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Texas school shooting suspect targeted girl who denied his advances, her mother says

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posted on May, 22 2018 @ 01:37 PM
a reply to: seagull

Cars. He was riding home from the jogging track one day, and heard a car behind him, turned around to see where it was, looked back where he was going just in time to break the back window of a parked car with his face.

If he had been born later, my mother would still be in jail for child abuse. She was carrying him down the stairs, with his head on her shoulder, slipped, and fell backwards and broke his nose. He was cutting cardboard to make a Halloween costume and slipped and put the knife into his palm, tipped a hot iron over and spilled hot water on his neck.....

posted on Jun, 7 2018 @ 09:22 PM
a reply to: Zaphod58


This post has been on the back of my mind for a few weeks. I guess I didn't have anything nice to say...

But you're right, when Robin Williams died I called a lot of people hypocrites because I knew a lot of it was hype and people pretending to be, well human.

We're too disconnected all too often. I try to be a humble person but I'm a reactionary person also.

I had hope that after Robin Williams died we could finally realize that mental health issues aren't something to be ashamed of, but after a week or two it was right back to normal. Until we're willing to have these discussions, all we're doing is putting band aids on gaping wounds.

I don't know what the answer is, do we normalize weird?

Pushing people into the weird category isn't the answer though, gosh darn it Robin Williams was weird wasn't he? But we loved him, even if it was for a day or two... Who took the time to know him though? Who took the time to understand why his mind raced and the best he could do with it was apparently take the piss? We loved him right?

It is indeed a very long conversation that needs to be had, complimented with cups of humbleness, biscuits of honesty and a genuine sense of realisation.

We're humans, we've survived too long together to throw caution to the wind and ostracise our own. Bastards

Band aids on gaping wounds. It's pure neglect really, nobody is born to create victims or to be one of their own hand. A problem shared is a problem...

Ain't nobody in the business of sharing, not enough anyways. Most importantly the one's who could've changed things. Realisation is a terrible thing when it's far too late.

And that's sad, really sad.

I mean, we're human. I'm not the best in consolidated actions but I'm not scared of being "cookie" and buying a bottle of whiskey and demanding a pal comes fishing because he seems a bit "done in" ya know?

I'm an idiot, whilst being that I totally understand that often all we need is time, time together. Time to distract, time to enact. Often a minute of peace is worth 1000 in stress.

Time to be human being's and not human doing's, apologies for the long post zaph. But I wanted to emphasize that we can always do more to stop tragedy, tragedy comes quick and sudden and it's never pretty. Blaming anything but ourselves is a cop out.

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