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How Does Magic Work?

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posted on May, 21 2018 @ 09:10 PM
a reply to: Blue Shift

great interpretation

thoughts become words become actions

everything starts as thought/ focus technically what we use to communicate right now is a product of magic, it began in the mind and now manifest as the internet

posted on May, 21 2018 @ 10:52 PM
a reply to: Blue Shift

Well that is Sympathetic magic. As I've said there are other types which work differently.

posted on May, 22 2018 @ 12:39 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte

"How Does Magic Work?"

The simple answer is : "Symmetry".

The Universe is a great big balancing act.
I do something with intent , knowing that the Universe
will seek to balance out what I have done by having it
occur somewhere else.

Order out of chaos: To get order out of chaos you simply MIRROR it. Symmetry Again.
Prime example is the kaleidoscope, in which an array of mirrors produces symmetrical
patterns from a chaotic movement of colorful trinkets inside of it.

Sometimes you can catch glimpses of the symmetry happening.
I do not imply that it is all the working of "magic "
I firmly believe though that it is 100% the Universe trying to maintain balance.

A while back, two stories in the news. I can't recall what happened first but,
person gets killed in elevator accident in west coast then another person
gets killed in elevator accident in east coast.

Similar accidents occurring in time not to far apart : Train hits water tanker truck in U.S.
then Train hits water wagon somewhere in India.

It's sort of a combo of symmetry / equilibrium . A dynamic balancing of events,
and sometimes it's not too pretty to observe , like a man on a tight rope ,starting
to loose his balance and flailing his arms , and rocking the body right then left,
trying to regain balance. Not perfect symmetry or balance taking place.
But good enough to keep the world from falling apart for another day.
After all, nothing works too well or lasts too long if it's not (somewhat) balanced.
It has to be this way. IT HAS TO! And that is the sobering part because
That means that the individual may or may not have a pleasant experience,
based on how the Universe is using that individual to "balance things out".

posted on May, 22 2018 @ 05:32 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte

About 25-30 years ago I undertook to investigate religion and magic. I spent about 5 years trying to check out every type of magic I could find. Talked to people, read a lot of books. In the end, I was an atheist, didn't believe in magic or anything supernatural. Since that time I have returned to a belief in God but not much else. It makes me sad to have a life with no magic in it but that's only my reality. It could be different for someone elses' world view. One thing is certain. There are plenty of things in this world I can not explain.

posted on May, 24 2018 @ 01:12 AM
Initial analasys based upon the title alone:

The astrocyte thread we deserve lol.
All right going back to sink my teeth in

posted on May, 29 2018 @ 11:50 PM
These are some rules if you want magic to manifest.

That which you wish will manifest

That which you wish on someone will manifest BUT it will manifest on you as well
This means if you wish for something negative you will also experience the exact same negative.

So only good thoughts.

The real magic is not yours to control but is rather happening and you have to join in.

Magic is ultimately derived from god himself who is truly the master magician.

posted on May, 30 2018 @ 01:31 PM
I’ll be honest, I’ve studied and practice different arts over the last several years and find that they don’t work for me. Not necessarily saying they are all bunk, but when I actually do succeed (a few times, but mostly failures) I find that is sort of a “Force of Will”.
Some things that people say are “magic”, like other posters in this forum have stated, are actually just natural mechanics that people can’t fully interpret or understand.

posted on May, 30 2018 @ 01:37 PM
I can not tell how it works unless you define what it is.

A couple extra zeros in ones bank account would be magic to many.

posted on May, 31 2018 @ 01:19 PM
Magic and magick are two different things; and yet they both can be used to exploit one thing... belief. To the sceptic? Belief is not reality they like science; need proof. Meaning they are just as drunk on that proof as those with belief; as they need to see, hear, feel, taste. touch a reality the same as those that already have that claim whatever it is as real.

Politics uses both light and dark magic all the time; except it is typically just gaslighting. The media that carries news brings down the level of feeling to pain and suffering to the point where it rises into anger and hatred... while the real cause is for greed, and to continue rolling the delusion(s), illusion(s) forward that only promotes the intended message that they want for the receiver. Meaning news from any other source is called false or fake news; than those licensed and scripted to dish the approved propaganda.

This happens worldwide; so it is not just one country that likes to sweep the larger picture under the rug, and then blame the dustpan if questioned.

So of course; there are different groups; in the many hive minds... many beliefs and ideas and ideals swarm and swell through the individuals of those groups that fall under some sort of labeling structure. They are then culled by the way of selling out that culture in round after round with commercialism of various media outlets; and programmed by those sources just the same.

