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The Truth Over The Second Coming

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posted on Aug, 7 2018 @ 12:47 PM
a reply to: MatterIsLight

Let us look at the testimony from Jacob known as James. Jacob was the real first Bishop of the Catholic Church that was placed in Jerusalem. This was during a time when Paul was his enemy and Paul was aiming to take the whole religion from James and place it in Rome and take control of it for generations to come. James was murdered, and there is much reason to believe Paul was involved, but you will not understand any truth until you accept that the Romans hated the Jews and they took the religion of Christianity from them to control the world. This is not to be confused with the fact that the Jews in power in their own country helped to kill Jacob also, they didn't have the idea like the Romans to steal and forge the religion - their idea was that they needed to kill these absolute saints because their following was becoming to large and all the people were leaving the priests and Sanhedrin who were controlling the Temple in Jerusalem, and the new establishment would not be a money making scheme with sacrifices and all. So as a result of the Christian movement, the Jews did not want to lose power, and the Romans wanted to gain power, but both the Jews and Romans were enemies of Christ and his family.

Would you explain just where you were taught this? Jacob [brother of Jesus] otherwise known as James the Just, established the first Nazarene synagogue in Jerusalem. This is believed [by tradition] as being the upper room where the 120 received the power of the Holy Spirit.

James the Just was given [by vote] the office of the Nazarene movement which eventually [by murder and theft] led to the Roman Church's formation of the Christian movement. Till that time there was no connection to Rome or its authority in the Nazarene movement. James the Just was the Nasi [High Priest] of the entire movement. Apostle John was the Deputy High Priest called Sagan with the apostle Peter being the Chief Officer of the Religious Court called the Ab Beth-Din or general supervisor[pastoral director].

There were 70 elected representatives called elders with a cabinet of 15 which included a council of 12 with 3 leaders. The liturgy was strictly Hebrew and Aramaic with Greek, Latin or any other languages or influence forbidden in any of the teachings in this movement. There eventually were Greek synagogues allowed under James authority but not in the synagogue of James.

At the onset of this movement till Saul/Paul was converted was a period of about five years. Paul was not connected in any way to the formation or movement of the Nazarenes or its synagogue. He also was never a member of the congregation even though he was embraced by all of the movement and known as the evangelist of Jesus the brother of James. it was a good 5 years after the movement was started by James that Paul visited the congregation as an evangelist.

Saul/Paul had no desire to high jack any religion nor was he instructed to do so. Even as he was on the road to Damascus he was a member of the Jerusalem Sanhedrin and under the authority of his master who was the president [Gamaliel] of the Sanhedrin. Paul was not a usurper nor did he ever have the desire to form any religion before or after his conversion. He was not taught the Jesus movement by the Jerusalem congregation but had been evangelizing Jesus years before visiting the Jerusalem congregation.

In all of this, what I am saying is that James was in no way shape or form a bishop of the Roman movement. He knew no Roman Church as the Roman movement was not in effect till long after James the Just was murdered. He was the High Priest [Nasi] of the Hebrew Nazarene Jesus movement and was in no way connected to the Church of Rome or its liturgy. The Roman Catholic church who murdered and reformed the Nazarene movement to become as it is today, is founded upon sin in the greatest magnitude. One of those sins is to steal the concept of the very man they murdered.

posted on Aug, 7 2018 @ 02:34 PM

originally posted by: MatterIsLight
Now how in their right mind can they think that Jacob (whom they call James because they don't believe that his real name was Jacob although historians tell us it is so and if you look in the writings 200 years after his passing he was called Jacob in them), was talking about Christ coming to earth as a human being when he is coming in the clouds?

I cannot give my opinion enough, that the people who claim to us that Christ is coming to us in this world again as a human being, and are not satisfied with us until we acknowledge to them that we believe what they are saying, over what the apostles of the Lord said, and even going so far as to threaten us if we do not acknowledge what they are saying, are acting by means of the serpent inside of them. Truth is nowhere near them. They are filled with the emotions that God asked us not to indulge in - pride, arrogance, stubbornness, being judgmental. They are acting against God. We that work to do the will of God - we know that it is harder to be truthful to a liar than it is to tell the truth, that it is harder to not judge others than to judge them, that it is harder to be humble that it is to be prideful. Nothing will ever be good enough for them. But let me please pray, for Truth to prevail.

So your truth is based on non-canonical gospels, such as the gospel of Peter and Revelation?

Do you know, the Gospel of Peter was condemned as heretical already ca. 200 AD for its alleged docetic elements?

