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Using up bread before it goes bad

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posted on Apr, 25 2018 @ 11:44 PM
Okay folks today I would like to discuss with you all: the last few pieces of the bread you just can't finish off before mold sets in! Some of you probably buy fancy bakery loaves, or make your own. This really isn't targeted to you. This is for those like me who usually buy bagged bread from the bread aisle in the grocery store.

In my house, the whole loaf rarely gets eaten. There are always 4 or 5 lingering pieces that get too hard or start to mold, and this bothers me. Sometimes it just bothers me a little bit but other times I get almost enraged about the constant few pieces of bread not getting eaten. I hate the waste of food and the money that was spent on it.

So what do you do with those?

When I was kid, we grew up a couple of blocks from a huge lake filled with ducks. When the bread began to come to an end, we would set it aside to go feed the ducks. My brother and I biked over and fed them or my mom drove us. So bread waste was never an issue. I no longer live in that area, so this isn't an option. I have a yard with birds, but they get birdseed and I don't want to feed bread to the squirrels, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, and other such creatures like rats.

Sometimes I make croutons with my end pieces before they start to mold. This is how I do it:

Stack bread on cutting board.

Cut off crusts. Note: you can reserve the crusts for another use. The reason I cut them off is to have uniform croutons.

Make about 4 evenly spaced cuts horizontally, then 4 cuts vertically. This gives you 16 equally sized squares for each piece of bread.

Put all the squares into a big bowl.

Drizzle olive oil, just a little. Note: you can also use melted butter. I use olive oil because its cheaper and I usually have more oil than butter.

Stir to combine, coating the bread with oil.

Continue to drizzle oil and stir until all the pieces are evenly coated. Go slowly! You can always add more olive oil but you cannot take it away if you add too much.

Add salt, pepper, and oregano to taste, and stir to combine. You can also add other things like marjoram or basil. Depends on what your family likes. Sometimes I add cayenne pepper.

Spread the bread evenly on a baking sheet.

Bake at 375 for about 10 minutes. This time varies widely based on the kind of bread being used and your oven. I'd start checking at about minute 8 if it was the first time I was doing this with my oven or if it was a kind of bread I didn't usually buy.

They are done when they look done and are also hard. Remove from oven. Allow to cool completely before storing. Lasts 7 to 10 days.

Alternatively, only cut the bread 4 times vertically. You end up with 4 fingers for each slice of bread. These long finger croutons are good with soups. If you have enough bread slices and you know will have soup and salad both, make it half and half so you can get regular square croutons plus finger croutons.

Alternatively, cut the bread twice. Once across the middle horizontally, once across the middle vertically. Skip all the other steps and just bake it. Now you have crackers. Eat them, take them on commute, feed kids in the car, make peanut butter crackers, serve with cheese, etc.

Sometimes if there is a tiny bit of tomato sauce left from another meal, and also bread going bad, I make bread pizza. Like this:

Brush olive oil on both sides of a piece of bread.

Add a pinch of salt, pepper, and oregano.

Coat one side (this will be the top) with tomato sauce.

Add mozzarella cheese.

Bake at 400 for 10 minutes, or until the cheese melts. Now you have bread cheese pizza.

You can add anything else you want on your bread pizza. I grow basil so I will cover my sauce with basil leaves before topping with cheese. If you add fresh basil, it needs to go under your cheese or only add it after baking. Bread pizza is a good way to use up stuff in your kitchen that won't make a whole meal like a spare mushroom, or that last 2 inches of sausage, or a slice of tomato.

posted on Apr, 25 2018 @ 11:49 PM
Use it as bait to catch fish for your next meal, or you can just feed the birds too?
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posted on Apr, 25 2018 @ 11:53 PM
Within a day of getting the bread, put it in the fridge from then on. It lasts longer. Some of the starches become resistant starches when you do that and that delays uptaking the carbs, the bacteria in the colon will help digest that part. It does change the texture, but also reduces the calories in the bread that you uptake.

I tear up my extra bread and dry it in the oven to make stuffing out of. We do not buy much store breads anymore, I bake almost all of it using organic ingredients. It costs about a buck ten for a medium size loaf plus either four rolls or another small loaf. The cost is up using all organic by about twenty five percent. With using regular bread flour it was only seventy five cents for the same amount of bread and buns. I can also make around twelve hamburger buns out of that dough if I want that kind of buns. I developed my own recipe.

Any leftovers go out to the deer, squirrels, and birds. I hate the coons, I warn them not to come back and they know I mean business.
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posted on Apr, 25 2018 @ 11:54 PM
a reply to: Ameilia

My mother makes dressing out of old bread. It's pretty good, but I don't have a recipe. I know it contains egg, celery, onion,and butter. and probably salt and pepper. You saute all of the ingredients in the butter, then mix it with the bread in a pan. Then mix in the eggs until it is the right consistency, spread it in a greased pan and then bake.

posted on Apr, 25 2018 @ 11:59 PM
Save the bag from the last loaf you "finish." Open the next loaf and immediately remove half or the last third, and seal it up tight in the old bag. Put it in the fridge or freezer... or not. The second part will last longer either way.

