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A Second Thought Before A Thought

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posted on May, 25 2018 @ 07:19 PM
The Second Thought Before A Thought
First... Thought Before a thought..... for reference

My Adaptation within thought is not novel but just a degree of perception from my own perspective of self, Jung created a school of thought based on this a personal favourite of an approach to existence but notably…. Charles Dickens once said, “A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.” We ourselves are that profound secret and mystery… within us all we can be the most loving humans the most deplorable but equally the most self-convincing egotistical living species on this planet?
Why then has our thought addiction prevailed and created such a strong hold within the dimensional realm of the scope we perceive so much to occupy our inquisitive souls with every way expansion of our? nurture nature exploited do we really understand the explosion of data mining and its manipulation?

We all of us you me sometimes take egotistical pleasure in mocking call it in jest but in reality what is your agenda on creating pain or discomfort or point scoring in another Human basically Fxxxxx somebody over for your personal pleasure many advocates of this are active on ATS sal aus priactus dos ulimi to those who do this…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

The mind heart abdomen cycle of Thought is fascinating if explored and one has the ability to challenge one’s own connections and connect the impulses/thoughts it’s not easy task to go against the apparent auto pilot of drivel thought and slightly damaging in some sense but the eventual flow can be rewarding SWITCH OF THE EGOTISTICAL SELF then join equally all of you internally and outwardly within the true resonance of everything…. You will fight this as did Irina Tweedie

‘Oh please help me! I am so confused!’

‘Why should I?’ He looked straight at me. ‘If I begin to help, you will ask again and again for help: how will you cross the stream? You must do it yourself, I will not help. If I do, you will get used to it and will never be able to do without my help. We all have to cross the stream alone. Don’t you realize that this is the way? I am telling you, showing you the way. THE ONLY WAY. Why don’t you realize that you are nothing? It means complete surrender. It takes time. It is not done in one day. It takes time to surrender.’

To say, ‘I love you’, is easy but to realize it is difficult. Here is hidden the mystery of the Realization of God or Truth. Because you have to realize one fact: ‘You are in my heart, you are everything, I am nothing.’ If you begin to realize that, then you really love, and your own self diminishes, the external things begin to lose all importance. The self, and everything else, remains with the Beloved from then on, and the Beloved remains with you permanently when there is no self anymore.’

We can but explore with measure our plain and scope of existence but surely we could create more meaningful expeditions than constantly Screwing each other over because of Money Politics War Race Gender in the process of our last 100 years of evolution we should be way past these pretty much stupid preconceptions of a way for a fairly civilized technologically based society to live any voices ATS…………………. Any stupid/bating comments will be ignored I will rationally and truthfully Discuss anything but Dogma


posted on May, 25 2018 @ 08:57 PM
a reply to: Fingle

posted on May, 27 2018 @ 06:13 PM


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