Not to mention, scholars generally agree that Gospel of Peter is pseudepigraphical. The same can be said about Revelation. I am quite certain John of Patmos is not John the Apostle. I have John's other letters to compare with Revelation. So I would be more cautious with the "truth" if I were you. You don't know how much corruption had been done to christian's doctrine since the first century.

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posted on Aug, 13 2018 @ 12:44 PM
a reply to: MatterIsLight

...the Jews did not want to lose power, and the Romans wanted to gain power...

Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world". I think he meant that it was not derived from worldly pursuits, but came from a sense of righteousness.
I do not think that Jesus is far away where he has to somehow "return" to this world.
Jesus said, the kingdom of God is at hand. It does not mean that somewhere in the far distant future, the kingdom will come.
I think he meant that his appearance on the scene when he did come to public notice, meant that it was already here but people have to access it by believing in it.
I think the idea of Jesus returning as some apocalyptic event has to do with people looking at things in the Bible like Paul in 1 Cor. 15:23 "But each in the own order: Christ the firstfruit, then those of Christ at His coming,"
It is somewhat problematic to decipher what Paul is talking about, so it leaves lots of rook for people to make interpretations of it that others are not really able to refute, and so these ideas get built up upon over time until you end up with all the theories we have today.
I think that the best way to approach the problem is to completely forget all the popular ideas about a Second Coming we may have heard about during our lifetimes, and to try to go back to the time and circumstances in which Paul was trying to explain things and to make arguments.
Paul was dealing with a lot of infiltrators into the Christian community who did not believe in the most fundamental premise of Christianity, which is there is a future resurrection for those who believed in Jesus but were currently dying as if there was no real hope being manifested for people to grasp onto.
This is where faith comes in, Paul is arguing, which is there is a reason why Paul devoted his life and worked to spread the gospel despite the privations and threats he had to endure, which is it is a clear fact to him that Jesus was raised from the dead and is very much alive today and dwells with God.
First Corinthians 15:10 "But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me has not been void. Rather, I toiled more abundantly than all of them, yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me."
I do not think that Paul meant to be doing a lecture on all the details of how the world will end, or under what circumstances Jesus will return, or people come back to life, other than to say it is not really an end but the beginning of the direct rule over the earth by God.
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posted on Oct, 12 2018 @ 03:10 AM

originally posted by: MatterIsLight

I cannot give my opinion enough, that the people who claim to us that Christ is coming to us in this world again as a human being, and are not satisfied with us until we acknowledge to them that we believe what they are saying, over what the apostles of the Lord said, and even going so far as to threaten us if we do not acknowledge what they are saying, are acting by means of the serpent inside of them. Truth is nowhere near them. They are filled with the emotions that God asked us not to indulge in - pride, arrogance, stubbornness, being judgmental. They are acting against God. We that work to do the will of God - we know that it is harder to be truthful to a liar than it is to tell the truth, that it is harder to not judge others than to judge them, that it is harder to be humble that it is to be prideful. Nothing will ever be good enough for them. But let me please pray, for Truth to prevail.

"You Want The Truth? You Can't Handle the Truth."
"We Must Find The Truth, Not The Truth Within Governments, Religion, Or Anything External, But The Truth Within Ourselves"

Jesus Said, "I Am The Way, The Truth, And The Life."

Truth Be Told, "The Word Became Flesh And Dwelt Among Us."

"In The Beginning Was The Word. And The Word Was With God. And The Word Was God."

"Let US make Mankind in OUR Image, After OUR Likeness."
In The Image of God He Created Them, Male And Female He Created Them.

"I Am The Root And Offspring of David"

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posted on Oct, 12 2018 @ 12:19 PM
a reply to: TheMessengerOfGod

"Mine's a pint."
"Can I have more sausages please?"
"Put your trousers back on, the Vicar's at the front door."

posted on Oct, 16 2018 @ 05:34 AM
a reply to: MatterIsLight

I'll put it to you that very few people know anything at all about true Christianity.
The idea of chinese whispers comes to my spiritual mind everytime i look at a bible, i don't care who said what or who wrote what the simple fact of the matter is some of it is fact, some of it is crap, we are all born without the holy spirit, thats why we all come into this world kicking and screaming, our soul (which of course can take either side depending on our decisions in life) knows we are in for a very difficult time , we can thank adam and eve for that. Simply the ten commandments is gods only instruction to his chosen people thats any chosen people.
The rest, ie the bible is written by others incorporating their interpretations of gods word but it is just that, "their interpretations".
How people who can't even follow gods own instuctions as written in stone by him can call themselves Christian is beyond me. Thoust shall not make any IMAGE or SYMBOL in my name etc is the number 1 broken commandment and humanity's greatest sin in plain site, the cross is not a symbol of his sons suffering he suffered plenty before being nailed to it, the cross is nothing more than the symbol of roman torture, as you so correctly pointed out there the romans hated the jews and wanted to steal their faith, hence why it hangs in roman catholic churches and around their priests necks, on their bibles and in/on any other establishment or person filled with deception from being filled with the serpent you speak of.
For the most part i believe this simple act is the great deception. (believing in the cross)

I believe in god, i believe in his son, i believe he died for our sins, i believe he was resurrected 3 days later in eternal life and i believe most of the rest is crap.

