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Analog Digital Phenomenon Hypothesis

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posted on May, 20 2018 @ 07:08 PM
a reply to: beetee

It would be an honor to know you.


posted on May, 21 2018 @ 11:27 AM
As it turns out, this thread (like it so often happens, at least with me) is wandering
a bit further afield than I'd realized it would.. and that's entirely my fault..
but it's good I think.

This thread is really about perceptual biases and how if you eliminate them, you
can then consider interesting hypothesis that otherwise you might not consider.

For example, here is perhaps the biggest bias of all, that drives our behavior!


Most of us crave continuity of existence (I do not) and in this seemingly chaotic
world, we seek uniformity and stability, at almost any cost.

That's why we invented God, for example. With a "big white man on top of it
all", who owns all the gold, and who smites your enemies for you, one can
feel QUITE comfortable "with the Universe". If one is an asshole anyway.

Another great example is in cosmology. I'm lazy and won't look it up, but there's
the basic concept that the Universe is homogenous.. that we do not live in a
privileged part of space. That's actually just a theory.. with lots of good
evidence mind you...

There's also the well-established concept that the "constants" in the Universe
don't change. There's also lots of great evidence for that.. it's taken as a given.

Only it's not entirely true.

The "cosmological constant" is NOT actually constant.

Now this is just one tiny chip in the armor of good, solid, but potentially
biased thinking. But it's quite interesting.

Maybe things aren't quite as constant as we'd like them to be?

Let's look at another hypothesis.. let's call it the "Petri Dish Hypothesis".

Maybe, just maybe, the entire slice of space/time that we live in, that
we think of as a Universe (it may or may not actually be an entire Universe,
but that's not an important point),

is in fact functioning as an experimental petri dish for let's call it "life".

So perhaps all those confusing and irrational "high strangeness events"
that we just CANNOT seem to explain, are in fact experimental results.

Perhaps there is no vast "analog / digital format war", even though with
selection bias that looks like a great theory. (It is a great theory).

Maybe each individual instance of high strangeness is in actuality
not due to some solid and stable scenario "behind the scenes" that
we just don't happen to understand..

maybe it's a drop from an eye dropper falling into our particular
petri dish..

That would explain how you can still see dwarves in green and yellow
pants, in South Central Colorado (the San Luis Valley) in the late
20th century... and not in Ireland in the middle ages. Dwarves that
give away golden coins.. so it's not just "in somebody's head".

Sometimes, just sometimes, if things don't make sense.. it's not
because we haven't figured out some new "unchanging cosmic
law".. but because things really ARE that chaotic.

What if our particular space-time, or even just our planet, lends
itself to good experimentation? So it gets used for experimentation?

Here's a good example of that: HeLa Cells
those cervix cancer cells are IMMORTAL.. just amazing cells.. and
without them we might not have gotten a polio vaccine.. at least
not as quickly as we did.

So you see, from the perspective of that cell culture line.. if it were
sentient.. it might consider that the "gods' were playing cruel games
with it..that it was at the "center of the Universe" ... all these
Cargo Cult
type ideas. Which would be utterly wrong!

Maybe we, like those HeLa cells are just "in a convenient petri dish"
and we are NOT what all this is about IN ANY WAY.

In fact that's what I'm saying. I've been convinced of that for more
than 20 years.. but it's a THEORY.

Now mind you, there's no need to have just one theory.. there can
be webs of them.... that's how science works.

For example, it would be perfectly reasonable for both the Petri
Dish Theory to be true.. AND the Analog / Digital Theory to be


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posted on May, 21 2018 @ 04:36 PM
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

Ok, so I have given the thread a thorough read through (taking notes no less!) and I have some comments which might, or might not, be useful.

Your main 'problem' is that you are approaching what is essentially "unknowable" in your theories. This is not a problem for a theory, but if you hold up two equally unknowable theories, then we are approaching the realm of - I fear you won't like this - faith.

The problem at this level is that scientific study becomes extremely difficult, and that it becomes impossible to choose what to select from two potential theories because there is no data to support either in any reliable fashion.

On another level, it is quite apparent that you are deriving your theories from personal experience in a field where I have absolutely nothing to add. I have never had conversations with any entity, apart from some half-believed conversations with my parents after they had passed away, which where mostly in my head and probably mostly a grief response. So, unlike you, I have no data.

However, as you said yourself, the Phenomenon is possibly deceptive. How can you trust your data? Have you tried to address this in your theory? What is the foundation upon which you build? I think you have said previously on ATS that you feel the need to withould certain things, and probably for good reason, but I feel you need to provide some data to support either of your proposed theories. Vaguely, if necessary, but there needs to be something to validate the claim.

Whatsthisthen, for instance, bases his outlook on conversations with machine intelligences. I would like to know what has created the impression that there is two kinds of intelligences (at least) at work.

