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I wish the USA and the world would wake up

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posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 09:00 PM
I actually posted this to another thread, but I feel the need to discuss this seperate from that topic with more detail. Hope this is the appropriate forum.

/Dons her flame retardent suit and zips up

I am

*Pro-Gun ownership(for non criminals)and more lenient self defence laws.

*Pro-death penalty-in fact I feel it should actually be used for things like rape, child molestation and killing someone while driving drunk, killing or abusing your kids, lots of reasons and none of this 20 years later c*** either, give em 2 years MAX-and I feel the victims should have the option to pull the switch. OH and none of this "touchy feely omg its mean" injections either, shoot em, hang em, gas em put em in old sparky or use em for medical experiments, whatever make it HURT for what they did. It may not deter some other psycho but THAT one won't be around to do anything else.

*Liberal economics makes me want to scream, A Liberal_01 says *whaaa I want it NOW, screw the future, let them worry about the debt I made I DESERVE IT NOW, the world OWES ME!!!! Give me my cookie Da****!!!*

*The ACLU and ADA need to be HEAVILY overhauled-They have gotten so out of hand that they put peoples lives in danger-A personal example-A kid at my daughters school threatened a teachers kid with a knife and told her that he was going to kill her and her whole family. Well he got expeled due to zero tolerance. A week later, guess what? HE'S BACK!!!! why you ask? Under the ADA he has a *learning disability* so CAN NOT be expeled for what he did. IN FACT, myself and the rest of the parents in our district get to PAY for an aide to follow him around. That's nifty till he blows her away one day. ACLU example is NAMBLA(nuff said)

*Welfare needs to be gone except on a VERY temporary basis and actually make em work while they are on it doing all those *jobs no americans want to do* that illegals are doing now. Allow for schooling in a marketable skill so they can take over thier own care quickly and with self respect. And if they have a kid while on welfare they LOSE it, period. Keep your pants on till you can support your kids because we don't want to do it for you.

*Illegal Immigration needs to be stopped, by force if necessary. You come here illegally for medical treatment or want your kids educated or jobs?? Tough, pay up, get a green card, become a citizen and pay taxes or go home. Under NO circumstances should the child of an illegal parent become an automatic citzen. Or if they do fine, take the kid and send the parents home then all the *oh there aren't enough kids to adopt so you can't have an abortion* bleeding hearts will have A LOT of kids to adopt.

*Drugs and prostitution should be legal and taxed and regulated-Can you say deficit gone at mach speed?

*Relgious tax exempt status needs to go UNLESS 90% of thier income goes to help the, hungry, homeless, mentally ill etc. whatever thier relious feelings of goodwill tell them they need to do, as long as they actually help the needy and not themselves. I help people who need to be helped so unless thier exempt status goes the way of the Do-Do I should get to be exempt too. Whatever fantasy-mythology book they believe in should not make the rest of us pay for thier share of the tax burden, so they can get a new Mercedes every year. Hey, here is an idea, let all the religions take over welfare and get the Govt out of it all together. Then I'd agree to let em be tax exempt, because they would actually be practicing what they preach.

*Pro-Choice-until you agree to carry whatever bunch of cells is in MY belly don't dictate to me what I can do with it. Until it stops looking like something out of alien, it's my choice whether to carry it or not. Any frothing at the mouth by anyone with a penis or who thinks some book is the be all and end all will be ignored in favor of people who actually have 2 brain cells to rub together. Your feelings on the matter are just that, *yours* don't force them on the rest of us.

*Actually pay teachers what they are worth and get rid of ones who don't do thier job.

*Actually pay cops and firemen etc what they are worth. Also if a police officer tells you to STOP and you don't by LAW they should have to beat you to a pulp for having less brains than god gave a gnat. If the offender is under 18 then thier parents get a public caning to, for not doing thier job of either raising the delinquent to be a valuable human or turning them over when they become criminals and beyond thier ability to do anything with. The firemen have the right idea making people who start fires liable for the cost of the firefight and or *darwin award* rescues.

*Make people who file frivolous lawsuits AND thier lawyers have to pay the person/people they sued 50% of whatever they sued for. Regardless of if it gets thrown out before going to a jury or not.

