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Mandela Effect - The Cliff Notes On Cliffs Notes - Gone But Not Forgotten

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posted on May, 21 2018 @ 02:40 AM

originally posted by: AshOnMyTomatoes
I don't think the Mandela Effect is a phenomena of "changing timelines", nor is it really just a case of poor memory. What it REALLY is, is a spotlight into people's minds who are soooo narcissistic that they think the universe has reformed itself around them, rather than admit that their memories are fallible.
ok but then why do we pronounce "chick" as if it was spelled "chic"? Makes no sense at all

posted on May, 21 2018 @ 02:10 PM
a reply to: Finspiracy

I hear you, but I'm still confused on your stance.

Could you give an example of a Mandela Effect that:

1. You are experiencing.
2. You know was one way - but now is different.
3. You are unable to explain in conventional ways?

In the past, I've had a very hard time understanding your posts - so I'm trying to fix that for when you respond in future posts.

It's ok if you don't want to give an example - I'm just trying to understand.

posted on May, 22 2018 @ 12:47 AM
a reply to: Pearj

Of course i want to give examples

There are three main ones.

TV show "Sex and the city" used to be "Sex in the city" A woman i once lived with loved the show, and i found the show repulsive. The opening theme, the women, the drama, i always went to other room or left the house. So there is an emotional part in this memory.

Queen song "We are the champions" now missing "of the woooooooorld" from the end. I am an ice hockey freak. Heard this one many times, emotional bond again.

The Sun used to be yellow, now it is white. But the photosynthesis still seem to work so it is ok.

These were very disturbing changes when i noticed them, but now i don't care too much. Changes seem to be mostly in pop culture, like a song lyric or something. In the end, it really does not matter that much.

With that being said, sure, i would like an explanation to Mandela effect. I don't know what it is, but i know "Faulty memory" is not (always) the case.

One more bonus ME case: in Moonraker (Bond movie) the blonde girl had dental braces. And now the dental braces are gone. I mean, it was the whole point in the scene where this girl was with Jaws. They smiled at each other, both with metal in the mouth. I found that romantic and nice. Now the whole scene is next to pointless.

posted on May, 22 2018 @ 11:15 PM
a reply to: Finspiracy

Thank you, I understand now!

I'm the same as you except the sun - I don't think I noticed before so no way for me to compare.

I have a strong memory on moonraker, I remember the scene well - the braces made a strong impression on me.

Her boobs are bigger now (or show more).. ..they sorta stand out, and are frankly nice to look at. Pretty sure that would of made an impression on me too..

..then I wouldn't of noticed the braces. lol just being real about it..

Nice. I get to end my ATS day in a happy place - thanks man!

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