there isn't.

Absolute laughable nonsense.

Nothing I said was self contradictory. Your claim was not testable. Gradualism is not the be all end all. There are other mechanisms like punctuated equilibrium. This is just your all or nothing mentality shining through again. You can't even understand that just because most evolutionary changes show gradualistic principles does not mean that every single transition in history was gradual. You keep using the false dilemma (black and white) fallacy repeatedly. There are many methods involved, it's not simply all gradualism or all not gradualism.

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