*Make it mandatory to be smarter than a box of rocks to BE a juror. No I don't mean educated, I mean actual brain function and logic skills. I swear most juries today need to be in a nursing home because they are brain dead. Make em take an EEG or something

*The whole idea of plea bargaining and victimizing the victims needs to STOP.

*Treat criminals like *gasp* criminals. No TV, water+a healthy gruel to eat, no weight machines(hi we don't need supermen criminals for cripes sake) chain gangs brought back, tent city jails like in Arizona for non violent offenders or short term stays. Once we let loose all the non violent druggies there will actually be room for the people who need to be locked up and the key thrown away. Drive drunk? 20 years, Hurt someone while driving drunk? Life in prison and everything you own or ever WILL own goes to the victims. KILL someone while driving drunk? Death Penalty, Drinking and driving is no different than someone taking an automatic gun into a mall and firing in the air. It's premeditated and lethal. Bring back the stocks and borrow from Singapore and start caning people for shoplifting and other minor offences. Make them work so hard in prison they don't EVER want to go back.

*using the term *Politically Correct* for getting your feelings hurt should land you a $100 dollar fine. I'm an old honkey with a pizza face omg oh nos my poor widdle ego will be crushed if you call me what I am /sigh

*actually make parents be, ya know, *gasp* parents. People whine and cry about how many kids are turning into monsters, well if parents started parenting instead of letting kids rule the roost because some daycare kid mill is raising em, maybe, just maybe they'd learn things like how to be a human being.(and no I don't mean abuse em before you gimps spout off about spankings and s***)

*If you break into my house and get trapped, hurt, bit by my dog, shot or wtfever I should get a reward for removing yet another anti-social gimp criminal off the streets, not charged with a crime or sued by said gimp criminal.

*All kids whos parents failed horribly at parenting 101 and have anti-social tendancies should be forced into the military, let them fight for whatever it is they thinks society *owes* them. And cane the parents for being so ineffectual. Put in place a way for good parents with born sociopaths to legally *disown* thier kids so they can't be held liable. And chip them with GPS so the military won't *lose* them and make them actually do thier jobs.

*Take back our neighborhoods. Got an area where cops are afraid to go because of gangs(I dont care what color they are a thug is a thug)? Go in, clean em out and either lockup, or enlist them into a *special* unit in military complete with installed GPS chips so they can't get away or whatever. DO something and quit letting them OWN us.

*If there are really people out there dumb enough to iron thier shirt while it's on and get burned, or any other *Here's your sign* situations... please bring back eugenics, don't let them breed we have enough problems to worry about.

*Make assisted suicide legal. For any reason. Who are you to tell me I *HAVE* to stay here if I don't want to? If it was legal and the stigma removed then maybe people who are tired of it all could actually find a way to do it with the least pain to thier loved ones. And for the terminally ill? Come on, seriously, I love my animals enough to put them out of thier misery why in H*** would'nt I love my family member enough to let them die with dignity? sheesh People are so selfish its all about *ME* omg ILL be hurt, sad whatever. Get over it and grow up, death happens it's part of life. If someone can do it with dignity and in a way they choose, more power to em.

I have more detailed thoughts on all this and more ideas as well, but my post would be an even bigger book if I just spell em all out here It's long enough now

A while ago someone posted that a comet or some other natural disaster needs to happen to *fix* the human race, personally, I agree. We have gone so far overboard(not just in the US, the whole damn world)we need the herd thinned or just wiped out.

And please if you feel the need to quote scripture at me, just put me on ignore instead cause your book is worthless. Even if it was a true gospel, 99.999999999% of the people who feel the need to cram it down everyone elses throat don't follow it anyway. Ya all just need to learn to forgive yourselves for whatever mistakes you made and take resposibility for your own screwups instead of looking to some mythical figure to *take away your sins*

Love, peace, honor and personal responsibility is the only thing that will save us. If we have souls and there is a life after death(I believe there is, but that is another thread
) then live your life with honor, integrity, and help to right the wrongs we humans have allowed to fester on this beautiful planet and I'm sure something good will happen when you die. And no I am not contradicting myself because parts of the human race all over the world who are socipathic ME machines are a cancer and need to be *cured*. That has everything to do with how things could be.

