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BREAKING: Pentagon Releases Declassified 13 Page 2004 Tic Tac UFO Analysis...AAV Not From Earth

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posted on May, 20 2018 @ 01:13 PM

originally posted by: mirageman
Whatever the origin of this report it has to have been updated/created in 2009 or later because the snapshot from Google Earth is dated as 2009.

Hey, MM - love your detailed, insightful posts (I'm a regular S&F-er of yours...)

Just a quick clarification: Unless you're referring only to the copyright by Google for their Google Earth GUI, the source data may in fact be several years old. Having worked in the geospatial/GIS industry for many years, I can tell you that the way Google Earth works is by "stitching" (digital seam-matching) of strips of footage from a wide variety of sources over great spans of time (several months to several years). Users like you and I peruse what seems to us a seamless, continuous topography, when we are actually sky-surfing over strips and chunks of surfaces that only appear to be contiguous and chronologically consistent. This is why you sometimes pan over areas that suddenly change in resolution, shading, shadowing, and relief. Not as bad as a few years ago when Google Earth actually looked like a giant quilt to users. Lots of post-processing tools now clean the imagery up pretty well, but there is not much you can do about SOURCES if imagery obtained at different times from disparate equipment (e.g., plane-based aerial photography vs. satellite imagery).

Consequently, a highly industrial or highly populated area may be "flown" (imaged) frequently, while rural and remote landscapes are hi-resolution flown (and stitched-in) much less often. Photogrammatry precision is thus always playing catch-up with the most currently available imagery. Typically, source-to-user imagery is 6 months to 5 years old depending on the area and scale being viewed.

Keep it coming MM!

posted on May, 20 2018 @ 01:35 PM
It's pretty cool that this is the same ufo that was posted on here in 2007. It's funny reading through the comments on that thread from all the skeptics saying that the video was fake and that the story didn't add up because it wasn't the military protocol and stuff like that.

Idk what it's going to take because now we have video proof and credible witness testimony but people still call this hogwash.

posted on May, 20 2018 @ 01:39 PM
It Seems evidence is starting to pile up that there are some pretty abnormal things happening even with our TopGun pilots that are trained in flying the best of the best fighter jets around. I don't think the government knows exactly what they are or where they are coming and going from. However, I know the government has kept a lot secret. I know that they are without a doubt in my mind involved in anti-gravity, as I have seen it with my own eye's. With massive amounts of money being dumped into deep black projects we can only dream what they are doing. I believe NASA has been keeping the lid on things, but they certainly wouldn't know anything the Navy is doing. All of those branches don't share their secrets. You can see it in today's politics FBI, CIA, NSA and all the scandals that Trump is revealing and finding out about. That is one man that cannot be bought. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing and vice versa.

I have in the past talked about some of my experience and quite frankly defies logic. So here I will post and explain what I saw. My first sighting was when I was a child and my parents bought me a nice and expensive refracting telescope from Edmund Scientific catalogs. I wasn't the normal kid with cap guns and toys. My toys was lasers and telescopes, robotics things of that nature. This telescope was 8 inch refracting telescope with a 2x Barlow lens and had electronic tracking remote control etc. It was not for a beginner one more medium range. Now for those of you that don't know what a barlow is, it's a tube that allows you to increase the magnification x2. You can get them in 3x etc. At the time I wished I had a 35mm camera or VHS recorder as well to connect to it, but unfortunately I did not. Back in those days these items were very expensive. Especially for some kid to play around with.

One summer night in the mid 80's I was out viewing a full moon and at the time, was an exceptionally large harvest moon. where the moon was closer. An event that you wouldn't want to pass up if you want to view the moon. To my amazement I saw a silver reflective disc coming around the back side of the moon. It didn't follow one path like a satellite would as it would stop in place and change direction at right angles. At that time during the earliest space shuttle missions to my knowledge there was no trips to the moon nor any satellites in orbit around the moon. Be it secret missions or aliens. It was without a doubt mind boggling as this thing shouldn't be there. Even after seeing this take place it's difficult to accept what just happen. It still gets the mind going and wondering.

