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ATS How many of you can verbally count to 1000 w /o forgetting place, or getting distracted?

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posted on Jun, 2 2018 @ 12:45 PM
a reply to: Itisnowagain

Stirs of echoes... to some being a spec in the vast universe waiting for some collision to create. Is just a train of thought yet to stink from the link called birth. However, becoming happens aware of it or not... egg born, moisture born, womb born, and spontaneous.

Thought is the chain or bounce based on that link called "contact".

Breaking all of those chains diving in and out of them in that wheel called the bhava cakra; one can know the various levels of consciousness; and it's contents. Not ones own contents? Is like vomit left over after morning/mourning sickness. Many fear the womb realm... as that to them means starting over. But what moment is not such a thing? That link called formation. Break that link and there just is...

What just is? The eye, the ear, the nose, taste, and of course a finer version of contact known as tactile sensations... when all of those links are silent in the mind? It still is not what gets called a pure land; as any trying to link... bring on their baggage whether they claim it theirs or not.

A koan to consider; Who is dragging that corpse around? The link in the chain of birth, death, sickness and old age? Why the first link out of the demons mouth called ignorance.

That chain is spinning a constant; can you break the chain before biting more of it knocks your teeth out for another round of whip or will? That tail is infinite already with it's kamma it will whip you until crows peck more at you than you do at keys.

posted on Jun, 3 2018 @ 05:26 AM
When counting breath mentally its a lot harder, the focus on breath and where to mentally count whether it should be at the end of an inhale ...or at the end of an exhale... quickly or drawn out. you may play with format so to speak but in the end focusing on the counted breath you tend to " see" your gross thoughts popping in and out aware that there's a separate internal dialog deeper un spoken & subtle... trying to trace it back to it's origin ..why?... i can't i give up, then where DO these random thoughts generate from? like where do they come from?
Surely i have control and can direct my own thoughts right .....that's the illusion I've found. Are these are random brain neurons firing in this me- an animal ? the Key is to stop thinking altogether then you actually HAVE control so it's actually the opposite of thinking is to gain thinking control Hmm that's kinda cool.... i wonder if this rule applies to other things ?


posted on Jun, 3 2018 @ 07:21 PM
a reply to: TheJesuit

Do not alter the breath in any way; just focus in the center of your chest or at the end of your nose; and breathe... then by knowing determine of it is a long inhale, short exhale, short inhale, long exhale etc.

Come to notice the breath and the feelings of; in and of itself... how it changes in the face of experience, of thought arising and passing, while sitting, walking and or laying down.

For example; a breath that occurs high in the chest and not four inches below the navel is where anxiety grows... when that energy is too high from the lower seat; it goes from that upper seat and right into the head. All that occurs is a feeling ungrounded without a root... the mind goes out and plans however many times; instead of just doing. Of course that intent of ANY doing is what to watch or see as that builds kamma of various sorts; first in... mind/speech as a concept, that concept should be checked for how it impacts others before it impacts self; compassion of course should also be given to the self for personal care... loving kindness is when one gives that same sort of care to others; as in also feeding them or looking out for their needs. However if they become dependent on what you provide them? Then it turns into expectation, and rarely does such a person once full of expectations ever give back.

Of course freely giving without expectation; can leave those expecting in wanting; which has a side effect of them grasping or clinging to you all the more; however it is more out of anger and spite and self persecuting thoughts thinking that those feelings have arisen from you instead of themself as the direct source for them.

A wall cannot stand without ground, cannot be build without a plan, without materials... yet as one just sits as a mountain it is not oneself that tries to cut and build walls, roads, etc. as you are just there. The same as whatever un-named or "formless" "form" there may be in your meditation space.

Also notice all the mental noting of things and objects that need not be named as one sees them as that is the freedom of whatever that may be to just be; the same as oneself. It is said every 100 years an object such as a "fork" or "ladle" gains self awareness or "wakes" up. Will it then cry old so and so burned me half to death in a pot of boiling water!!!

Yes it will... and then armies of stupid amass together; and a fight ensues over who burned the dumbass that transformed into a spoon and fell asleep forgetting what they were.

This is why I pay no heed to gods/titans etc.

posted on Jun, 4 2018 @ 05:09 PM
Very nice for those that can comprehend 1 out of 100,000 maybe, lets keep it real simple- there are those interested and might try changing their path bringing skillful results Simple is better one moment is all of eternity the present moment that is all there is comprehending that ....well all good in time HA

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