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re: other Tupac related info. & MOSSAD

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posted on Feb, 19 2005 @ 01:29 PM
This is mostly in reply to the locked thread I just saw that says some about Tupac and the JDL.

As I was saying to another poster here, different thread again, there are some interesting connections going on if you like tracing co-incidences and suchlike.

1996 : the MOSSAD goes public again with their organiser / leaders details, this is after many years of that being kept secret

1996 : Israel experiences a huge UFO and alien-sighting phenomenon that goes on for ages and is witnessed by many in many locales

1996 : Tupac and Suge shot at in Las Vegas, details remain hazy - where did the limo go that had the peoples in it who shot at them? how do such vehicles normally disappear out in the middle of the Nevada desert?

apres that - Makavelli releases an album,

the pattern on the CD itself ( yes, I have it, so this is from me, not something I heard someone else say ) looks about the same as the disk being held by that giant alien, in the big alien crop circle picture that appeared in England in 2002

co-incidences ye might find fun include - the film Snake Eyes - the SDI anyone? D-Fens anyone? Disclosure anyone? that car incident with the football player anyone???

Wesside, and that big W hand symbol, you know!

the killuminati !

then if you turn it 90 degree's it's an E for East coast and you go over that way and there's the big Wu symbol and you're all like 'whaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttt?'

that's the Death Row gov. effect right there.


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