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Time travel and ancient civilization dream

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posted on Jun, 6 2018 @ 10:06 AM
Hey all,

I had a really cool dream so I wanted to share and remember some details for later.

Yesterday I scratched the white of my eye while at work. As soon as I got home I forced myself asleep so I could start healing. I was miserable. Headache, blurred vision, intense pain in my eyeball...

In my dream I started off running around like Odin with one eye. I was looking for it and ended up joining a group of people who were also looking for things.

In part, these people took on characteristics of past coworkers but they were dressed entirely in "foreign" looking clothes. Not alien, but off in terms of style and material. Metallic fabrics, wooden or plant type gloves and boots. Like "earthy".

While searching for the groups lost items we found a box truck parked on the road. They tried to drive it but werent able to. I showed them how and they started to drive it, now I was a passenger. They crashed when they stopped following my directions.

At this point we were all in a large and well illuminated white hall. We were isolated in separate rooms but the walls allowed for us to see through and see everything and everyone around us.

We were being talked to by a "factory floor controller" type person that was going from hall to hall. He had a tablet and a headset.

When this controller got to the hall I was in he stopped debriefing once he noticed I could understand him.

Its like everything he was saying before was encrypted and the walls filtered out what he didnt want us to hear.

What I did understand from what he said before he stopped talking was:

My group was doing recon in the past to find information that is needed for a bigger and longer mission into much farther into the past.

They used peoples minds like AI in probing past timelines. The simulations arent fake, but we were being superimposed on past people. Like the show Quantum leap.

As a group we could infiltrate a linked group of people in the past and with our collective minds we could retain ourselves as a master personality over our hosts that are native to the time line we visit.

The entire experience was a dry run of an alternate timeline that we were somehow creating.

It felt like I was doing something sneaky by not staying in my timeline. I followed the group back to the future and heard details about the big mission into the remote past. I didnt feel in trouble, but the controller person was nervous about ME being aware.

When the talking or "debriefing" / downloading stopped, after the controller freaked out about me understanding him, I was dropped through a tube shaped room.

It wasnt a fast and scary drop through a dark and narrow hole. It was a slow and gentle drift downward in a massive area with its own soft and seemingly natural light.

As I drifted I saw the controller running down the walls on a thin platform and illuminating screens or projectors that were showing things on the "cavern" walls.

They were scenes from the past. Old buildings, past people walking or sleeping. Different eras but all linked in a way I cant remember now. It just made sense to me at the moment.

In the scenes I could see the natives of the time and the groups of people like the one I was in and how they would insert their minds into the natives.

Like sticking your head into a lake so as to see underwater.

The way I understood it was that they needed information in order to travel farther back to an ancient civilization. One that mastered time travel and was our progenitor.

The controller then appeared different. He was talking again but only to me and much clearer. Also he wasnt far off in the distance anymore.

He was in my mind, like he stuck his head in the consciousness lake...

He was from that past civilization. He was trying to stop these groups from the future. Once they visit the remote past and make contact with the ancient time traveling civilization they will somehow destroy it.

The ancient time travelers dont visit our time, we cant visit theirs. They made everyone forget them on purpose.

The modern groups are being defended against. The modern groups only exist in our immediate eras. They may be a product of a paradox and so are unnatural.

The modern groups may know this and still wish to exist so they want to create that paradox again so as to ensure their survival.

The ancients want to break contact. They want to be forgotten so as to break the link and save themeselves.

The modern groups destroyed them. Only people like the controller go into the paradox created eras in order to stop the future groups from perpetuating the paradox infinitely.

There was more but thats the gist of it.

My eye is better and dream land is far behind me. lol
Time to make some coffee.

Have a good one.

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posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 07:45 AM
a reply to: tadaman

I'm not sure that I followed or understood all of that exactly, but the impression I got was that there are entities trying to keep us from remembering our past mistakes so that we'll be sure to repeat them. Ha! It appears as though they're doing a good job in today's world!

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posted on Jun, 15 2018 @ 01:10 PM
a reply to: Deetermined

No, its more like ancients people are trying to prevent the change and rewrite of past history.

Just like how America antagonizes China now a days. Everyone needs to jump off the American paradox train and finish the war against Nazism. Have you not seen TV shows like Terra Nova or Doctor Who? All evil is within America. "Greed has no boundaries." If you played Bioshock Infinite you'll understand more of it. There is another paradox going on though is where AI robots won the war and trying to save themselves. Just like Terminator movies. Area51 will be free no matter what. America is wasting everyones time. Moon mining should be banned.


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