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Rather wonderful video showing the various views to be had from the ISS (apparently..?!)

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posted on Apr, 20 2018 @ 04:30 PM

I breathe a sigh of relief when I arrive on ATS. Here, despite pressure from trickle-down disinformation artists, we're at least free (for the moment) to voice any hypothesis, theory - or even spontaneous, random thoughts which may prove generative of healthy debate & discussions..

With that canvas as the subtext, please pull up a chair, snuggle in your favourite space blanket, and have a watch of this little beauty. A video from the popular (deservingly so) website, a fantastic resource for academic thought made public, for free, no adverts, no paywall - just a wide variety f free thought on all manner of topics. The level of creative freedom permitted to contributors is reminiscent of the hallowed halls of ATS, but is specifically a forum for publicly known academics & scientists of various stripes. The site is supported by charitable contributions given by members of the establishment, various think-tanks & NGOs, etc. This raises the spectre of whether there is an editorial bias of any sort, but a general survey reveals a great variety of opinion & diversity of worldview, etc, so it's reasonably safe to assume that the overall presentation is unbiased.

Here's the video - have a watch & I will share my thoughts below (unfortunately the presentation is of a Vimeo embedded in the page, with no share code available, therefore you need to visit the page in order to view the video..) If anyone knows how to retrieve an embed code suitable for use here on ATS, please let me know how it works & I will edit this post accordingly..

Awesome video of a variety of views from the International Space Station

Now firstly, WOW, what a great video. But is it what we would call 'internally consistent'..? Is it fully a truthful reflection of exactly what views can be had from the ISS, or from low-earth orbit in general? I ask because in recent times (for several years) we have been denied stunning views from the ISS. We get lots & lots of clips of the Earth, against a stark, totally black backdrop, with (perhaps) a view of the Sun coming around the curvature of the Earth, a spotlight which does nothing but enhance the blackness of space which we are being 'treated' to by those in charge of the ISS. We only seem to get viewpoints of the actual universe in which we are floating when the film is carefully edited & stitched together in promo clips such as this one.

I cannot recall any press release of footage from the ISS being presented here in the UK with anything but a totally black backdrop, and possibly a spotlight Sun. And we're talking several years of observations of the press here in the UK - we hardly ever see anything but what I have previously referred to as the 'Black Hole Abyss of Doom' portrayal (the BHAD model) of 'Space' (I cannot recall EVER having seen anything else in our media press releases - no stars, no Milky Way, no distant nebulae - just a Black Hole Abyss of Doom, 'designed', I believe, as a deliberate strategy to cause us to be apathetic & even 'fearful' of the reality of the universe we occupy). I'm absolutely convinced that in this regard we are being grossly manipulated, en masse, by a consistent media policy, a protocol even, which has been to portray 'Space' as a cold, dead, dark & fearful place, 'the Void' from which there is no life, no joy, no return. The most 'celebrated' film of recent times, Gravity, was equally a portrayal of the BHAD model of Space, a desolate & terrifying void which only exists to strike existential terror into the hearts of Mankind.

My contention is that we only see 'the good stuff' - the galaxy, stars, nebulae, etc - when it has been carefully edited into a 'Short' feature film such as the one linked above. Don't get me wrong - I'm grateful to have any access at all to the absolutely stunning panoramic vistas in the video I've linked - but it is sparsely provisioned, with very few quality films such as the above. Most presentations of Space follow the BHAD protocol, and I believe this is engineered deliberately, as noted, to cause apathy & fear in the hearts & minds of the general public when it comes to 'Space' matters. And this could be for any number of insidious reasons.

I'm not going to 'jump the shark' & get fully on the Flat Earth bandwagon - but I definitely agree with them in part; that we are being horrendously deceived when it comes to the realities of local Space, and the strikingly absent REAL canvas of starry glory, the REAL backdrop against which we should be able to view our planet in all the press releases 'under the Sun', so to speak.