The second sighting was when I was camping and staying at KOA campground early 90's 91-92. A friend and I was up late passed bedtime 12-1 am in the morning. While sitting across form each other on the picnic table the ambient light around us seemed to darken all around us and we were looking around and just above us was a extremely low level, very slow moving circular craft slightly spinning in a clockwise direction. I was so in shock and in panic I couldn't even move for a short time just view it in awe passing over head. It was just above the tree's. If I had thrown a rock hard enough I could probably hit the bottom of this thing. After It's floated off in the distance away form us, I immediately jumped up and ran to the car to grab my 35mm Olympus camera with a 70mm lens. I snapped off a full roll of film. Unfortunately it was not fast exposure film. All I got was a darkened sky and some flash of nearby grass and overexposed car lights from cars on the highway. This thing just floated on by over everyone and over the highway I-5 just north a bit of Eugene, Oregon. It passed over the mountains heading east and out of sight.

My third sighting was on summer day in mid 90's, 96-97. The sun was just starting to go down, but was still visible. I was helping a friend replace a exhaust manifold gasket on his Toyota pickup. We had just finished up and was standing on his porch enjoying a cigarette and I was looking out in the distance looking due north of what I called old mount baldy. This was in Springfield Oregon. Suddenly I saw a flash glint just above us as the sun slightly reflected off the surface of this thing floating over head moving again very slowly. We watched it for nearly 30 minutes it was moving so slow. It was by no means a plane, blimp, or balloon. No sound, no propeller, no wings, no cockpit, or under cockpit like a blimp would have, it was absolutely smooth mirror surface. No seems or anything. It was very shiny reflection. I could see cars, trees, houses reflecting off it. Only in a small section of it as the reflection of the blue sky formed around most of it. Kind of a cloaking effect in itself. If the sun did not reflect in it at that very moment I wouldn't have seen it. The size of this thing was probably the size of 4 school buses if they sat in 4x4. It was oblong and came to a point like a oblong egg shape. Again, it floated very slowly off in the distance over the same mountain range that my second sighting was. It was heading North.

My fourth sighting was a UFO, but what came to be known as the Stealth fighter jet. It wasn't known at the time what it was. I was at work when everyone on break time was outside smoking and we was all looking up in the air at a black slit flying around and doing flying maneuvers. Flipping, diving and darting off. Later after work I was driving home and along side the highway off to the drivers side of my car. Was this black fighter thing. Just on the other side of broken down barb wire fence in a pasture adjacent to the highway. It was sitting there hovering in place about 10 ft off the ground and at slight angle with the nose up. I found out later on that this was a stealth fighter as it looked exactly like it. I still maintain that this craft has some kind of ability to sit stationary or has some sort of levitation ability. I passed it by slowing down to about 35mph on 55mph road. It was definitely not moving and at a standstill.

Since I am posting this I thought I would include my sisters sighting when I was young 10-11 years of age and she was 15-16 years of age. She was out rollerskating summer day, clear blue sky. Suddenly they noticed a strange orb of plasma like ball of light. It was changing rainbow colors slowly. She said it watched it hover over the Jeep and over chrome parts and over the mirrors and went down the hood and off the bumper and kind of bounced once and shimmered as it hit the ground. Then it went up the drive way and followed up the curved walkway patio and into the darkened cuby hole area where the front door of the house is. It acted like it was examining the door knobs and hovered over the lit up door bell. Then within a flash it vanished. I was young then and I vaguely remember her talking about it and parents too. They thought it could of been static electricity phenomenon created by the girls metal roller skates. My sister never accepted that explanation. Later that night around 11pm Local News was on and amazingly someone reported the same thing on the next street, some kids outside saw the same thing out front of their house. The news suggested it was ball lightning even though there wasn't a cloud in the sky that day or night.

Now this tic-tac sighting has me thinking. Maybe it was coming from an under water USO and was some sort of drone.

posted on May, 20 2018 @ 01:46 PM
a reply to: Outrageo

Well thank you for that explanation.