Too easy?

posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 12:02 AM
a reply to: Ameilia

" but other times i get almost enraged "


Thanks for that

posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 12:06 AM

originally posted by: darkwingduck
a reply to: Ameilia

My mother makes dressing out of old bread. It's pretty good, but I don't have a recipe. I know it contains egg, celery, onion,and butter. and probably salt and pepper. You saute all of the ingredients in the butter, then mix it with the bread in a pan. Then mix in the eggs until it is the right consistency, spread it in a greased pan and then bake.

Ask her for the recipe! I would love to make your mothers dressing!

posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 12:15 AM

Before mold sets in ...

1) make croutons
2) feed the local birds.

posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 12:54 AM
Auntie makes a badass summer fruit pudding by lining a bowl with sliced bread, filling it with berries and pouring the fruit juices over the breaded top. I don't know how she preps the fruit, but it's so strong it makes your eyes water. Real treat.

posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 12:55 AM
Bread crumbs.

Bread pudding.

Strata for breakfast.

Make French toast and freeze for future use.

posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 12:59 AM
Put it in the fridge. The texture may suffer a little but putting it in the microwave for 30 seconds will take care of that. The microwave heats the water molecules in the bread and more or less steams the bread. Don't leave it in too long though or it will get tough. Be sure to remove the metal tie before you put it in the microwave or it will overheat and melt the bag.

posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 12:59 AM
a reply to: Ameilia

Bread and Butter Pudding is the name of that dish. It's really delicious and people in the UK have their own varieties.

It reminds me of Chef Gordon Ramsay trying to posh up the recipe and getting his ass beaten by the common, domestic version of the recipe. Some recipes are better in their basic versions!

posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 02:45 AM
Everyone has my permission to:

1. Buy a new loaf of fresh bread every other day or so.
2. Throw your old stale bread straight into the trash.

posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 03:07 AM
How to make Semmelknödel

Step 1:
Soak the dry bread in warm milk. Chop up a small onion very fine and fry it. Maybe not as harsh as I did here. 2-3 egs on top, salt pepper muskat, grounded breadcrumbs, a bit parsley.

Mix it so you get a workable dough, still a bit moist. Mix more grounded breadcrumbs into it if it´s too moist. Make them into round balls that fit in the palm of your hand. If you do this recipt for the first time use cookable plastic foil to wrap them. You can also make a "bread" from this but it´s too difficult if you do this the first time.

When you have your balls wrapped water thight in plastic, throw them into cold water and let them cook up. When it boils, turn off the heat and wait for 7-10 minutes. They are perfect if they are getting white inside again.

Step 2:
Heat up some butter in a frying pan. Throw grounded bread crumbs (they are like sand) ontop and mix it with the butter. Keep mixing while it foams up and get´s dark. When it´s brown, garnish a bit over every Semmelknödel you just made.

Serve with a good portion of any meat and plenty of sauce. Leftovers from this leftover meal, can be cut into slices and fryed in a butter pan.

How to eat correctly:
Do not cut them with a knife, instead, pull them apart with your fork and knife. If you cut them they won´t soak the sauce. Sorry for the messy plate, I was in a hurry


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posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 03:17 AM
How to make Äpfelspatzen ("apple sparrows")

What you need:
Apples, milk, sugar, cinnamon, dry bread, a frying pan.

Soak bread, breadcrumbs and a bit sugar in warm milk(about a cup) and mix it well. It should be a bit fluid.
Husk/peel up some mild apples in slices, depending on the size of your baking dish.

For this, a tin baking dish (it´s made out of a metal instead of ceramic or glass) is most suitable.

Row up each slice agianst the other with the thin side pointing downwards. Sprinkle cinnamon on top of the apples very careful. Pour the dough-milk mix over it, it should have a thick consistency. The last layer of sliced apples should be visible 2/3.

Put it in the oven for 10-15 minutes at 180°C without the ventilator (just heat from above and below).

Take it out when it has a golden color. Serve with potato soup!

The crust around the frying pan is always the best and kids are fighting for it.

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posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 04:17 AM
Compost heap.
It will break down into good fetrilizer for the garden.

posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 06:10 AM
Cool stuff i like the pizza, i put my bread in the freezer if I'm not using it.

posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 08:01 AM
a reply to: Ameilia

I make my own croutons.
My kids love them.
I do not cut the crusts off, in fact, I use the end crusts that the kids won't normally eat. They eat them when they are croutons.
Mine get onion and garlic powder, no oregano.

posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 08:21 AM
a reply to: Ameilia

As soon as you buy the bread, take half and put it in a bag, get all the air out, then freeze it. When using, microwave a little to defrost and toast.

posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 09:43 AM
a reply to: Kandinsky

Here in the UK we have both Bread and butter pudding and also bread pudding.

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