Underground sources always have their pure roots; away from commercialism and the branding and slavery to that machine that wants to enslave the various group(s) to corporate and commercial capitalism. So of course any business that is a small home grown venture is bought and sold out as extensively as possible to mass market and mass produce due to the appetites of those consumers.

Say for instance chickens; those are used in a lot of magic rituals; well the demand for Buffalo wings got so great; some used rat meat because supply could not meet with demand.

What the public does not know with not hurt them right? So that sort of substitution is what tries to keep things hushed and underground, the same as those pure roots that like a maple tree to be tapped and drained for more money when there is that to each thing there is a season.

It seems every decade the 80's pops up for about a year or two and then dips right back into the void to only rise and try to tap it again. Following those trends at the larger scale is like peering into a scrying mirror; except that has been replaced by analytics and search engines. While corporate interests dance around a cauldron mixing things up for the next batter of circle jerk... they watching production trends and over stock try to mass market it back so that the production remains steady and balanced to not piss on the fields the cookie comes from.

On a global scale the same thing happens; OPEC says we want to supply all of the oil as all of that pours through channels and pockets around the planet and filters through in our place in the world... don't forget this special little mud ball spins at a rate of about 1000 miles per hour, it may not seem like it with a moon stuck in orbit and the sun so far off but that how many fast this thing spins this earth being nearly 25,000 miles round at the equator means it spins about 25 times before to goes a complete round of day and night... 24 hours means we have that 1 hour or that 1000 miles never really made up for; so it is put back into time as a leap year, day, hour, minute, and even second(s) somewhere and at some point so that the calendar we all are flung around and about on makes some sort of sense.(scientific voodoo I assure you)

The circadian rhythm of natural cycle; is never out of whack with itself; only with technology and running around like a chicken with it's head cut off; wondering where the rat race went I suppose, is however out of whack... that is because it is a human concept or thought form to hypnotize the masses into a lull and doldrum to sleep as the second hand ticks back and forth your eyes are getting heavy... you must use the lids to keep them from falling out. Only to wake up spring into action and do whatever it is mundane or not all over again.

Periods of activity and inactivity is more of a balance... when made into a personal one? Some see it as a good thing and some see it as a bad thing; however time is one's side being their own. Many try to synchronize however that is an agenda and something preconceived or plotted beforehand; meaning once to comes to actual face time? The plan is already undone or known. Then of course the forces for or against one go into action or play in their various roles known or unknown to help or harm based on one's personal intent... however the same occurs in those trying to help and also harm; thus arises various heavens and hells based on those intents and all of those attached or involved.

Yes the moment contains so much gravity based on a do or not to do; so best to not even form the question; and just be. As being is not even a question; but a cry for help, as to be or not to be is a voice contemplating suicide. Even as a corpse it is still being... what sort of being? Well to some a corpse, to some free housing and food to raise their children until found and carried off... etc etc. this happens in "animal" and not just "human" forms.

The real interesting part; is when know thy self; does not... meaning asleep is asleep to whatever form life is flowing through as a whole and what one is a a reflection of it. Never mind the spoon Neo; be the "fly" or "mosquito" the next time you swat one.

Intent... those lines become blurred over time; so the grey area has a chance to grow, learn. and adapt before it flips into a decision or do or not do as doo is all over mostly in the form of yet more human concept.

All these words are just the same; typically only in the demonic realms do they actually become "names" or "job" titles, why? Well to keep those with bad or poor intentions bonded into a sort of hell they are thought to deserve of course.

A friend with a degree in "witchcraft" refers to it as "bitchcraft" I wonder if he thinks; pussywillows as his dog licks his feet? Something I personally found beastial seeing one too many times; which last surveyed only 1% of the US human population enjoys. Seems some of those in India as another form of magic enjoy putting their daughters in some sort of sty outside of their homes at first period and beyond seeing them too unclean for the home; perhaps meant to let those in the wild to feed on them as some sort of seen or unseen sacrifice as they are already deemed or scripted to be married before that period of time occurs, insuring that when the marriage takes place that bindu or binding on her forehead was sacrificed to the beasts of darkness so she will be a light or lamp in the home for the coming future family.

Traditions to some as normal are arcane and obscene to others; or course caste systems, class systems, etc. are the real binds; whether tied to them or not? They exist as a reality. If they matter or not? Some say personal choice; to some of those old systems? If it becomes oppression... Buddhism is the only answer in that part as the caste is allowed to be thrown off even among those deemed to be "untouchables" as they see no one that bares a sentient consciousness clean or unclean.

Take care; as some do not...

posted on Jun, 10 2018 @ 03:56 AM
Its all a big rouse..

Magic is behind the curtains so to speak..

How much of the world is a miracle is true..

Even God is hiding the knowledge of the miracle/magic..