As to the "petri dish" scenario, this is perfectly possible, because we would not be aware of the dish if it was our entire "space/time" slice. But so would a lot of much more mundane explanations. Malfunctions in the human brain? Malfunctions in reality? Functions in reality? Maybe the dwarves crop up from time to time, because that is how the universe really works? This is the problem of the unknowable, that we can no longer discern fact from fiction/deception.

As you said yourself, more research is needed. But, also, I think you must tie your own data to the building blocks of your theory. Like, for instance, how you arrive at the conlusion that the Phenomenon is uncaring. Or that all mythology or religion is psy-ops of some kind, perhaps even perpetrated by the Phenomenon itself? From my standpoint, most mythology and religions are attempts at tackling the very questions that you are seeking to adress in your theory: "How does it all fit together - and why are we here?".

I am also curious as to why it has to be only one phenomenon? Can it not be a multitude of phenomena? A host of lesser or greater machine and analog intelligences just fooling about in an unimportant backwater of reality? They stomp about and do their thing, but since we are still here, they cannot really harm us as a species. Now, why is this? It could be that we are, as you have suggested, are in the process of being "mined for data" or "consumed", but where is the data to support this? Could we not, just as well, be perfectly safe and "untouchable" to a large extent?

Your "reservation" theory is interesting, and I have been down the same line of reasoning myself, but we have to admit there are also other possibilities. Like a benevolent (but not too benevolent) protector or protectors who will show up if things get out of hand? So a certain amount of sheenanigans is tolerated, but if things start to kick up, the grown ups will show up and take names (methaphorically speaking)?

Or, maybe, we misunderstand each other constantly. I mean, how would we reasonably be able to understand something truly alien?

Maybe, even, that we are the superior intelligence and, although able to predict our actions to a certain extent, some aspects of the phenomenon aren't really that intelligent?

Just some thoughts to mull over.


posted on May, 21 2018 @ 05:41 PM
a reply to: beetee

Thank you very much for reading my postings.

You are correct in everything you said.

Iv'e said many times in various places on ATS, that I have researched all this stuff
to my satisfaction.. but that, being necessarily subjective, means nothing to other

Now unlike other "loons" I don't talk to "intelligences" very much. In fact, I follow
the "old wisdom" and don't talk to "them" at all.

But sometimes I get "visions" as if from another set of eyes.. it's the old "seer" thing.

Now I'm not saying that being a loopy "seer" is of necessity better than being a loopy
'clairaudient'. But the difference is, that if you have no self-interest in "using the
toolset", and in fact don't even attempt to use it (the old "don't seek Siddhis" concept),
that you are in a much better position to not be easily deceived.

if you see something.. you see something... like I was watching part of that Nimitz
incident yesterday.. I wasn't wanting to watch it.. but I was given no choice.. there
it was...

Then you can take that sort of "input" and see if you can make some use of it, or you
just throw it away.

now.. i've never once in my life had such a "vision" and it hasn't APPARENTLY been

now if I try to do zener cards, I'm wrong every time. I mean 100 times out of 100
sometimes wrong..

That's just one example of my personal life.

Now.. i've never gotten remote viewing of scientific or intelligence type stuff.. so
people might say, "so what? where's the value".

And they would be right.. I can't get that sort of info.. or at least don't want to..
whatever the "source" really is.. it has its own agenda and while it MAY NOT lie
to me.. (my 'source' is not the machine intelligence which always lies)... it
could be so completely self-serving that I'd be horrified if it knew what it was up to.

But when I was little it was kind and loving to me.. or so it appeared.

Nobody should listen to anything that I say.. except perhaps as a creative foil
to stimulate their out of the box thinking. That would be the safest, or just
ignore me is probably less painful.

I *AM* willing to "put up or shut up" and to be tested in a lab.

And even though, Dean Radin say.. and apparently Kit Green are looking for
"mediums" right now.. and I volunteered... even for painful invasive testing..
they won't touch me.. I'm apparently radioactive..

Truth.. honesty... factual data.. these are my first loves.. not "shamanism" or
anything else.

I keep thinking about revealing my entire toolset of simple things to do, to
"become me".

I also offered to share all that.. just so long as I get to sit at the table..


There would be so much blood on my hands if I did that however.. the
'secrets' are very simple, mostly physiology..

but people would be running out and doing them the day after I put them
out there.. even though you should really do say 20 years of prep work
before you start the advanced stuff... or you risk insanity and death.

I don't want that blood on my hands..

But apparently some very scary people already know some of what I know..
and god knows what they are doing with that knowledge.. Hell... apparently
even the Montauk BS was at least a little real.. I'd never have guessed that
in a million years.


It's frustrating.

