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Georgia city sued by fed-up residents over 'ridiculous' fines.....

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posted on Jun, 1 2018 @ 01:44 AM

originally posted by: FlyingFox
The disparity of rules in my town run from one extreme to another. One end, there is industrial scale dumping on boro property, on the other end nit-picking down to the level of individual blades of grass.

That actually sounds like an accurate description of our governments, whether it be from local to federal they are like a well oiled machine.

posted on Jun, 1 2018 @ 02:14 AM
a reply to: Blaine91555

In this day and age of corporate welfare and donation level tax payments by the big end of town, they have to get the money from somewhere so they make these kinds of laws and loot the masses.

posted on Jun, 1 2018 @ 04:47 AM
Valdosta Georgia made a name for themselves with pulling over out of state car for something. You get pulled over the officer will find something and you get ticket. I was a victim in 95.

I was driving a shiny, new, red Jeep SUV, If he couldn’t find anything, he said I Don’t think you had you seatbelt properly latched. Here is you ticket for 10 dollars, have a safe drive. What an asshole.

Hence forth, I would never spend a cent in Valdosta after that.

posted on Jun, 1 2018 @ 05:16 AM
It's been 25 years or more since I've been through Doraville but even back then, it wasn't much of a city.

Anyone remember the Atlanta Rhythm Section band? Their hit was "Doraville".

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posted on Jun, 1 2018 @ 10:03 AM
It is a lot like the law that lets them take cash from people driving when they stop them. It should not be legal but somehow it is. I think they are hoping People will eventually rise up and they can smack us down for once and all to become the dictatorship they want.

posted on Jun, 1 2018 @ 12:17 PM
a reply to: Blaine91555

When I lived in Illinois my husband was making me a piece of furniture. He left the wood leaning on our garage door while he brought other stuff inside. A city inspector came and asked him what he planned on doing with that wood!

My husband is much too kind, but I would have said I was going to shove it up his a$$.
The city inspector was known to go around the neighborhoods to look for "building material" and see if people were paying and doing things to code. This was many many years ago in Illinois, I see thing have only gotten worse there. We moved and never looked back.

posted on Jun, 1 2018 @ 01:03 PM
a reply to: Azureblue

Nonsense. This is just plain old-fashioned small city corruption in play. If you want to rationalize to defend them, a better take would be the lack of manufacturing or industrial jobs that once supported these communities. It opened the door for graft and corruption.

They have plenty of other means, like property taxes or sales taxes to go to. They have no need to stoop to this level.

posted on Jun, 1 2018 @ 01:16 PM
a reply to: JAGStorm

I think this is a bit different. Building codes are there to protect people and permit fees are dirt cheap and are easy to obtain. Unpermitted work that is not inspected actually does kill people.

When I was young I worked in construction in the electrical and plumbing fields and you would not believe the things I've seen homeowners do when they sidestepped the permitting and inspection process.

Meters melted off the side of the house blowing up a transformer. Basements flooded. Collapsed decks and porches. Fires starting in walls due to faulty electrical work. Exposed bare wires in the attics and on and on and on. That tends to make inspectors aggressive in their duties.

Now in the permitting process, I've seen graft. I've opened offices in dozens of cities and I've seen a bit of that. In one city in Montana, a Fire Inspector asked me for a bribe or he would not sign off so I could open the doors. I looked him in the eye and told him I'd not hesitate to go public or to the media and he disappeared. I get a call my permit is available to pick up later in the day.

posted on Jun, 2 2018 @ 01:33 AM
We have a town in the Calif desert that enforces traffic laws on a state highway miles out side of town.
California city Calif.

Years ago they expanded there city limits to increase there power over traffic on highway 14 and 58 miles from town.
These are highways that don't even come close to town.
35°07'32.88" N 117°59'09.25" W

land sales dropped in the desert around California city Calif after people that wanted to live in the desert outside of towns found they were in town even if the lived no where near anyone else.

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