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Are TPTB, NWO, Globalists, trying to help us?

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posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 06:37 PM

originally posted by: ketsuko
a reply to: Guyfriday

Basically, what is needed is for someone to get the first solid mining venture going with heavy industry in space. Once solid resources are coming out of the sky, everyone will get in on it really quickly.

Yep, basically. Shoot if a person could bring back a small piece of that one asteroid out there made of Platinum, than enough people would be interested in space to force a new space race.

posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 06:40 PM
a reply to: NarcolepticBuddha

I've been wondering the same thing about why a New World Order / Global government is such a bad thing.

Quite frankly, it seems inevitable now. We have a gigantic netizenship on the Internet, over 4 billion people are connected across every national boundary. Our latest generation of young people, who are becoming the leaders of the future, have never known a time when the Internet didn't exist. As our offspring begin to see themselves more as Internet citizens than US Citizens, national boundaries are going to become less important.

If there is some conspiracy to implement a global government, I suspect it is a disaster plan the will be quickly implemented in the event of a global catastrophe. Rather than seeking global domination, an Agency with such a plan need only wait until it happens on its own. Our global interdependence and reliance on our technology could take its toll in even a relatively minor global event. No ELE required.

I believe that such a group is probably made up of individuals who already wield significant power. Once some of these people reach a certain level of wealth and influence, they turn to philanthropy; Bill and Melinda Gates for instance. It's not completely selfless however. Many of the projects funded by these philanthropists are strategically deployed in order to increase their influence in underprivileged areas that were unreachable using their previous channels. So, while they may be motivated to attempt to influence every inhabited corner of the planet, it doesn't strike me as reasonable to believe they would hasten the mass murder of billions of Earth's inhabitants.

On the contrary, I think such a group of powerful and connected people would want to make sure that their resources are made available when the time comes to put society back together.

I can't imagine why any entity, other than an Antichrist-like figure, would want the top spot in a global government dictatorship. However, given the amount of power and wealth being wielded by this group, I think it's unlikely a single despot would emerge.

So, I'm going to vote "help us." Rather than believe they will institute some global despotic socialist regime after killing off 7 billion people to get down to a manageable number written on a concrete pillar in Georgia.


posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 06:48 PM

originally posted by: Irishhaf
US govt has trouble ruling effectively over just 3.7 million sq miles.

Why should I think they can rule effectively over 197 million sq miles.

Some paper pusher that doesn't answer to anyone will end up screwing over people they don't like to line their pockets at the expense of the little people.

(as society sits today)

so not just no, but God no to globalist style one world govt. At least when they really screw the pooch now we can get them out of office.

Heck just look at the EU right now, whats the process for getting the people in Brussels out of their?

I think it is dangerous thinking that this would be a US governed NWO. The rest of the world is extremely jealous of the freedoms we have in the US, those guaranteed by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Make no mistake, a successful NWO can only succeed when those documents no longer carry weight (which is why many think the left in the US want the US to fail and continue to chip away at our freedoms as defined by the founding fathers).

posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 07:04 PM
a reply to: NarcolepticBuddha

I would think Gene Roddenberry's thoughts were greatly influenced by 1951's The Day the Earth Stood Still.....which appeared during the deep period of Planet Earths so called "Cold War"...or the West mistrusting the "East" etc.

Klaatu's final speech explain it well. In a human perspective, you are out of control.

That's why they created me.......A.R.M.S......Autonomous Robotic Mechanised Sentinels.

posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 07:04 PM
There is also the opposite push. The UK wants out of the EU. Scotland wants out of the UK. Quebec wants out of Canada. Half of Spain wants out of the other half. Czechoslovakia split in two already. The USSR split into several countries. California wants to split into three. Eastern Washington wants out of Western Washington. The EU has turned out to be a massive bureaucracy. The UN is nothing but an expensive joke. Everywhere you look there are people who want out of the unions they already have to what they think will be self-determination. It's not really looking good for globalization. And the only way to get there is to FORCE people to do so. In other words, form a completely authoritarian totalitarian government that overrides everything any nationality has built or believes in.

posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 07:07 PM
"Globalism" is just another carrot dangled in front of the gullible.

(As are "nationalism" and "patriotism" ...)

The fact of the matter is that 1% own 50% of the world, and that includes the military-industrial complex, the media, etc.