My point about the use of a snapshot Google Earth in that pdf was merely to confirm that it was written up in 2009 (or later). If they'd have used a newsclipping from 2009 then the same deduction could have been made.

posted on May, 20 2018 @ 01:58 PM
a reply to: beetee

I hope you understand, that I'm 100% on board with anomalous things
seeming to happen.. and I"m not throwing out those things in any way..
(unless they are fraudulent).

It's the frauds promoting things that really bothers me.. the social
engineering that they do..

THAT's the problem.. not the actual anomalous events, if any.


posted on May, 20 2018 @ 01:59 PM
a reply to: xenon129

Because unidentified doesn't mean alien. There are dozens, if not more, of programs that even people in the military don't know about. Things that maneuver in crazy ways, things that don't show up on radar, and more. As far back as 2006 there was a paper released that dealt with visual stealth, and installing it on a 2 meter wingspan remote control plane. They even had pictures showing how effective it was. And shortly after, you didn't hear another thing about it.

posted on May, 20 2018 @ 02:09 PM
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

Yup, I think we are in agreement there :-)



posted on May, 20 2018 @ 02:39 PM
a reply to: Zaphod58

I think equating unknown with alien is something most people who have an interest in this in any serious manner would be very loath to do.

Unknown is unknown, and that is exciting enough.

This might very well be classified technology, but it seems an open question to whom the technology belongs.

And, although some might disagree, it seems to me that a lot of highly capable aircraft that seemingly nobody knows about buzzing around, is also problematic from both a constitutional and a safety point of view. I would hope something as capable as that would be kept on a very tight leash, and not caught fooling around carrier groups that are seemingly unaware of their existence.

To be honest, if it were indeed secret technology, it seems more like something the Russians would do than any US operation. They like to buzz things, apparently, from time to time.

If, indeed, it is technology at all and not just some weird natural phenomenon.

I know the US is regarded as the world leader in military technology, but you have to ask if somebody else can't also manage to be clever from time to time.

It has happened before.

In any case the Nimitz thing ought to be a big deal, either for demonstrating US capabilities (in a very haphazard and unsafe manner) or somebody else's capabilities.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this whole affair.



posted on May, 20 2018 @ 02:47 PM
a reply to: gortex

that whole cloaked UAV thing coming out of the water.

It doesn't pass the smell test.

I can live with "active camo" explanations when a craft
is some form of aircraft (in the air).

But when a craft can be all of these simultaneously:

1) an underwater-capable craft.
2) that simultaneously with no time delay turns into an aircraft
3) that simultaneously can near perfectly camouflage itself
4) while in the transition between water and air
5) while demonstrating no propulsion technologies
6) while doing 6 other incredible things concurrently as well..

Since nothing like that was ever done, not even close,
on stargate atlantis with an "ancient technology" puddle

I find it quite unbelievable to put forward a theory
that accommodates all those concurrent highly unlikelies..
I don't care how loudly one were to bang the drums of
mythical hidden technology programs on Earth.

If Stargate atlantis couldn't do it, We certainly currently
cannot do it.

now that said.. i'm not saying it's "aliens". I'm not saying
this proves "my theory (which does handle it better..
but not going there)..

simply that none of that adds up for Earth technology
for hundreds or thousands of years.. and does not
pass the "smell test".

What did or didn't occur during this apparent conflation
of various reports.. what with all the deception involved..
I can't even be sure any of it actually happened.

But if it DID.. it doesn't remotely pass the smell test
on human technology, even magical compartmentalized
"stargate atlantis ancients technology".

Now I imagine that someone will come along and make
ludicrous claims for human technology. Well if they do,
they better provide details in terms of physics, that
are not theoretical.. and then I'll talk about "Faeries"
for 10 straight pages. (As that theory.. not even my
favorite theory makes every bit as much sense).


posted on May, 20 2018 @ 03:06 PM
I think the 'big' problem is that ALL of this information is being drip fed.