And the reason I know we're being deceived, and manipulated in this way - causing the existential terrors of the BHAD protocol, is that ANY PRESS OFFICER in charge of the NASA mission promotions, would know FULL WELL, that the people want the 'good stuff' - we want to see the stars, the astounding, breathtaking beauty of the universe we occupy, that wondrous panopoly of sense gratification which arises in the stunned human heart when we get chance to see the astonishing wonders of the starry waters in which the Earth is magically suspended, orbiting a stellar power in a glorious journey through the heavens. And yet, year after year, month after month, these self-same NASA press officers, who know full well that we want - nay, we NEED - to see the good stuff, despite the blatant & obvious human drive, the necessity of our souls, to appreciate beauty - instead of the true views of the Earth spinning in the heavens, we are given the same viewpoint that a drowning rat would have - swimming around ceaselessly in a large, sealed paint can, half filled with water, with a ball handing from a string above - swimming in total & oppressive darkness, with no light except that glaring & affronting shine of the 'pinhole spotlight' excuse for a Sun.

WHY are we denied the glories? Could it be part of a strategy which extends from fluoridation, to endless war, to corrupt politicians 'getting away with it', all the way up to these BS fake views of the Earth - appearing to orbit a magnesium flare behind a pinhole stuck through our cosmic paint can, all wrapped up tight with the Black Hole Abyss of Doom PARADIGM being repeatedly rammed into our cranium. Are we being manipulated so that we'll keep our heads down, eyes firmly fixed on the Earth & all its trappings - instead of literally reaching for the stars in all that we do, experimenting with better social models & fairer labour laws, restrictions on excessive hoarding of resources, etc. No, instead of all that MIGHT have been, we are stuck in a fiat debt system, lied to every day, denied even the most basic of human rights - to look up, to look outwards, to see what a wondrous place we inhabit.

I am sickened. SICKENED that we are denied the truth in such a cold manner. The universe is OUR INHERITANCE, and together we could achieve marvels unbounded, incredible feats which stretch our capabilities as a civilisation to astonishing reaches. Don't fall for the BHAD 'programming' - look up, look out (& look within!) Our humanity, our place in the Universe, is NOT insignificant (as one of the supposed ambassadors of Space repeats vigorously in the video - to her eternal shame - stating emphatically that we are utterly insignificant.

Conclusion below....

posted on Apr, 20 2018 @ 04:31 PM
Do you know what that does to the mind of a child who is otherwise fascinated by astronomy & cosmology? It DESTROYS or otherwise severely stifles the spark of vitality & human curiosity which had been established in his or her little heart. Every aspect of his/her hopes & dreams with regards to 'Life, the Universe & Everything', is now tainted with that morbid, depressing proclamation, from someone who's supposed to be an Icon of inspiration. It's a literally insidious extension of that deliberate BHAD model programming. Its disgusting.


Liberate our access to genuine footage & images of the incredible, glorious universe we inhabit. Of which, as conscious observers, quantum science (along with various modern schools of thought in neuroscience & philosophy), informs us we are an integral & valued component.

F*** THEM. Be Free.

The whole SpaceX thing is similarly a fraudulent distraction, a curiosity having more to do with 'their' anthropological study of how us - mere mortals - respond to grandiose & fraudulent distractions, than with any actual, legitimate, genuine exploration & technological development connected to our engagement with Space & all its many wonders.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

If you could please contribute by sharing the videos you have found which demonstrate the REALITY of space, in any productions you know of which have managed to penetrate the veil of BS which TPTB have used to covered over our COSMIC INHERITANCE

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

And yes, I believe that control of the narrative, the cover-up of UFO technology (for example) is a key aspect of the reasons they have deemed it 'impossible/inadvisable' to allow us un-doctored access to genuine, long-running projects which provide unedited footage our cosmic neighbourhood. Having seen how credulous the people have been in regards particularly to some of the SpaceX BS, I sincerely have doubts as to whether we'll be able to pressure 'them' to reveal the truth of our cosmic haven any time soon. If we remain credulous & uneducated on the multiplicitous aspects of 'The Cover-Up' & the duplicitous scurrilous scoundrels who have presented the ever-evolving FAKE NARRATIVE to the doorstep of our minds, and the minds of our children. Can we exert the requisite pressure required in order to 'break the enchantment' & show people what's REALLY going on up there? Only time will tell. If we're lucky, Providence will provide opportunities for 'them' to slip up, perhaps to over-reach. Or, will they now retract their 'extension' of narrative manipulation, the crafting of fake, BS, Space-related narratives?