Studies have shown time and time again that what the people want (be they "left" or "right") doesn't mean anything to the corporate political agendas.

posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 07:17 PM
a reply to: Guyfriday

Visiting a planet is one thing, setting up a base, or a space station not anchored to earth is going to take more than what one country can bring to the table.

Also if you eventually want interstellar space travel, that will take the world pulling together... or somebody finding something that re-writes the way we do things with a longer stay on other planets in our solar system.

Bear in mind, I detest the one world govt idea I at least like to know who is screwing me.

posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 07:26 PM
a reply to: NarcolepticBuddha

Are there any celebrities or famous people that are backing Agenda 21™ ?

I only ask because I understand part of it is the Aged being asked to give up their spot? As each of Us is getting older, this might be addressed here??

Who reading this will 'feel cheated' if You can't fill a diaper at Thee Olde Folks Home™? Not because You have some medical affliction that TrumpInsurance™ wouldn't cover, but You just like to mess with the Harvard™ MBAs that are working cleaning up after Baby Boomers??

posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 09:40 PM
a reply to: NarcolepticBuddha

Watch Endgame:

posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 09:47 PM

originally posted by: NarcolepticBuddha
Could globalism be a good thing? Could one-world government and New World Order be something we should strive for?

I had a hard time finding exactly what the one-world, globalist, NWO agenda is about, and why we should fear it--or if it even exists. Most of my searches led to shady blogs and annoying youtube vids.

UN stated goals are to eliminate the availability of guns and weapons from the world. This makes sense somewhere in Africa with all those militias.

UN also wants to close the difference in living standards between first and developing world countries. To many, this seems to be more lowering standards of living in Western countries while developing world countries remain where they are.

There was a major wealth distribution program called the "Lime Declaration of 1975". Western countries agreed to give 30% of their manufacturing industry to the Far East (China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong). Which ultimately led to just about whole industries moving across.

EU also had a program to make Roma Gypsies an integral part of European culture.

Agenda 21 involves letting some parts of the world return to nature. EU pay farmers £500 NOT to farm land. Also, government departments have stopped dredging rivers in order to reduce flow speeds. This had led to villages being flooded (which were on land scheduled to be returned to nature).

posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 09:50 PM
If we give people who we do not know and who are not accountable to us control over everything we are doomed to all become third world pawns to those on top. Although I have not met these people personally, evidence shows they are not good for the people of the world. I do not believe in pipe dreams, this group trying to gain control is not good. They want power and control and anyone who would think differently then them would be expendable and would not be able to exist in society. Within twenty years nobody would be able to challenge them, they would just disappear. This group has the possibility of making Hitler look good.

posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 10:42 PM
a reply to: NarcolepticBuddha

Over the years, I have found it remarkable how many were inspired by Gene Roddenberry and the concept promoted in the Star Trek series.

The simple fact is if the current lot that is the human race had that technology, this planet would be finished. Toast. Envision suicide bombers with access to matter transmitters that allowed depositing anything virtually anywhere.

Need more be said about that Series beyond the fact that it can inspire?

The simple fact is this race is burdened with both nobility and insanity. It isn't going away any time soon by the looks of things. The current system, at least allows for diverse cultures, life-styles and therefore thought and creativity.

Worst of all, in my opinion, is the basic lie of 'equality'. One can treat and be treated 'equally'. We are not all equal, however. A simple truth.

Even the biblical quote, IIRC, goes 'we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord'. Something like that, anyways. Please note the modifying phrase,'in the eyes of the Lord'. Not even the bible says we are equal. Merely that we will be judged equally.

There is much more to this subject of a one world gov't than I could post. So I add one more point. a pragmatic one.

The attempt to create a one world gov't will result in world war. That, in and of itself, is enough reason to park the concept in a museum under lock and key until such a time we are ready for such an ideal. JMO, though.

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posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 10:44 PM

originally posted by: rickymouse
If we give people who we do not know and who are not accountable to us control over everything we are doomed to all become third world pawns to those on top. Although I have not met these people personally, evidence shows they are not good for the people of the world. I do not believe in pipe dreams, this group trying to gain control is not good. They want power and control and anyone who would think differently then them would be expendable and would not be able to exist in society. Within twenty years nobody would be able to challenge them, they would just disappear. This group has the possibility of making Hitler look good.

