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Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock ranted about FEMA camps, Waco .....

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posted on May, 24 2018 @ 12:28 AM

originally posted by: TinfoilTP

There you have it, the Las Vegas gunman has been pinned as a conspiracy nutter.

It won't be long until every person who ever watched a youtube video about a conspiracy will be under intense government surveillance across the Free World.

I kind of doubt that. It would be too much trouble. It's just as effective to create a "thought police" mentality in the public and having the people you interact with every day watching your every move. Most people are probably more easily silenced peer pressure than they are by the thought the government might be watching them.

The government couldn't possibly actually do anything with the millions of people who believe in conspiracy theories. Even if they decided they were just flat out going to round them all up and put them in jail. There are just too many of them and it would just create more of them when other people saw what was going on.

Nope. The most likely thing that is going to happen is real world consequences for saying the wrong thing. Things like being blacklisted by employers and businesses (possibly ISPs). That sort of thing. That's the kind of pressure most people could not endure. When talking about conspiracies on the internet costs you your job, that's when most people would choose to just remain silent. At that point, the problem is basically neutralized.

posted on May, 24 2018 @ 02:41 PM

originally posted by: Thejoncrichton
So he was a right wing conspiracy theorist who targeted white people (most likely Trump supporters) at a country music concert? MAKES SENSE TO ME!

The fact that people conflate theories that Country music and music festivals fans in general must be Trump supporters makes no sense to me.

I'm not right wing and my favourite music artists are Johnny Cash and Lee Hazlewood, now I'm not sure where they'd fall on the political spectrum but Cash seemed Liberal and a voice of the voiceless, he was very religious so I don't really know how he'd have voted, not sure he'd have been a Trump fan but who knows?

I'm not buying the country music fans IN VEGAS must be Trump supporters though. I'd start at 50/50 and go from there.

posted on May, 24 2018 @ 04:32 PM
a reply to: Taggart

if anything it was a convenient cover for people to show up from out of town, and maybe partake in some illest gun buying, the whole thing looks like a gun buy gone wrong and the people below were just a covenant target or god forbid a distraction.

the room looks like he was laying the guns out for someone to look at them, there are so many sketch scenarios that i can come up with but even if you take the event at face value, Steven seemed like he was a smart man and would have planned this out a bit better.

why have guns all over the place in the room and not right by the windows loaded and ready to go makes ZERO sense to me.

imagine this man BELIEVED he was doing the right thing and his mind was twisted by some unknown group, and he had alliances or maybe the group made him an offer he couldn't refuse like all of his family would be dead if he didnt do the deal and provide cover for whoever to escape.

i have seen no motive for his crime. he was by all accounts a wealthy man and had his life pretty squared away at least as far as house car GF etc.

why would he throw all that away? for what cause? he obviously liked going to that casino so it wasn't a grudge against them? he worked for the government, so wouldn't be against them... the reasons to commit mass murder(other then snapping and that doesnt seem to be the case) are slim

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