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-@TH3WH17ERABB17-Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings- PART -sIx-

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posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 01:35 AM
This interview is worth listening to, his guest, military insider " ZAQ " really connects some dots that many of us are confused about concerning SA, Syria , Iran and the whole friggin Mess ! Why the sudden come back of ISIS ? He claims the forces against Truth Movement and Trump are now full blown ON ! He disagrees with Q about trusting Sessions....UGH .

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posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 02:08 AM

originally posted by: Skyfloating
Kanye west says he likes the way way-far-right personality Candace Owen thinks

Welcome to QTrain Kanye West. We already knew you were one of us after that great anti-Illuminati rant on stage.

As Q predicted: Dems losing their grip on the black vote.

If LeBron James endorses the Trump agenda, it's "Game Over". LeBron is revered in the Black Community, from age 9 to 90.

posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 02:12 AM
a reply to: MountainLaurel

The Deep State orchestrating attacks against themselves to play the victim card in an attempt to push their psychopathic narrative now being that ISIS has been influenced by the right leaning voices who oppose the military industrial complex.

Wow...these people are indeed sick. They have no end to their depravity.

posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 02:55 AM
a reply to: dashen

Honestly I’m surprised you guys are surprised...

The system wasn’t built to be toppled by a cop with a conscience

posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 03:02 AM
It’s been 80,371 new posts since I last popped in! Wow. What a doozy. While the last score or so of months has seen ATS politicized (it wasn’t always so...), this one I found wholly enveloping. Down the rabbit hole indeed. I dunno what is goin on in Haiti or how planes tie into 5G platforms and trafficking sites that hadn’t their owners awarded by the FBI. I still know LV was a hit and just as much terrorism as anything of 9/11 yore. This thread leaves th crumbs, let’s make ourselves proud and find out what rock is harboring that fishy smell! Because something stinks. I miss the old ATS with newly discovered bugs and stuff. I love the cryptid forum and enjoy BEK tales as much as the next.... but watching tonight’s WestWorld premiere got me thinking. The show is great but creeps me out on a bunch of levels, much like Black Mirror. It dawned on me I get a feeling we’re watching a show that is being told to us, ABOUT us. Anyway Q is much food to gnaw no matter my or anyone else’s take. They do allude to the esoteric... stay sharp friends. Thanks for keeping me tuned into the world around, but not seen, the beauty in all, but not explained. Not yet. And thank you for all that you do when not sniping each other ATS! 😍 a reply to: dashen

posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 03:18 AM
You think Avicii knew things people didnt want him to know?

I really liked his music.

And Chester Bennington's

And Chris Cornell's

This world is really pissing me off.

Avicii's parents go to Oman to repatriate his body...
Still no cause of death announced.

But they did 2 autopsies.
Say it's not foul play.
Sure...2 autopsies?

posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 03:46 AM
Clown ops?

A tour bus has crashed in North Korea, killing 36 people including 32 Chinese nationals, Chinese officials say.
The crash, which also killed four North Koreans, happened in North Hwanghae province on Sunday night.
North Korea bus crash kills 32 Chinese tourists

the incident is likely the most fatal accident involving Chinese tourists since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in 2014, where 153 Chinese passengers have been declared dead in absentia

North Korea Bus Crash Could Be Worst Chinese Tourist Incident in Years

ETA from 2nd article:

Yesterday’s bus accident could prove particularly challenging to both China and North Korea.

China, which tends to be quite heavy-handed in its reaction to Chinese fatalities abroad, may feel compelled to take a more cautious approach to an incident in North Korea given recent developments in the world of diplomacy. The seeming rapprochement between North Korea, the United States, and South Korea has left China worried about potential lost influence on the Korean peninsula, according to a New York Times report. Putting heavy pressure on the Kim regime at a time when the country’s government is exploring a path forward with South Korea and the United States could certainly prove diplomatically unwise.

ETA2: Made a thread: 32 Chinese Dead In North Korea Bus Tragedy - Worst Incident For Chinese Tourists Since MH370
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posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 04:06 AM
a reply to: tiredoflooking

Black clothes, Mask, couldn't one say this is casting "Antifa" as the "Light" the "Saviours"

does that fit your narrative?

posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 04:10 AM
a reply to: XAnarchistX

Those are antipedofa.

posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 04:11 AM

originally posted by: MindBodySpiritComplex
Clown ops?

Just when NK was making peace with its neighbors. What a coincidence...not. Sick of these clowns.

posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 04:15 AM
a reply to: tiredoflooking

Oh wow, excellent find! From the article you linked:

Leading DJ Avicii has turned his attention to fighting child trafficking as he made his debut as a director with a pair of disturbing videos.

The Swedish house DJ, one of the biggest stars on the global club circuit, said he was hoping to use his music for a greater social cause.

“The promise of a better life often traps families and children into being used as tools for some of the most despicable people on Earth,”

For a Better Day,” which will appear on Avicii’s upcoming album “Stories,” features a video full of unsettling imagery as hooded traffickers go on a killing spree of adults in their way, including a politician portrayed by actor Krister Henriksson.

The video shows two children rushing through fields to escape, only to be forced barely clothed into a traffickers’ car.

Avicii tackles human trafficking in directorial debut
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posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 05:18 AM
a reply to: Skyfloating
Does this Orange County sherriff post tie into earlier talk in the thread of the "House of Orange"?

I thought that had directly been raised in Q posts, but no!

