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Bricks and Morter

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posted on May, 11 2018 @ 08:46 PM
I'm feeling a bit done in today, I guess secure-less. Since I don't make enough threads, something that'll change in time. I figured why not post a good song.

Feel free to build upon the thread and post a song or two. Anything you wish

posted on May, 11 2018 @ 09:15 PM
a reply to: RAY1990

Fairly average song to me. Trying to copy the 1980s styles of the likes of Ultravox, Simple Minds and 100s of others.

I guess its time bands started the 80s revival sounds now, there is no original music left.

As Ive said before, everything in music now, is just a rehash of whats been done before.

With all the same instruments, we really have hit the limit.

Oh btw, in the 60s there was a song called "Tar and Cement", so even their name is not an original idea.

At least they are having a go.....

posted on May, 11 2018 @ 09:38 PM
a reply to: gort51

I wasn't around then and it's usually the lyrics and the reasoning/thoughts behind them I note.

But yeah, I hear ya


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