Most common day magicians are immortal miracle workers

Sone of them are so self obsessed that they will actively try to prove to you that what they do is illusionism..

This is the truth! Miracles are interwoven in the day in day out actions of the universe..

posted on Aug, 25 2018 @ 08:45 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte

As you say, your opinion. To me the Opening Post is just scientific gibberish combined with some anti-Jungian feelings.

It would have been much better if you had turned your very scientific mind to investigating the modus operandi of occultists.

Clearly you are a very learned person. I would not be surprised if you were a professor at some university (presumably in the UK). However, I don't think that the topic of Magic can be packaged into some fanciful theory as presented in the OP.

posted on Aug, 25 2018 @ 12:23 PM
Magic is an English term. Albeit corrupted.
Long story.... Ugh!
In short... It is pronounced by "Spaniards": Me Ase"
The mechanics and spelling are there. But you don't speak Spanish. So you can't know.
Me Ase mean "He/She Does To Me..."

The mystery of satanists is not estranged.

The rite:
0° Trial(s): are you
Bully, coward, liar, theif, joker, whore, beggar, drunkard, proud, and traitor. (((Forbidden )))

If none of the above. How do you judge those who are. Will you gladly: 1°-3° initiation(s).... "Whole new meaning to the term initiate.
1 will you kill for them.
2 will you die for them
3 will you always do good (((reality)))

To further the rant. The 4°-7° is a strain .
Can you maintain:
4 your self control
5 your self esteem
6 your self respect
7 Your self reliance... those are its principles.

If you get passed that... What magic do you believe speaks to the masses as far as charm goes.
8°-14° Disciplines.
8 Bathe/Groom
9 Eat
10 Sleep/Rest
11 release/Relieve (pee & poo /PeePoo)
12 earn
13 learn (all you can)
14 exercise always disciplines that speak more of the of a man than they do of a trick. Who's more charming. (((Responsibilty)))

The 15°-22° are Practices. But to tell only creates discord. So skip. (((Example)))

23°-32° are experiences
The colors of life.
Ten in total
Green is medically termed aggravation (or jealousy)
Blue is medic depression
Purple is obsession
Red is frustration (Its damaging)
Orange is medic for Disorientation (curiosity/doubt/confusion) it's overwhelming.
Brown is apathy. Feels like sh¡T.
Yellow is Phobia (the honey of our day) drink it up.
White is anxiety (The milk of our day) drink it up.
Black is psychosis. Medically induced rage. Black out. Act a complete fool and fight. Damaging.
Light is medic illumination. Light up if you are beyond the colors. Be happy. The colors are there. Don't get sucked in to them identify them. These experiences are trauma. (((Conscience))

33° Is Mastery (Bitter or Better) ((( Aura)))

The common magic are called grades and there are only four.
The first is natural magic . You must find the balance. But... They are not more than what mama says don't be or don't do. Masturbation is natural but bad. Many things concealed.
Gradually they rise. Becoming more evil than the former. The next is mechanical magic. Guns are bad.
The next is poisonous magic. Or medicinal. Smoke and drink coffee. BAD!
Then there is Ceremonial magic. Gangs, robbery, theft. Et ... Bad!

The four amount to (((Awareness)))

The total is simple.... Dabble with the devil and lose yourself.

If you have no problem with these you are a better magician than those who practice illusions.

This pisses off the devil. Or satan.
However.... In the context of me Ase. These are the calamities of a man with no boundaries. No honor. No shame . He makes his mommy sad. He does that to her. He makes his dad ashamed. He does that to him. His wife and kids and grandparents and etc....

What kind of magic are you?????????.
Friend or Foe. ..

Also Pinocchio is aliar
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posted on Aug, 25 2018 @ 12:30 PM
That Is Rite: or if you can't spell .. spell it as Right.

Satanists thrive on a fool.
Costumes are not cool.
Dress in fashion and custom of the times. Your sanity will follow.

People are cool. But Satanist have no idea what it means to be an angel masquerading as light.
I have no clue either. But ... It's just magic. Albeit bad.

posted on Aug, 25 2018 @ 06:02 PM
For all of Pinocchicos babbling above I felt compelled to log on and respond.

Magic is the imagination of course.
Its the only thing the Luciferians Satanists cannot control. (and they hate that. They want their Transhuman version 2 to have no real imagination, but something artificial that mimics it; you know think like how they control the music industry so expertly and you will see example of that.)

There thirty three degrees are the firmware that sits over the world as a cloudy conflation to keep the minds of all confused.

Magic is the imagination, no more and no less.

posted on Aug, 26 2018 @ 04:34 AM
Why do we or anyone wish to term 'it' magic?
Like it's something special and or separated from what already is within you?
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