TTSA is behind all of it, not the DoD or the Pentagon.

The DoD/Pentagon/Military have said almost nothing. 'Former' employees sure have. But they are not current employees and do not represent the US military.

It's pretty obvious who is doing the PR job on behalf of TTSA. A handful of chosen people who will not criticise a company registered officially as "SERVICES ALLIED TO MOTION PICTURE PRODUCTION." but who also have vested interests in supporting this as a UFO disclosure story.

I don't know how many times it has to be pointed out that the one thing TTSA cannot lie about is in their official financial reports and filings. There is no mention of any commitment to UFO disclosure anywhere in those documents. Never mind how a private LLC would extract this information from the US or any other national government. There are mentions of a huge $30m or so debt leveraged from Tom DeLonge's other companies, Tom's guaranteed $100k a year 'payment' and what in the main appears to be a company selling entertainment products.

But I guess even after reading this people will still think TTSA are all slowly bringing about UFO disclosure and the US govt. have been releasing videos.

edit on 20/5/2018 by mirageman because: typo

posted on May, 20 2018 @ 03:07 PM
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

Just a minor point but from my reading of the report and other witness statements I don't think any witness claimed it actually rose from the water.

It seemed, to me at least, that the 'churning' effect as caused by the whatever while it was hovering above the water and disappeared as it rose on the approach of the second F-18 flight. So while it could mask itself optically (apparently), it couldn't quite hide the effects it created around it. Nor, apparently, hide from the Princetons sensor array even while not optically visible.

Also the sub detected nothing in the water, not that it matters much.

I agree it boggles the mind that humans created this, but it also boggled the minds of many that we would one day land on the moon. Indeed some still refuse to believe it :-)


posted on May, 20 2018 @ 03:13 PM
a reply to: mirageman

I think we are on the same page with the TTSA not being much in the way of official disclosure of any ilk, but I am rather worried that a very real and exceedingly strange incident will get thrown out with the TTSA bathwater.

I don't see any reason for Fravor to be lying through his teeth, nor any of the other witnesses, so that leaves us with a highly strange encounter with something that is genuinely puzzling.

I think we must be on our guard not to disregard the testimony at least, unless there is reason to believe it is false?


posted on May, 20 2018 @ 03:20 PM

originally posted by: IlluminatiTechnician
a reply to: shawmanfromny

Probably just warming us up for Project Bluebeam. I suspect that's the reason it made the mainstream news, as well as why they weren't able to lock onto it with any radar system. It's a Hologram. You can't lock onto a light, but the heat signature can still be seen. The more we believe in UFO's, the better Project Bluebeam will work on us. We all know that there's no way in hell that Christians, Jews and Islam will ever agree to a peace plan, so in order to get everyone to collectively agree to the New World Order, they will have to stage an event that fools people into believing there's an alien attack, with a Holographic Satel-light show, and then all countries will band together to fight off the (staged) alien attack...which is actually just technology of ours that has been hidden from the public in Black Projects. It will be so terrifying that men's hearts will fail them, just at having seen the spectacle. They may even release some Chimera's from deep underground, where the blasphemous genome projects happen. I don't think the light show will stop anyone's heart, but huge, monstrously unexplained, genetically altered abominations would. More UFO's are being released by the Government lately, and you have to ask why? It doesn't benefit them at all to release anything to the public on UFO's, unless they had an agenda where we were to slowly start believing, simply because THEY released the material. This is Predictive Programming, and there will be a stage Alien Attack in the future.

Werner Von Braun admits to Dr. Carol Rosin that the "last card" dropped, after terrorism, asteroid scares, and Weather anomalies....would be a staged attack by Aliens from outer space, then giggled at our ignorance. The talk of weapons in space, are actually weapons of psychological tacticians to be used on you.

Had to correct my 2nd video: (above)
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posted on May, 20 2018 @ 03:35 PM
a reply to: beetee

Well you've proven my point.

Two reasonable people can read that conflated
Mess of disinformation and not even agree on basic details, as they are not clear. And its not clear what, if any of it really happened.

