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From Feditary to Rebel, it ain't a pretty life

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posted on May, 1 2018 @ 09:08 PM
-It's a complicated life.

Every planet in the Sun solar system, including Earth One, was destroyed by the Tripidions "just to make a point." Point taken.

The Tripidions are a trinary based race of alien being bent on exterminating human beings from the universe. The three sexed race have three arms, three legs, three eyes, three get the idea. They are about 9-15 feet tall and can run at about 30mph for over one hour. Their audio and visual spectrums are above and below human capabilities making the Tripidions kind of a super race compared to human beings.

The Tripidions have a biological telephoto lens and they have the ability to close their ears in much the same way humans close their eyes.

The Tripidions make the space beings from the movies Alien and Predator seem like pets in comparison. Tripidions lay in waiting; they listen, they watch and they pounce very quickly.

Overall, Tripidion technology is over 1,000 years (Earth One) ahead of human beings. If Earth One still existed, the current time would be in the 37th century.

Centuries ago, Earth One created the Feditary (the Federal Military of Outer Space). The Feditary was Earth One's attempt to have manned patrols outside the Sun solar system. With no way to enforce their policies, the Feditary declared independence from Earth One and it's outlying colony planets.

Earth One did not recognize the Feditary's independence but had no way to do anything about it. A cold war between the two existed until Earth One's demise. The attitude on Earth One was bleak at best. They lost their ability to exit the solar system due to the Feditary placing an embargo against the Sun system.

The Feditary tried to use their independence to make peace with the Tripidions but the Tripidions recognized all human beings as belonging to a singular entity and therefore, all humans in the Feditary had to be destroyed.

Once Earth One was destroyed along with the other planets in the Sun system, colony planets fell like dominoes. At that point, the Feditary made all planet based activity illegal without permission from the governing ship.

This policy created a rebel atmosphere where members of the Feditary would go rogue by stealing a ship and some supplies and leaving the armada to live discreetly on a planet.

They would have to be very discrete because such action was an act of treason. Treason was punishable by death on site without a trial. Young or old, healthy or disabled, everyone was executed and those who did the killing were treated to a hero's welcome back on the ship.

It is a very dark time for humanity.

A group of 25 rebels manage to save supplies and steal a ship. They blast off and go to warp speed immediately.

Just as they jump to warp, they take a direct hit to their warp engine which sends a reverse charge into their warp core; not good.

The warp core overheats and must be jettisoned from their cramped ship. With their warp core gone, it takes their pulse engines considerable time to slow the ship down below the speed of light.

Meanwhile, supplies dwindle.

They locate a suitable planet but it's in Tripidion controlled space and they have to hide inside an asteroid field and play keep away games until the Tripidions give up their search.

The accommodating planet is called Blooom 7 (with three O's). It is not at all a good choice but it IS the only choice. The planet is unoccupied by humans or Tripidions and the sector is unexplored by humans.

This is not a favorable area for Tripidion occupation but they know humans are now in the neighborhood so they'll be checking in from time to time.

While it may seem that staying with the Feditary may have been the better choice, the number of Feditary ships destroyed in battle exceed the number being rebuilt. One doesn't need to be a mathematician to figure out the final answer to that equation.

So here sit the (non-violent) rebels, inside Tripidion space thanks to Feditary plasma fire.

About their new planet;

There is one planet in this star system. It rotates around a small star which rotates around a larger star. Blooom 7 carries two satellites ("Moons") with it; one larger but further away, one smaller but seemingly larger due to it's proximity.

The dual star system makes for extreme seasons and the dual satellites make for extreme weather.

A decade is the amount of time it takes Blooom 7 to orbit around the larger star, 8 years. A year is the amount of time it takes to rotate around it's more local star which is 10 months. There are 5 weeks in a month and 5 days in a week. A day is 25 hours, all based on Earth One time. However, they recognize 100 hours in a day, 100 minutes in an hour and 100 seconds in a minute. You can do the conversion math on all that. Have fun.

Over an 8 year period, Blooom 7 has super summers which last about 2 years. During this time, a common high temperature reach around 150 degrees F. During the same 8 years, Blooom 7 has a 2 year super winter when the temperature dips below -150 degrees F.

The soil is super rich and highly resilient and the water has a unique texture that allows it to survive.

The two satellites create terrible storms because the super seasons by themselves are not bad enough.

Again, this is not a good time for humanity.

The rebels need to live underground but they don't have the resources to do that yet.

They will have to live on the surface as discreet as possible and the surface won't be a good place to be during the super seasons.

They will have to figure out how to exist, then get underground, then build another ship so they can get out of here. That will take generations and at the rate people are dying, time is not on their side.

posted on May, 2 2018 @ 12:24 AM
Very natural writing, easy to read and enjoy. Already rooting for the poor rebels of Blooom 7! Lol. (Would love to see a pic of the Tripidians).
Edit to add: only gripe I have with your stories is you don't seem to finish them, you get a good yarn going then its over while it feels like its just starting. Was waiting for more on a couple of them but you moved on and left them in limbo....
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posted on May, 6 2018 @ 05:18 PM
a reply to: Osirisvset

my laptop is dying so for the short term, my posts will be fewer and further in between. However, my new rig should cause brown outs all over my street.

I'll return ASAP.


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