I can't seem to search at the mo but remember a few posts discussing it in relation to European monarchies with Tigertatzen. Anyone recall how it arose? Perhaps from infinity?

posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 05:53 AM
a reply to: xuenchen
Same tune but new title maybe:

Fist Mass?
P*ssed Mass?
Hist. Past? (actually this one may work using 12 key bad events re-viewed from the perspective of soon to be victors...)

posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 06:02 AM
Hi fellow ATS'ers,

I've been here for a while, but never have I seen a thread that connects so many dots in one of the biggest "conspiracies" of our time. First of all I want to give a big star & flag to dashen and all the contributors/researchers of this Q phenomenon. I've been following this form the start and what a ride it had been so far and I've got a feeling that this is just the start...

I live in a comfortable bubble in the Netherlands and it is very difficult for me to discuss these subject with my friends and family, because it's to big and negative for them to even think about. Besides we need 2 full time jobs to keep our materialistic bubble alive and are worn out because of that. Simple said: we don't have much energy left to think about and investigate these negative matters and rather buy a bigger tv and watch MSM instead. Well played deepstate

Now back on topic:

I've seen the Avicii documentary on Netflix on my big and new SMART TV (dammit, there goes my rep) just a week before his "mysterious" death. I felt there was something more going on behind the scenes. He just quitted the scene at the top of his game and was beginning to look more and more like an empty shell. Yes, he had anxiety attacks, an alcohol problem (to deal with that) and his body was failing him, but we didn't get to know why exactly he started having anxiety attacks.

After he left the scene he went to Madagaskar and was looking for spritual, intellectual and emotional development.
In the years after that he looked fitter but you could still see that he was battling an inner struggle.
Maybe he was finally ready to speak out and clean his mind. And with all this stuff going on they just needed to make sure that this big star could't get a stage and set an example for the whole POP star cult.

I wasn't a big fan of his music but I really feel sorry for him.

posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 06:07 AM
a reply to: MindBodySpiritComplex

Yes. Really sad.

That article is 2015. The video mentioned is in my post above.

He has been sick over the years bad pancreatitis. A disease close to my heart my little sister got it at 21 it's usually a disease associated with drinking for many years. Avicii blamed his on drinking, my sister did as well then later found out it was more likely autoimmune at such a young age.

It just sounds odd to me there is no released cause of death yet and 2 autopsies seems strange.

Found that trafficking article on reddit. He was said to be vacationing in Oman. He had discontinued touring last year. I wonder what he was up to. If he was researching or advocating against bad people it's becoming too many coincidences.

posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 06:13 AM

originally posted by: Skyfloating
Q makes a good point. Why does Al Gore mention all kinds of stuff on Twitter, but forget to mention Earth Day?

Maybe because he is not all that interested?

I'll add another question to that: If he believes sea levels will rise, why does he buy a mansion right at the beach?

Because he's a bald-faced liar. Not even trying to hide it anymore.

"These people are stupid." (Q wasn't kidding.)

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posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 06:25 AM

originally posted by: dashen
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

Heck ya!.
I bet we ALL get the padded cell


I just want a quick death if it comes to tyranny against us all. Martyrdom sucks but someone will have to do it before others wake up. The public waited too long in Germany/Deutschland and unleashed a monster. The left leaning party of hate pretending to represent the people won. So, will we repeat that again? Some people are on board with the same bad ideas and calling it 'progress'.

posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 06:33 AM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi
Building on Xuenchen's comment on "5 days of Xmas", it appears to me this could be a great set of building/reinforcing MEMEs!

ANKH, others... any ideas to fill the gaps on this proposed version:

The 5 Eyes of Hist. Past

On the first day of "Hist. Past" my F.U. Gov said to me:
On the 2nd day of "Hist. Past" my FOOGOV said to me:
"XXX" and "XXX",
On the 5th day of "Hist. Past" my FOOGOV said to me:
"Fed Reserve Gold Lives"... "XXX", "XXX", "XXX" and "XXX",
On the 6th day of "Hist Past" my FOOGOV said to me:
"XXX", "Fed Reserve Gold Lives"... "XXX", "XXX", "XXX", and "XXX"

(move to fixing the problem)
On the 7th day of "Hist Past" my TRUE Gov said to me:
"SEE THROUGH WHAT YOU'RE TOLD!!", "XXX"?, "Fed Reserve Gold Lives"?... "XXX"?, "XXX"?, "XXX"?, and "XXX"?
On the 8th day of "Hist Past" my TROOGOV said to me:
"Counter 1st XXX", "SEE THROUGH WHAT YOU'RE TOLD!!", "XXX"?, "Fed Reserve Gold Lives"?... "XXX"?, "XXX"?, "XXX"?, and "XXX"?

In summary... 6 negative points from the "F**k You" Govs of the past = "The Great Awakening"
countered by 6 correction points from the "True to You the People" Gov = MAGA!

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posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 07:35 AM
Hi again peeps.

Sorry to interrupt the thread and I know I don't post in these threads very often at all, just now and again to share something I think you will all find interesting regarding all this corruption and vileness. But although I don't contribute often, do follow the threads.

I don't think it's been shared on here yet (apologies if I'm mistaken), but I've just seen this video on YT and it's of a military man called Scott Bennett and he's making an affidavit/statement on video about the corruption he reported years ago that wasn't acted upon, and lots of other stuff. He is officially addressing and giving notice to President Trump on video to act on his statement. He is doing this on advice from President Trump and The Whitehouse. I think you all will find it very interesting.

It's about 50 minutes long but once you start watching I'm certain you won't be bored.

Again, apologies if it's already been shared and discussed.

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posted on Apr, 23 2018 @ 07:50 AM
As side info in relation to UK Royal family, which has been included in Q Posts #100 and #620:

Prince William - 3rd child born

The child, who was born in the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital, central London, is fifth in line to the throne and the Queen's sixth great-grandchild.

The new arrival, who is the third child of Catherine and the Duke of Cambridge, was born at 11:01 BST weighing 8lbs 7oz.

New Line of succession to British Throne:

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