Adam and eve ignored gods instuctions, the people punished/killed his son and therefore once again ignored his instructions, we do not value a d commit to ALL the commandments and therefore again ignore his instructions is it any wonder we all feel abandoned and questioning our faith.
But I'll say this anytime a person sees something horrible or terrible or shocking the first shreek out of their mouths subconsciously is either "oh my god" or "Jesus christ", their asking for help without even realising it subconsciously. The great deception conditions you to think thats blasphemy or taking his name in vain. Is it? Your only asking for help, and ironically its not even help for yourself its for others in the shock of what you see.
So OP i know you will not be alone in horror for what you've just read and clearly i could never ever get it all out in a short thread response post but if you really are Christian then you should hear bells ringing in your head in enlightenment instead of that part fact part crap your talking.
The second coming will be here on earth, key words from your quote " he/come", but your right that this time "he come" in vengance and is it any wonder.
At this stage no man is free of sin, I'm in trouble, we are all in trouble we all have invited that serpant in at some stage but professing to tell others what to do is something you'll need to account for.
Its your thread, your announcement, I'm just responding with an alternative point of view hoping I'm getting through.
But I'll kick back now and cop all the backlash I'm sure there will be plenty.
Just think about it, thats all he asks.

posted on Oct, 16 2018 @ 05:41 AM

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posted on Oct, 16 2018 @ 05:58 AM

originally posted by: DISRAELI

originally posted by: MatterIsLight
I cannot give my opinion enough, that the people who claim to us that Christ is coming to us in this world again as a human being, and are not satisfied with us until we acknowledge to them that we believe what they are saying, over what the apostles of the Lord said

I agree that this is a false teaching, but is it really coming from Christians?
I get the impression that it's people without much New Testament background knowledge, who have absorbed the current popular belief in reincarnation and are applying it to the concept of the Return.
I know what you mean about angry reactions. I was getting a vehement response from someone on these boards, so I challenged him to find a single New Testament reference to Jesus returning through reincarnation, promising to give up the point if he could find one. He did not return.

Its from people with little idea about Christianity full stop.
Peace brother.

posted on Oct, 16 2018 @ 09:05 AM

originally posted by: JimNasium
a reply to: OwenandNoelle

“If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

Stay Hydrated...

What a beautiful post... I always love the way evil and good is so simplistically divided. The one doing the dividing always see's themselves as good. I have yet to meet anyone personally that does not possess some degree of both. That makes the evildoers going to hell and the do-gooders going to heaven a little messier doesn't it?

posted on Oct, 20 2018 @ 10:32 AM
a reply to: ALSTA

I wouldn't consider this post below as any kind of backlash.

Interesting that coming into this world kicking and screaming is evidence to you of lacking God's soul. Or were you just using a metaphor?

To me the reason why we are unhappy in a body at birth is because to come from bliss to a physical body is a lot less comfortable.

The miracle of life has unwanted effects - death, hard work, using intelligence, etc. But as for creation, it was still deemed worth it to create life even with the natural results and biproducts from the creation. Put simply, to be a bird flying down the coast at the sunrise, to experience the miracle of freedom on a planet that was created in space, and the communication we have at subtle frequencies with the Creator in giving thanks and praise at such an enormous feat - it was all worth it.

I feel for people these days because of the way God is taught in society. To explain God in terms of religious ideals that have tons of false misconceptions in them really throws an individual off to the understanding of what God is. Small things like calling God a "He" add to the large amount of descriptions that do not agree with how the saints such as Christ told us about God. For example Christ stressed very importantly - that God is neither Male nor Female, but both Male and Female In ONE. Contrary to what you may think because of modern day religion Christ never called God a "He" and was very specific to not call God a He. But Christ did call the Holy Spirit a "She." The reason for that is because poetically in those days they referred to Wisdom as a She, and the Holy Spirit was known as a "Teacher."

The true meaning of the Hebrew name for God means: Everything that ever was, that is now, and that ever will be. So in order to conceive God you have to look at what is. Look out into the universe - the light, the darkness, the space and planets, the matter, the energy - we know through science that matter is only like 3 percent of the universe. All that we know and see in front of us is God and the spirit and energy moving it all is God. We as humans and animals are NOT God but we have God's spirit inside of us - so you know obnoxious people have a lot of fun twisting words around to that one!