As for the possibility that human technology vastly exceeds the level we think its at..

Then i hope we are in a simulation, and not in a "real" universe, whatever that means, as i suspect that any rational advanced species would erase our entire species should they ever meet us.

Humans are rabidly destructive and irrational.



The Danger for Replicators

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posted on May, 20 2018 @ 03:53 PM
a reply to: beetee

The only way to test something is put it against real world technology. It's been quietly admitted that we have some older Russian radar systems in Nevada, but Aegis is one of the most advanced and capable systems out there.

You might tell the Admiral that something is going to come by the group, but even telling one person that much admits that we have some seriously advanced stuff in the closet. If you just buzz it by, the instrumentation can tell you when the radar passed the detection threshold, you can get an idea of the IR signature through ATFLIR, all while saying that you had nothing to do with it.

posted on May, 20 2018 @ 04:17 PM
a reply to: beetee

The actual case does deserve more scrutiny. But what should we consider as reliable evidence?

If we take the report that is the topic of the OP at face value then the USS Princeton detected radar returns on 3 separate occasions during the week.

...Since the radar was in the mode to handle Air Intercept of conventional aircraft it never obtained an accurate track of the AAVs and was quickly "dropped" by the radar meaning it was eliminated by the computer to reduce the amount of clutter on the radar, as any other false target is handled.

If the radar were set up in a mode for Ballistic Missile tracking they likely would have had the capability to track the AAV. They were detected three separate times during the week operating off the western coast of the United States and Mexico. The Tactical Air Officer on board the Princeton could not identify the radar contact and given the high speed and altitude was perplexed.

So they were unable to get an accurate track and the AAV quickly dropped off radar as false targets.They never switched the radar for Ballistic missile tracking despite these anomalies. Did no other military vessel or facility pick the radar tracks up? Wouldn't the first radar tracks have set up alarm bells immediately or is there a grey area here because false targets like this have not been accounted for previously?

We also have Fravor's unfortunate decision not to use his helmet camera.

... CDR Fravor stated that the helmet's recording capability was rarely used therefore he did not think to use it that day.

So yet again we are left where we are always left. All the undeniable, irrefutable UFO evidence remains seemingly beyond our reach. Fuzzy pictures, unclear video footage and tall tales are what always remain. And they are being drip fed slowly to us because we can't handle the truth all at once.

posted on May, 20 2018 @ 04:28 PM
a reply to: mirageman

And they are being drip fed slowly to us because we can't handle the truth all at once.

Thats "their lame and unconvincing excuse",

But now that Russia knows that we never had crashed UFOs (They read Rosetta if nothing else) your opinion what is all this disinfo getting them?

Not much apparently...


posted on May, 20 2018 @ 04:30 PM
a reply to: Zaphod58

Appreciate your input.

I struggle with the notion that they would deploy this so blatantly, no matter how valuable the feedback, if they could have gotten it anyway in private somewhere with less potential witnesses.

But maybe they would. Looking back, I can't seem to recall any attested incidents with previous classified systems, where they did their testing as openly as this, but there might be some even in the annals of ufology.

There is also the nagging doubt that if one nation could do this, why not another? I get that the US is somewhat of a leader in military technology, but if there has been some breakthrough there is a possibility other clever people can make it too..


posted on May, 20 2018 @ 04:35 PM
a reply to: beetee

Frankly any tech we have, the chinese hack it from us quite rapidly.

Now i have 30 years in information security...and 7 years in nuclear engineering with a secret clearance.

Im not saying that the chinese can hack compartmentalized systems at will...but as any professional knows...its not if you get hacked but when.

posted on May, 20 2018 @ 04:48 PM
a reply to: mirageman

At the time of the incident they hadn't deployed a ballistic missile radar on many ships. The first Aegis BMD baseline was October 2004. The Ticonderoga Class cruisers (which Princeton is) only have something like 5 ships with BMD capability as of 2017. At least two of those five are based in Hawaii.
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