The tools available now (and similar to what China and North Korea do) is to maintain personal records on every person updated by everyone who works with them. Just by blocking someone from getting an academic or industrial job is enough to ruin their life forever. That already happens. I'm starting to see that recruitment agents will only forward certain candidates to certain companies simply because of old college connections.

posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 11:50 PM
Im sure the movers and shakers of this world dont see themselves as the bad guys. But what happens if someone stands in the way of what they see as progress? Civil liberties be damned.

The path to hell is paved with good intentions.

posted on Jun, 11 2018 @ 01:45 AM
Well the Federation (Star trek ) that's a good thing but that's sci-fi, the NWO or whatever you may call it not so. If I see how the worldwide media is being controlled to distort the news there is no doubt that the NWO isn't helping the people at al but suppressing the truth and pushing their agenda.


Most of the problems in society are created , feminism and other weak social groups are created , what the heck genders are created on the fly , to create division and a more docile society. Basically NWO wants to get rid of a large part of society. Creating a culture in which men are unable bound to women and races fight each other. And injecting people into the western societies that don't integrate.
=Crowdfunding people that propagate this agenda. =Funding movies/hollywood if it promote their agenda. =Controlling search engines.=Using big data against the people.=Surveillance equipment in disguise as AI helping devices.

Their goal society that will slowly collapse to a much manageable size.

posted on Jun, 11 2018 @ 02:02 AM
a reply to: NarcolepticBuddha

If I remember right the star trek plot line involved a series of catastrophes once a world government was put in place. It was an evil thing bent on the control of the masses to benefit itself. Greed and the lust for power, what an alien trait for humans, huh? The world government had to be bloodily overthrown before a fairer Republic could be established. Oh wait, the US is a Republic, seems the present system in the US is the right one :-)

Cheers - Dave

posted on Jun, 11 2018 @ 04:27 AM
a reply to: NarcolepticBuddha

You must be a liberal,a person who falls for something because from the outside it looks good,not bothering to look over the interior,have you ever checked history and see how other countrys loved communism,mass murders,forced labor,thats the problem these days,kids are not taught common sense

posted on Jun, 11 2018 @ 04:57 AM

originally posted by: NarcolepticBuddha
Could globalism be a good thing? Could one-world government and New World Order be something we should strive for?

I had a hard time finding exactly what the one-world, globalist, NWO agenda is about, and why we should fear it--or if it even exists. Most of my searches led to shady blogs and annoying youtube vids.

Thoughts? Discussion?

What is really going on?

If you are genuinely interested in finding out what the NWO agenda is, then read this.

Its 12 pages long and there are over 100 things that D Day said would happen. Only in the last month or so, one more thing got rolled out which was linking health care to employment in the US for the first time.

‘Everything Is In Place And Nobody Can Stop Us Now’ – Dr Day 1969 Lecture

December 27, 2014 by Dalia Mae 27 Comments (Gumshoe News)

This is a transcript of two out of three tapes on the “New World System” recorded in 1988, published at They are Dr. Lawrence Dunegan’s recollections of a lecture he attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society. The speaker was Richard Day, MD. Dunegan first revealed this on the Randy Engels radio show. His son is now creating a website to preserve the tapes.
The following is an abbreviation (boldings by Mary Maxwell):

Everything is in place and nobody can stop us now.

He [Dr Day] indicated that there is much more co-operation between East and West than most people realise.
Most people don’t understand how governments operate and even people in high positions in governments don’t really understand how and where decisions are made.

People who really influence decisions are names that for the most part would be familiar to most of us, but he would not

His purpose in telling our group about these changes that were to be brought about was to make it easier for us to adapt to these changes.

One of the statements had to do with change. “People will have to get used to the idea of change, so used to change, that they’ll be expecting change. Nothing will be permanent.” This in the context of a society where people seemed to have no roots or moorings, but would be passively willing to accept change simply because it was all they had ever known.

“People are too trusting, they don’t ask the right questions.”1. Everything

“Everything has two purposes. One is the ostensible purpose which will make it acceptable to people and second is the real purpose which would further the goals of establishing the new system.

Numbers of people living at any one time on the planet must be limited or we will run out of space to live. We will outgrow our food supply and pollute the world with our waste.

People won’t be allowed to have babies just because they want to. Some people would be allowed only one, however outstanding people might be selected and allowed to have three.

