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When candies face off...taste buds declare the winner:

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posted on Feb, 19 2005 @ 12:42 PM
(extended version)

Which you find taste the best between the twos pared off (at least of the ones you had before):

smarties vs sweetarts?

sourpatch kids vs starbursts?

nowandlaters vs laffytaffies?

reeses peanutbutter cups vs york's peppermint paddies?

peanut m&m's vs plain m&m's?

tootsie pops (you know, suckers with the tootsie roll in it) vs blow pops (you know, suckers with the gum in it)?

Twix vs Snickers?

Milkyway vs 3musketeers?

Hershe's candybar with peanuts (Mr Goodbar) vs Hershe's candy bar with almonds?

Nestly Crunch candybar vs Kit Kat candybar?

Pay Day vs Butterfinger?

Nerds vs Skittles?

Gum: speramint vs juicy fruit vs bigred?

Candy corn vs those orange slice looking things?

Off topic:

Biscuit with sausage in it vs biscuit with jelly in it?

Watching the WB vs watching UPN?

Playing Spades vs playing Uno?

French fries with salt put on vs french fries with ketchup put on?

Spaghetti vs Lasagna?

Tuna sandwich vs Sloppy Joe sandwich?

posted on Feb, 19 2005 @ 06:20 PM
Snickers is still the # 1 bestseller for the (hope I got thw right candy company) mars m&ms are second (both pay off their costs with these 2 alone)

and for the off topic:

Biscuit with sausage in it vs biscuit with jelly in it?
Biscut with BOTH, and cheese too....


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