I believe even more is crap about Christianity than you do! See, I have studied the Aramaic and Hebrew scriptures and compared them with the Roman and Greek scriptures, and I didn't stop there but I read all of the Apocrypha - which are all of the books from the bible that did not make it to the Canon in 400 AD. once you learn what material they kept out of the NT and for what reasons, you come to understand the huge real life conspiracy behind the bible. And for all those people who slander the possibility of dishonest men coming together to conspire against the world, I cannot wait until you see me smiling at you because it will be proven that you viciously stood for something in your life that wasn't even correct like a complete fool.

So even that part of Christ dying for our sins - it is 100% rubbish.

You don't die for other people to go to heaven - it does not work like that - a person's suffering does not make up for the sin of other people - and if you look at what Christ said - he said that if we do not listen to His teaching and Follow it - we will not be saved no matter how much we call on his name - he literally said that he would turn his face away from us if we called on his name but did not listen to his words and follow them and if you want the Hebrew scripture I can pull it for you. The only people that made you think that "he died for our sins" are people who have the spirit of satan inside of them and act by that evil spirit of falsehood and ignorance. And how can anybody follow the words from Christ when the Romans made those words hidden and lock away 1,000s of years ago? If you calculate that - it means that a very large part of all Christians today are not going to heaven and it will be a total shock for them. Those people will be confused at being played the fool, and they will have contempt for the supposed "saints" who really lied to them, and you, and me.

Very wise of you to see the subconscious and how it communicates with our ego, or consciousness. Follow my way in that we should dismiss all the thoughts and passions of our ego and search deep to find the liberation of the Spirit through the subconscious part of our mind. Always think deep before acting, if the action is resulting from the ego or from the soul. I have seen that our ego and subconscious come from two entirely different worlds.

With all the evil in this world, and how it has made it's way though the halls of power, in the majority of countries, and they are all linked together in communication through Freemasonry, where is there any place that the second coming would even arrive? With the way things are today, any Second Coming would be a hoax.

But who do I believe?
Myself? ______Oh yeah my ego is huge...
You? ________Good chance of anybody believing another over themselves....
The Media? ___With the era of fake news??

Sir you have to understand my words here -

I believe Peter. I have believed Peter. And now I Understand that my heart is safe with Peter, my soul is safe with Peter - and that is FAITH.

And Peter is Happy with me that I have that Faith, and it will serve me well because now I just don't understand what Peter is saying about the Second Coming - I understand Everything about Christianity -
how it came about when the white man stole it from the Hebrews,
how the white man took all the credit form the Hebrews while pretending to praise the Master,
and how everything about Christianity today is wrong because it has been lie since the very beginning when they killed James the brother of the Lord.
With my faith in The Holy 12, people can sin against me without hurting my feelings, understanding will be mine and victory will be made over my mind's temptations, comfort will be given to me as a result of righteousness, I am becoming a Master, and it has everything to do with the true and real relationship that I have been making with God - a real greater than earth journey that is made known by God's Word. All of the people in the world can hate me deeply, if I gain the friendship of God. When we sin, God does not turn towards us, when we listen to the Word, judge with righteousness, and walk with our thoughts and actions in respect to God, God will hear us and the relationship can start. Do you have the faith to believe that? Real faith is like giving a gift to God. God receives it and is pleased, it can start the dialogue to grow personally between you and The Holy Parent. That is why walking the straight and narrow path is beneficial.
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posted on Oct, 21 2018 @ 01:42 AM
a reply to: MatterIsLight

No probs here. We all have to find our own way down the road to enlightenment.
You and i may take a different path but our destination will be the same. It seems.
Doesnt matter how you get there as long as you get there.
God does hear me and i do have a relationship with god, coming into this world "kicking and screaming" i said was a result of our soul knowing the battle we face, not that as a result of being without the holy soul but rather being without the holy spirit (hence the battle), our soul is the chooser- the infusion of the holy spirit is a result of correct soul choices.
God tells me to continue with my spiritual minds choices in faith and beliefs because apart from smoking cigarettes i do walk a "straight and narrow path", clearly i do not walk straight and narrow enough and sin by doing this but i guess nones perfect.
God has advised me of displeasure with my smoking choices but has extended me time to correct this due to the fact that my mind is very open to spirituality and does "not bow down" to any concept that cannot be aligned with my spiritual minds eye.
In closing my soul and spiritual minds eye are safely aligned with christianity, my work towards infusion with the holy spirit is on going and approved by god to be at the very least watched closely for infusion, god has my back I'm reassured of this regularly.
Wish you all the best.

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