Contraceptives would be displayed more prominently in drug stores, right up with the cigarettes and chewing gum. Contraceptives would be advertised and also dispensed in the schools in association with sex education!

Sex Education is a tool of world government. Many cities in the United States by this time have already set up school-based clinics, which are primarily contraception, birth control, population control clinics.

Now back in 1969, four years before Roe vs. Wade, he said, “Abortion will no longer be a crime.” “People will be given permission to be homosexual.” Clothing would be more stimulating and provocative. Bras would be thinner and softer allowing more natural movement.

Divorce would be made easier and more prevalent. More people will not marry. Unmarried people would stay in hotels and even live together. That would be very common. More women will work outside the home. More men will be transferred to other cities and in their jobs, more men would travel. Therefore, it would be harder for families to stay together. This would tend to make the marriage relationship less stable. Travel would be easier, less expensive, for a while, so that people who did have to travel would feel they could get back to their families…. Rather a diabolical approach to this whole thing!

Everybody has a right to live only so long. The old are no longer useful. They become a burden. Some things that would help people realize that they had lived long enough, e.g., the use of very pale printing ink on forms that are necessary to fill out. Older people wouldn’t be able to read the pale ink as easily and would need to go to younger people for help.

Automobile — there would be more high-speed traffic lanes that older people with their slower reflexes would have trouble dealing with and thus, loses some of their independence.

The cost of medical care would be made burdensomely high. Medical care would be connected very closely with one’s work but also would be made very, very high in cost so that it would simply be unavailable to people beyond a certain time.

The young would become agreeable to helping Mom and Dad along the way, provided this was done humanely and with dignity. Then the example was – there could be a nice, farewell party, a real celebration. Mom and Dad had done a good job. Then after the party’s over they take the ‘demise pill’.

There would be profound changes in the practice of medicine. Overall, it would be much more tightly controlled. “Congress is not going to go along with national health insurance, it is now, abundantly evident. But it’s not necessary, we have other ways to control health care”. Costs would be forced up so that people won’t be able to afford to go without insurance. People pay for it, you’re entitled to it. Your role being responsible for your own care would be diminished.

The insurance company, paying for your care, does not pay that same amount. If you are charged, say, $600 for the use of an operating room, the insurance company does not pay $600; they only pay $300 or $400. You would feel grateful for insurance.

Identification would be needed to get into the building. The security in and around hospitals would be established and gradually increased so that nobody without identification could get in or move around inside the building. Theft of hospital equipment, things like typewriters and microscopes and so forth would be ‘allowed’ and exaggerated; reports of it would be exaggerated so that this would be the excuse needed to establish the need for strict security until people got used to it.

This need for ID would start in small ways: hospitals, some businesses, gradually expand to include everybody in all places!
It was observed that hospitals can be used to confine people and for the treatment of criminals.

Another area of discussion was Religion. He said, “Religion is not necessarily bad. A lot of people seem to need religion, with its mysteries and rituals – so they will have religion. But the major religions of today have to be changed because they are not compatible with the changes to come. The old religions will have to go especially Christianity. Once the Roman Catholic Church is brought down, the rest of Christianity will follow easily. Then a new religion can be accepted for use all over the world.
In order to do this, the Bible will be changed. It will be rewritten to fit the new religion. Gradually, key words will be replaced with new words having various shades of meaning.

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posted on Jun, 11 2018 @ 04:58 AM
a reply to: NarcolepticBuddha

nah..ain't gonna wash. The record speaks for itself. Vast tracts of land quarantined from use turned into reserves.

people are not good stewards of their land and the government will do a better job if they are in control. Individual rights in general are to give way to the needs of communities as determined by the governing body.


individuals - no good

community/governing body - good

Like we have never heard how vested interests co-opt these governing bodies.

Ever read Animal Farm, some pigs were more special than the other pigs.

Are we, the resistant heathens, stopping Earth's progress by fearing the one-world agenda?

Better to be a heathen than a sycophant of a man made religion ruled by a scientific elite.

posted on Jun, 11 2018 @ 05:08 AM
a reply to: Irishhaf

to combine resources to get it done, something like a star league, federation etc will be needed.

Or how about something like joint project between a few different Govts and shareholders.
Usually great discoveries are made if there is sufficient risk/reward fro participants.

Any benefits from long range projects could accrue to the investors generational offspring.

Thinking outside the box.

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