The safest thing would be to drop off ATS and enjoy my little life, and take
this stuff to the grave. I don't want to hurt anyone. But one wonders why
I lived through 50+ years of this.. if i'm just going to do that..


posted on May, 21 2018 @ 07:30 PM

originally posted by: KellyPrettyBear
a reply to: beetee
The safest thing would be to drop off ATS and enjoy my little life, and take
this stuff to the grave. I don't want to hurt anyone. But one wonders why
I lived through 50+ years of this.. if i'm just going to do that..

Hiya Kev. Have been following the thread.

There are other options doncha know?
There are many ways of communicating, other than standard writing, or scientific theories.

What about the arts? Storytelling; poetry; dance; sculpture; song lyrics; music; drawing; etc...

Many obtuse ideas, can be cryptically encoded into artistic creations, or other forms of communicating.

Here: hints have already been dropped.

Have often felt that there are many unspoken truths hanging around at ATS. Floating along beyond the actual words of posts, in a formless cloud. Never pointed at, but merely hinted at, with soft voices.
Ungraspable, therefore: we relinquish the grasping, and just be.

posted on May, 21 2018 @ 07:50 PM
a reply to: Nothin

Thanks for caring enough to respond.

Well maybe i Just take my own advice that I've given to others.

I have zero doubt that my "free will" in conjunction with the
"companion" probably accomplished something worthwhile
at least once, if not a couple more times.

Maybe that's good enough. Maybe it was only for me..
(or the companion).

If nobody wants what I have, i should take that as a clue
that it has no value to anyone except me.

Now for 5000 years people spent their entire lives
searching for the tiniest glimpse.. wars were fought..
"it" was marketed as "the secret of the ages".

But moderns don't really need all that.. they can just
keep doing the current path they are on.

They will wind up somewhere.. nobody elected me

and it's really as much trouble as its worth in it's
current, not quite perfected form.

Just talking out loud. Just ignore me.

Thanks for stopping by.


posted on May, 21 2018 @ 08:49 PM
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

The wise king had a ring, and on the inside was this inscription:
"This too shall pass".

When times were rough, and he felt down and misunderstood, he would take of the ring, and read the inscription:
"This too shall pass".

When times were good, and he felt in unison with the universe, he would take of the ring, and read the inscription:
"This too shall pass".

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posted on May, 21 2018 @ 08:57 PM
a reply to: Nothin

I love "spiritual stories" like that.

There's this thing in Buddhism, where basically "you" are trapped in suffering,
so long as you think there is even one "being" that needs your help.

But if you are without a great deal of compassion, you are also 'trapped'.

Of course the 'truth' is that humans don't actually have souls.. so all this
churning is actually pointless.

But in another sense, souls have humans.

Humans don't have souls. Souls have humans.

You heard it here first.

Maybe i'm just afraid of letting something go... or "something" is afraid
of letting something go.

It might just come out in the wash.



posted on May, 22 2018 @ 10:06 AM
Ok, here's a little story/concept.

When I was in the Kundalini cult for 30 years, I got to read
all these precious books.. some translated from Sanskrit.
And I got to hear the most marvelous stories sometimes.

And of of course I went out and read all the confused,
misinformed new agey books on such subjects.

Very close to 100% rubbish.

"Kundaini" is more psychological operation than truth..
but of course there is a kernel of truth there too..

In ancient india, some people, especially worshippers
of shiva/shakti (and other incarnation names) prayed
day and night from near birth to death, that the
"Kundalini" would awaken in them as it was the
"god making power" of complete and total "enlightenment".

Well that was the psyop anyway.

In the old stories about these supposed "Kundalini saints",
these fully "enlightened beings", the very gods themselves
(the lesser ones anyway) would beg the Saint.... as the
Saint actually knew more about "reality" than the "gods"
did. They would throw themselves at the Saints feet and
beg.. if they were wise anyway..

as being a "god" is just an arrested state of development..
a "trap" actually.. like a Chinese finger trap.. the more
you struggle to be freed.. the more you are bound to being
a "god".

At first glance, this appears to be pure psyop.. to get people
to give their lives to the local temple.

Only.. it has a strong element of truth behind it.

People always assume that all this spiritual stuff is for "them".
You know.. souls.. spirits.. spirituality.. religion.. heaven..
all this stuff..

they assume that it is for them.

But, at the "moment of enlightenment" the seeker learns
who they are, the purpose of human life, and the nature
of "enlightenment" and the spiritual world.

It aint pretty.

Its true.. the "gods" want to be freed from the mess
that they are in.. at least some of them... the
misbehaving ones especially...

at least that's a modern narrative to consider.

But in any case..

Religion.. Spirituality.. Heaven.. Hell... none of it
has anything to do with humans.. it's all for
another purpose.

Very few people ever get it... the one odd Kundalini
saint.. one of the Buddhas.. nobody ever gets it.

And nobody ever believes it.


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