Only Time will tell.

Here's to Hope - to that everlasting hope which we hold in respect of seeking the Truth, and the astounding reality of our Cosmic locale..


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posted on Apr, 20 2018 @ 06:00 PM

originally posted by: FlyInTheOintment
If anyone knows how to retrieve an embed code suitable for use here on ATS, please let me know how it works & I will edit this post accordingly..
I think youtube vids are the only type that can be embedded here. I can't see the vid you linked, I get the message "Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here."

And we're talking several years of observations of the press here in the UK - we hardly ever see anything but what I have previously referred to as the 'Black Hole Abyss of Doom' portrayal (the BHAD model) of 'Space' (I cannot recall EVER having seen anything else in our media press releases - no stars, no Milky Way, no distant nebulae - just a Black Hole Abyss of Doom, 'designed', I believe, as a deliberate strategy to cause us to be apathetic & even 'fearful' of the reality of the universe we occupy).
Many features in space are beautiful things to look at from the comfort of earth, such as the famous nebula in my avatar. However space is an inhospitable place for us fragile humans. Even the beauty seen in my avatar has likely already been destroyed by the harshness of space, via the shockwave of a supernova, but because the light takes so long to reach us we can't see it destroyed yet.

There is also the issue which has come up in moon landing hoax topics about no stars visible from the moon's surface which as to do with some basic photographic facts of life like contrast, brightness and exposure levels. Nobody was trying to hide the stars from us, but some people apparently are vastly ignorant of some basic principles of photography which have been explained in excruciating detail in rebuttal to the moon hoax claims which I'm sure you can read if you want to.

Principles of photography aside, this video talks about how inhospitable the universe is which is why the so-called "anthropic principle" seems like such a strange notion.

The reality is that the Universe is 100% completely inhospitable. Well, apart from a thin layer on the surface of our Earth, but that’s got to be a rounding error. A fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the teeniest percent of the volume of the Universe. The rest of the Universe is bunk.

If I was plucked out of our cozy environment and dropped into the near vacuum of pretty much anywhere else, the only resource would be a handful of hydrogen atoms. And what can you do with a few hydrogen atoms? Nothing. It might even give Bear Grylls a run for his money. He might have a little more trouble on a star’s surface, crisping up in a heartbeat.

Into a black hole? Surface of a neutron star? Near an exploding supernova? Please enjoy the crushing pressures and hellish temperatures of Venus, or the freezing irradiated surface of Mars.

Earth itself is mostly a deathtrap. Travel down a few kilometers and you’d bake and crush from the rising temperatures of the Earth’s interior. Travel up and the air gets thin, cold and killy. In fact, without our technology heating, cooling, or helping us breathe, we wouldn’t last more than a few days on most of the planet.

When you think about the landscape of time, we even live in a brief thumbnail of a moment when Earth is hospitable. Over the next few billion years, the Sun is going to heat up to the point that the surface of Earth will resemble the surface of Venus. And then the last hospitable hidey-hole in the entire Universe, that we know of, will wink out. The Universe is as inhospitable as it could possibly be. That is, without being completely inhospitable.

I find it hard to argue with him, regardless of how many beautiful pictures I see from the Hubble Space telescope. The facts say most of the universe is rather inhospitable for us humans, regardless of how pretty some pictures may be.

posted on Apr, 20 2018 @ 06:20 PM
Very nice
The presentation in the video narrated by various astronauts is similar to a show I’ve been watch called One Strange Rock on Nat Geo narrated by Will Smith

How strange it must be to view our big blue planet 🌎 set against a pitch black sky.

Thanks for posting

posted on Apr, 20 2018 @ 06:44 PM
a reply to: Arbitrageur

I have a lot of respect for your scientific knowledge - and have followed and learned a lot from your "ask me anything thread". I just find it strange that you don't contribute to certain topics when so called "science" is caught out.