Good and bad is simple to define. If you do harm you are bad if you do no harm and help others you're good. Plain simple and I didn't need some omnipotent narcissist to tell me so.

ok /novel off, just a *few* of my thoughts/frustrations with todays world. Pheeew I feel better now hehe

posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 10:04 PM
I must complement you on the wonderful novel your typed!!

posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 10:36 PM

I'm a little confused by your post. I am 100 percent with you on the "do harm" idea; its about the best I've heard for defining evil.

I'm also with you on the teachers' salary and legalization/regulation rants. Education--especially teaching children to question and think independantly--is CRITICAL to democracy and failing in America. The hookers and drugs are just common sense: we should've learned in prohibition of alcohol.

The only problem is that between advocating eugenics (whether you actually meant gassing some choice ethnic group based on your sense of genetic superiority is unclear), multiple canings for parents, the death penalty--with maximum suffering, and starve-the-poor-family welfare ideas, it seems your big stance would create lots of harm if implemented. If so, doesn't that make it bad?

Its an easy way out to stigmatize 'criminals' or 'bad parents' or anything else, but haven't we all made our little mistakes? If we do harm, shouldn't we still be treated with compassion? This doesn't mean tv's in jails, but perhaps not torturous deaths.

I enjoyed your ideas, just thought you might enjoy a little devil's advocate.


posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 11:01 PM
I heart PBWY!!

Good questions Peace,
You are partially right about the whole death penalty should=max pain thing, but, The ones who did *harm* to the victims and thier families I feel should pay for that in some way that the victims and/or thier families have some relief. But I'd be willing to go with the shots honestly(altho making them be used for medical experiments so they could give back to humanity is still my favorite, save the mice!!!). But if doing it the ugly way stops even ONE other person from following thru getting behind the wheel of thier car drunk or shooting someone to *see what it feels like* it's worth it imo. Cutting cancer from a sick person is doing harm also but it needs to be done to make them healthy again. Same idea.

Also I'm just and angry old broad

The eugenics thing was *kinda* tongue in cheeck and had ZERO to do with gassing any race or whatever. It's about the *darwin award* winners or the *here's your sign* people who make having warnings on hair dryers not to be used in the bathtub mandatory. I mean seriously don't we have enough problems with people not thinking in society? I dont care what color or group they are from. It was more of a plea *please don't breed more idiots* heh, we all know the type.

As for punishing parents for thier kids well, maybe, just maybe if parents were actually held responsible for not raising thier kids theyd either stop having them or raise them to be human instead of animals(sorry to all the animals I insulted) Frankly if I did my job so poorly my daughter went out and robbed a conveinence store or something I'd feel I deserved a caning. Parents who pay so little attention to thier kids that they go out and vandalize others properties etc, shouldn't they accept some of the responsibilty and punishment?

If you by some chance have a kid that is beyond your control and you've done all you can then have a provision to turn them over to the state for military enlistment or lockup. If it cost you a few stings on your butt to learn you can't handle it, well won't that make people think harder before they breed like rabbits when they can't handle or care for the ones they have already?

My final statements on Love, Peace, do no harm etc are kinda the end result or what we should strive for. Unless the NWO takes over and makes everyone zombies overnight, I know I won't see it in my lifetime so heh. In the meantime some good slice and dice of the cancer that is humanity today is needed


posted on Feb, 19 2005 @ 04:11 PM
These ideas may sound too extreme, something has to be done nonetheless.

Freedom loving tax-paying Americans, a citizens patrol with some real powers, need to be allowed to hunt down ('
') and dispose of crackheaded, burgularizing, no good deadbeats who are parasites to anyone who will give them half a chance. They do no good in jail and especially if they are white will be out in no time after wasting our tax money on their inability to rehabilitate. Rapist, child molestors, and other sexual predators need to be sterilze and kept away from those who they prey on. Perhaps the white collar con artists who steal billions and billions through credit card fraud, online scams, ect. should be the ones used experiments because at least we know they have to have some brain function to pull off their scams.

Idiots who get killed using a hairdryer in the bathtub, it must have happened enough to get that warning on them are one less fool in the gene pool. Education is important but it is far from everything, I am starting to believe you cannot teach simple common sense to a lot of people. Education start at home and parenting skills need to be taught as well as all the forms of contraception.

There is almost infinite good in humanity, it is the infinite absolute evil in certain people that is hurting us.

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