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Hilton High School Shooting (a work of fiction-this is NOT real)

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posted on May, 1 2018 @ 06:32 PM
This particular story is a work of fiction. None of this story is true. None of the listed locations are intended to be real.

Intercom: DING!

Teacher: Come on class. One minute warning. Henry, don't stand in the door way please!

Henry: I'm not blocking anybody Miss.

Teacher: Henry! (snap)

John: I wrote you a note.

Beth: Don't you know how to send a text? Your so weird. Give it to me.

Jennifer: Did you hear about Sammi?

Heidi: Sammy Jones?

Jennifer: Nooo. Sammi Higenbothum. She's pregnant. I saw her in PE and she was like.....

Heidi: You know she has a disease, right? Jesus Jennifer. Seriously?

Intercom: DING! DING!

Teacher: Alright, sit down class! LeRoy, your tardy!

LeRoay: Trippen.

Teacher: Excuse you?

LeRoy: Your trippen. I'm like 5 seconds. Whatever.

Teacher: Alright, let's do the roll. Come on everybody. You have a test to take. Melissa, put your make up away. And put the phones away everybody. I don't want to see or hear any phones. Let's do roll so we can start the test.


Jose: What's up with the PA?

Teacher: BE QUIET! (be quiet. don't make a sound.)

Burt: We gonna die. Don't pray. It's against the rules, lol.

Teacher: Stop talking. I'm trying to listen!

Lynne: Why are you acting like that? What does that sound mean?


LeRoy: Oh hell no! That's not the drill sound. Miss, is this real?

Teacher: Sshhh, be quiet. I'm calling the teacher next to us. Melody, it's Shirley. Is this real? ......... Oh, God! Just now? What does it say? ....... Oh my God, okay. We'll follow the plan. Good luck.

(The teacher scorches down as she makes a dash for the door. She locks the door knob, lowers a shade over the door's window and runs to a closet by the door. She pulls a bar out of the closet and secures it against the door. The bar has "Life Bar" written on it. She runs to her desk, opens a drawer and pulls out her purse. She fumbles for keys, then races back to the door, locking the dead bolt. The expression on her face and her frantic movements tell the class everything they need to know.)

Teacher: Everyone on this row, flip your desk over and push it against the door. All the big boys, get over here please and help. Three high LeRoy.

LeRoy: Burt, throw them mugs man! Just like we on the field. I'm all hands brother. We got this!

This row, flip your desk and push them against this wall. This row, same thing, same thing. This row, Put your desks on top of the other ones. We need to take cover below the desks.

Intercom: Attention! This is Mr. Morrison. We have an active shooter in the B wing on the second flow. This is not a drill. Follow the procedures. 911 is on the way. Kenneth, I know you can hear me. This is the wrong way. Please stop shooting. We love you. We all want to help you, Kenneth. Don't shoot the camera Kenneth. Damn it!

Melissa: Hello? Is he still on?

Teacher: Desks, desks. Don't listen to that!

911: 911, Do you need police, fire or ambulance? Hello?

Student: (can you hear me?)

911: Yes, can you speak up? Do you have an emergency?

Student: (no, yes) POP POP POP

911 hears screams through the speaker.


911: Where are you?! HELLO?! This is 911. I don't have your location. Where are you?

Another Student, same phone: Hello?!

911: Yes, this is 911. Is someone shooting?

Student: Hell yeah! POP POP POP OH DAMN! He's in the hallway. He's shooting through the walls. Shooting low.

911: I don't have you location, where are you?

Student: Hilton, second floor. Send everybody, please. We need ambulances. Jason and Linda are shot.

911: Are you in the hotel or the school?

Student: The school. Hilton High School. My brother is at Hilton Middle School across the street. Is he okay? pop pop pop Oh damn, damn, I think he moved down the hall.

911: Honey, I don't have any calls from Hilton Middle. I'm sure he is safe. Can you tell me where you are in the school?

Student: Where are the cops? They need to kill him. He's shooting through the walls. He won't stop.

911: Listen, I know. Lots of first responders are on the way. What class are you in?

Student: Huh, English? Why? (pop pop pop pop pop pop) Damn, where are you people? He's killing everybody! He's gonna come back.

911: Listen to me. What classroom are you in? What number?

Student: 129. In the A wing. Second floor. The principal said he was in the B wing. On the intercom. Is he the only one? Is he just moving around? POP POP POP POP (One two Kenny's gonna get you. Three four better lock your door. HAHAHAHA!)

911: Jesus Christ. Is he in your class? Hello? Hello? I don't hear anything. What does THAT mean?


Driver: What the hell? My radio has never done that before. Tune your radio to 88.9 for emergency broadcast? Weird. What the hell is 88.9? (tuning)

88.9: Boop, Boop, Boop. This is the Greene County Emergency Broadcast Station. The Greene County Emergency Center is receiving multiple calls reporting an active shooter event at Hilton High School in progress. The Greene County SWAT Center is responding. Anyone within a quarter of a mile from Hilton High School should take shelter immediately. You are in danger. Avoid travel to this area until the Greene County SWAT Center has given the all clear. Hilton Middle School is on lock down. Cross fire from Hilton High School has not been reported into Hilton Middle School. Both schools are located on Hilton School Road. Multiple injuries are being reported at Hilton High School. The Hilton Schools Police Department is reporting at least one officer has been injured. This message will update as soon as possible. The Greene County Emergency Broadcast Station will remain on the air until this crisis is cleared. This message repeats. Boop, Boop Boop. This is the Greene County Emergency Broadcast Station. .......


I am not advocating or protesting anything. I am simply typing a dry opinion of what it must be like to be in the middle of something like this. This particular story is a work of fiction. None of this story is true. None of the listed locations are intended to be real.

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posted on May, 1 2018 @ 08:21 PM
Oh my I don't even know where to begin...I'm only responding because I feel like someone probably should that's quite the story.

Also, Lol LeRoy.....I think he's my favourite character.

But uh....I guess something constructive...Mmmm I dunno I feel like your story probably didn't capture the terror of such a situation.

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posted on May, 1 2018 @ 09:11 PM
a reply to: dug88

Agreed. It took me awhile to write it but it was surprisingly short to read. I'll stick to science fiction. I just wanted to see what I could come up with.

posted on May, 1 2018 @ 11:16 PM
a reply to: Genfinity

You have several grammatical errors including using your instead of you're. Also, wouldn't it be trippin' and not trippen? You'd need the hyphen since the whole word is tripping.

posted on May, 2 2018 @ 10:34 PM
a reply to: rukia

Thought most schools walls were at least cinder block floor to ceiling, one for fire walls two for strength. If so Kenny would have to be packing some serious firepower to shoot through walls,wouldn't he?

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