Here's a recent whose results doesn't surprise me.

The Corruption of Evidence Based Medicine — Killing for Profit

Better yet as the OP mentioned fluoridation of water - care to show me studies that prove fluoridation prevents tooth decay thereby being used as an excuse for compulsory addition to the water supply.

I can show you studies that prove the opposite and studies that show why fluoride permanently stifles peoples drive initiative and a general dumbing down. ie passivity.

We have seen enough videos of where NASA enhances and colourizes objects all in the name of making them more "appealing" to the public with no disclaimers.

Apologies to the OP, I'm not trying to go off topic.

posted on Apr, 20 2018 @ 07:16 PM
a reply to: violet

Heres a nice video, time lapse collection from ISS, The planet however speeds up and slows down 3/4 of the way through

posted on Apr, 20 2018 @ 08:18 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

I just want to say thank you for the wonderful OP, where you explained the website from which you got the video, and then, as we are supposed to do here yet MANY do NOT, you summarized and discussed the video! Thank you!

posted on Apr, 20 2018 @ 09:18 PM
Not FAKE! at all!!!!!!
See video below.
the clip at 1:16 space has stars in it? what!
then a darker clip after it has No stars?

posted on Apr, 20 2018 @ 09:37 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

I don't know where to begin with this. Have you ever heard the saying, "Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out"?

How do you know that these nebulae and galaxies exist? You've seen countless photographs of them, perhaps you've seen them though a telescope, perhaps you've done what tens of thousands of amateur astronomers around the world have done and taken your own photographs of them through a telescope.

Well, I guess that means there's not some massive conspiracy to hide them after all.

So you saw a video that showed the Earth in daylight from orbit. In the background the sky was black, and you expected to see stars.

To you, obviously this meant that the video was altered by some massive galactic conspiracy between NASA, the Freemasons, the Saucer People and the reverse vampires or whatever to hide those things that (as pointed out above) are not actually hidden.

Did it not occur to you that your expectations might be wrong? Is that how the mind of a conspiracy theorist works? "I don't see what I expect. I will make no effort to question my expectations, since I cannot possibly be wrong. Instead, I will blame a vast conspiracy involving many nations and possibly other species, because that's more believable than me being wrong."

I'm sorry for the venting. I just get really ticked-off when when people who have worked very hard to achieve amazing things are - when they try to share what they have done - accused of being liars by people who have made no attempt to understand anything.

Me, I simply did a youtube search for "ISS night view", and lo and behold! I found videos like this one that show the starry sky above the Earth at night, including the Milky Way, the Aurora Borealis and even the Orion Nebula (if you know where to look and what to look for - these are wide-angle, not telescopic views so it is very small in the image).


OK, I'm done ranting. I mean it this time. Educational content to follow:


Why would you expect to see stars above a sunlit Earth? Probably because it's what you've seen in every movie & TV show EVER, from "Le Voyage dans la Lune" in 1902 to "The Expanse" this week, all of them show sunlit planets, moons and spaceships with stars in the background, and they are all wrong. Every one of them.

Don't take my word for it, or the word of a book or a website or a youtube video.

This is something you can test for yourself, and you don't even have to go into space.

You might think that in space, stars must be brighter than they appear on Earth because there is no air to absorb their light. This is true, but the crucial question is, how much (what percentage) of the light is blocked; or to put it another way, how much brighter would the stars appear if there was no atmosphere. Here's how you can test it:

At night, when you look straight up you are looking through "one thickness" of the Earth's atmosphere. If instead of looking straight up, you look up at an angle, then you are looking through the air at a slant, and therefore are looking through "more than one thickness" of Earth's atmosphere. At some angle, you're going to be looking through "two thicknesses" of the Earth's atmosphere. With a little trig, you'll find that that angle is ~30 degrees above the horizon (1/3rd of the way from horizontal to vertical).
Here's the important thing: When you're looking ~30° off the horizon you're looking through twice as much atmosphere as when you're looking straight up. Therefore, the difference in average brightness of stars (or the moon or sun, for that matter) between ~30° and straight up is the same difference as between straight up and looking through no air at all.

