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Breaking: Republican Debbie Lesko wins special general election to replace Franks

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posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 10:13 AM

originally posted by: PsychoEmperor
a reply to: intrepid

You're being silly. UK Truth's main point(correct me if I'm wrong UKTRUTH) was:

But the left are voting on one issue. Stop Trump. It's their motivation. It has no rhyme or reason, no depth. Just hatred.

I don't believe he was making a Pro or against that, just stating his opinion. You're making up points for him and acting like if he stated them

Quite Frankly I don't even think UKTruth is a trump supporter so it's been fun watching you two go back and forth

Ah, you are one of the first to understand that I actually think Trump is an ass hat (but with some redeeming personal qualities I believe).
The point I was making is exactly that the left today are organising (effectively) around a position of hate. Nothing more than that, but I am not really surprised that it led to irrelevant discussions about about Clinton, Obama and 2012 Republicans.

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posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 11:56 AM

originally posted by: rnaa
a reply to: Annee

That word salad about what happened in the 2012 redistricting doesn't tell you anything of value.

Perhaps this picture will help: Arizona 8th map Notice that it is centered on Sun City and Surprise. That is Joe Arpaio's heartland. The Surprise Tea Party is the group that turned Arpaio into a birther. Sun City is square mile after square mile of retiree homes and trailer parks.

Can you see where Maricopa County is? The counties are not labeled on that map.

Here is a county map. Arizona County Map

Here is a breakdown of all of There are FIVE congressional districts covering the Phoenix metropolitan area, and the rest of Maricopa County is split between two other congressional districts.

Yes, most of Arizona is nominally 'conservative'. The more 'liberal' hotbeds are in Southern Arizona (Tucson) and North Central Arizona (Flagstaff). But the state overall is within 5% of being 'balanced' these days. A 25% swing to the Democrats would see it turn fairly dark blue.

Thanks for your detailed and informative post(s).

I've lived in AZ for about 30 years. Although, I am in the SW.

I've found many Arizonians to be of independent thinking (after talking with them for a while). On the surface they lean Republican - - but, will vote what they think is right.

There is definitely a push to vote more progressive.
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