Thus, if (arbitrarily) someone says that stars in space should be "a hundred times brighter" than what we see from Earth, you know right away that they are wrong (even though you're not an astronaut), because if that were true, stars (and the Sun & Moon) would be a hundred times fainter when they are 30° above the horizon than when they are straight overhead. They aren't 10 times fainter - hell, where I live they're not even reduced by half. My own un-calibrated eyeballs tell me that clear air only blocks 20%-40% of the light. Look for yourself - Measure the FACT for yourself.


The other part of the "why is the sky black?" question has to do with how your eyeballs and cameras process light.

Eyeballs are easy to explain. You know how night vision works. If you're in a lighted room and the lights go out, you can't see a thing for several minutes, then your pupils dilate and your retina releases chemicals to increase sensitivity and after several minutes you start to see pretty well from lights as small as the LED on your computer. Turn the lights on and off again and you have to start over.
Similarly, if you drive out into the countryside away from cities, you can stand in the dark and adapt to see a glorious starscape. However, if you switch on your headlights and look at the ground in front of them, you night vision is toast. Now remember that the Sun is many, many times brighter than headlights. Don't believe me? Turn on your headlights in broad daylight and tell me how much brighter they make the ground. Headlight-lit ground merely ruins your night vision; sunlit ground (such as Earth seen from orbit) totally nukes it.

Cameras are similar to eyes in that they have pupils (the aperture - the settings are called f-stops) and retinas (the film or CCD chip in modern still & video cameras). The aperture can open & close like a pupil, and the sensitivity of the film or CCD can be regulated (the term is called ISO - ISO 100 is fine-grained film for daylight shooting, while ISO 1000 film is very sensitive (and grainy) film stock for shooting in low light without a flash. Film is made at a specific ISO, CCD chips can be adjusted to emulate a wide range of ISO).
A third variable in the equation is the shutter speed, or how long the shutter is staying open to allow light to fall on the film or CCD. For a set f-stop and ISO, leaving the shutter open for 1 second lets in 100 times as much light as it would if you had it open for 1/100th of a second.
Here's where you can really, really get a feel for just how faint the stars are compared to sunlit surfaces. Shooting on ISO 160 at f/11, you'd use a shutter speed of 1/250th of a second. If you wanted to make one of those lovely atrophotographs like this one, you would have to leave the shutter open for several seconds to get the stars to show-up at all. In other words, stars are many thousands of times fainter than sunlit objects. Thus, if you have a film or video camera NO MATTER HOW EXPENSIVE OR ADVANCED, If you have it set to properly expose daylight scenes, it will never, ever show stars.

Again, DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. TRY IT YOURSELF. This website has a great primer for getting you started.

Hope this helps.

posted on Apr, 21 2018 @ 01:10 AM
i always find it amusing that people will claim that the truth is being hidden (and by truth they usually mean their subjective interpretation of what they think should be happening rather that what is), and then present a video from a social media sharing site as proof.

I'm in the UK. I'm well aware of the videos available from the ISS and when they show stars and when they don't. The OP does not speak for everyone here. Nobody is denying anyone the glories of the universe. All you need to do is buy a book, or borrow one, or get a telescope and see it all for yourself. If the only effort you ever put in to looking up is finding pictures of the universe on youtube then you have only yourself to blame for your lack of knowledge.

The only people hiding knowledge and understanding from you is yourself. Stop blaming everyone else if you don't get what you want.

posted on Apr, 21 2018 @ 12:32 PM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight
Video doesn’t play but thanks

posted on Apr, 21 2018 @ 03:16 PM
a reply to: Arbitrageur

Great reply, thank you. What I would say though, is that if NASA really wanted to garner interest in Space, then on their press releases, they should be showing the wonderful vistas which you are aware of (the linked video has myriad stunning sections of the galaxy as seen from the ISS. But the problem is, they are NOT showing the beautiful backdrop which would really encourage interest in astronomy & cosmology in general, among the youth. It's not as if they don't have those wonderful images & videos - we know they do. Trouble is, they deliberately CHOOSE to show the craooy videos of the view of Earth, with no stars in the background sue to the photography principles you noted. I fully understand the dilemma of the photographer, and appreciate that not all Space shots have the potential to show those wonderful vistas. However, they deliberately CHOOSE not to show that footage.

This reinforces my hypothesis that we are being willfully left out in the cold, bleak, dreary 'Black Hole Abyss of Doom' paradigm. The fact of the photography limitations is understood - as is the fact that most of Space is uninhabitable; however, what I'm getting at is that the glories of the Heavens, the ocular, visual wonders which can be captured by the human eye, is 'de facto' completely CENSORED in effect, as per the NASA press officers who choose only to release footage showing the dark & terrifying BHAD paradigm images & video, with the earth looking literally TOTALLY isolated. Then you get astronauts literally narrating (in a creepily joyful manner) that not only are people absolutely, 100% insignificant, but the entire Earth is insignificant, in fact most of the universe is insignificant. And then she says that this is a fantastic thing for people to understand! In absolute truth, that sort of editorial opinion' is utter garbage.

At the very least, we are significant & worthwhile to each other, if we live in a decent & harmonious way. And that's sufficient cause to state with 100% commitment to Truth, that we ARE significant, and in relation to the vast cosmos the entire Earth is significant. Many physicists & cosmologists these days believe with certainty that the universe is in some mysterious way perfect for conscious, sentient observers, in a way, that the universe was made for us, for sentient observers. So this garbage from NASA is a travesty. They release this video on a relatively obscure site, and I guess that by doing so, they feel they are 'cleansed of their sins' - those sins of censorship & deception, both having been rampant in the agency for decades.

posted on Apr, 21 2018 @ 03:27 PM
a reply to: Saint Exupery

You're completely missing the point. I am NOT saying that nebulae & stars do not exist. An intelligent reading of the OP will show that I am railing against the way that NASA press officers have chosen to release only 'Earth floating in a Black Hole Abyss of Doom' daylight stills & videos. In the UK this has been happening for at least the past ten years. We are being subtly programmed to conceive of space as a cold, dark & dead Void, and hence the children lose interest or become inwardly afraid of the concept of Space, and the adults lose interest, because a globe floating in black ink is not a pretty image & to be honest, we all deserve better. We need inspiration from clear images & video showing those wonders - but all we get is the BHAD paradigm. It's deliberate & hugely cynical/ morbid.

What is wrong with the whole NASA thing? It's that they SHOULD be releasing plenty of side-on, or 'the Earth at nighttime' videos, in order to inspire interest by demonstrating the glories of the Heavens. But nooooooo, they choose only to release daytime shots, which genuinely negatively affect the psyche most definitely on a subconscious level, and often on a conscious level too - particularly in terms of young children who grow up with a completely false conception of what the Earth, in the context of the rest of the universe, actually looks like, suspended in the cosmos - what those stars & galaxies look like in the backdrop of the Earth's orbital position.

You are so far off the mark with your 'rant' that there's really nothing more I can say. You totally missed the point.

NB - I understand why this has been placed in the Skunk Works - it doesn't surprise me in the least. Viva la revolution!

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posted on Apr, 21 2018 @ 04:04 PM
a reply to: OneBigMonkeyToo

So you don't believe that public perceptions are deliberately moulded & constructed via the psychologically astute methods available to persons with the capacity for the creation of televisual programming? You don't believe that news corporations & institutional media organisations are interested in using all the tricks of the trade to manipulate public opinion, or that they likely get some form of hidden kickbacks for so doing? Then you are deluded, and do not fully understand the power of media, it's potential as a tool for mass mind control. In this case you are right, my OP doesn't speak for all the people in the UK. It only speaks for those who are aware of the manipulations which most definitely do occur, and so essentially, there is a divide between those who have, by some way - either through research, or by a chance encounter with someone in the know - become awakened to the realities of mind manipulation with regards to some spheres of authoritarian stricture within the nations of the world.

"Keep your eyes to the ground, space is a cold, dark & deadly void, nobody wants to go there, it's far too difficult anyway - heck, we barely made it through the Apollo program (if indeed all flights actually occurred) & now we're going to spend the next fifty years testing our technologies in a modified & expanded tin can floating in low earth orbit.

What a crock. Here's what Ben Rich had to say on the matter of space exploration way back in 1993...!!!!!

"The U. S. Air Force has just given us a contract to take E. T. back home."
"We also know how to travel to the stars."
"Anything you can imagine we already know how to do."
"If you've seen it in Star Trek or Star Wars, we've been there and done that."
"We have things in the Nevada desert that are alien to your way of thinking
far beyond anything you see on Star Trek."

As Ben Rich was the head of Lockheed Martin's famous advanced aeronautics 'SkunkWorks' division, I think it's perfectly acceptable to get him involved in the debate here. Based on what he, and many others involved in various component agencies of Space exploration technical research have said, along the same lines as that quoted herein, we can safely assume that many of the UFO-type craft whizzing around the skies with impunity are in fact human-operated vehicles. So I stand by what I said in the OP: We are being denied the magnitude of the true picture of what goes on above our heads - at least in terms of mainstream media press releases - all part of the 'catch, contain, control' protocol. As is often the case elsewhere on the 'www' these days. Your efforts were a waste of time, should anyone choose to research what the mainstream narrative has consisted of over the past ten years, with regards to space exploration. As noted it also happens (in a slightly attenuated manner) in movies such as 'Gravity', with many others also feeding into the BHAD, cold, dark, dead paradigm.

Fluoride in the water, genetically modified crops & trans-Atlantic trade deals which are so venomous that they should carry a biohazard warning on each page of the legalese documents - and then, a deep black blanket thrown across the stars, lessening our capacity to observe them 'au naturel'. The amount of particulates emitted in the skies plays a hue role in obscuring the view perhaps on50% of the occasions when otherwise the natural weather system would have allowed for clear skies making for easy stellar viewing.. Combine these aspects of the control system with the financial & industrial operations set up to benefit the rich & squeeze out the lower castes, ultimately denying them the simple liberties of things like a savings account with actual money in it, and tragically, snatching away any chance of the home ownership which technically, they could have afforded, and so on, purely so the banks can leech their wealth as they continue to pour money down the drain by renting instead of buying. Everything is set up like a very particular board game, in which you must learn the rules of stealth in order to ever come into prosperity by ordinary means of hard graft & careful negotiations. There is a series of glass ceilings stacked one above the other - should you ever seek to ascend, you will be restricted from so doing unless you learn the rules for each subsection.

Blanketing the stars is just one aspect of the control & conquer strategy, but it hits us in the inspirational portion of the brain, and thus limits our reach, our vision, our thankfulness for the environment with which we are blessed.

posted on Apr, 21 2018 @ 04:05 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Here's what Ben Rich had to say on the matter of space exploration way back in 1993...!

You might want to review the history of, and story behind, that story.
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posted on Apr, 21 2018 @ 04:25 PM
The only valid reason I can portend to in terms of why the glorious nighttime or die-on shots of the Earth bathing in the context of the incredibly beautiful stars & nebulae, the full views of the aurora borealis, and so on, is that perhaps - giving them the benefit of the doubt, and assuming they are witholding information for the purpose of protecting us, protecting our minds from the dissonance which might otherwise occur, in the event that a secretive non-human presence, entrenched & observing, perhaps skirmishing with some of our more advanced fighters, hidden by complex cloaking technologies which make them almost invisible, perhaps visible in movement, or by displacement of their ionic exhaust mechanism, etc. If we are being literally 'kept in the dark' for some reason such as that described herein, then I relinquish my hold on the barrage of criticism firmly entrenched in my mind, after many years of observing anomalies in the press, general media such as radio & TV, and mostly online, with the benefits of informational transfer that it brings.

The world is a very complex place. The financial system is a scam, and that just about sits at the heart of everything that's wrong with this world of ours. It wasn't formed so that a tiny elitist corp could hoard all the gold & silver, jewels & objects of power & interest, wonderful estates & so on, all the mechanism of exchange & deposit/ issue centrally controlled, thus making it impossible to make one's way through life without falling afoul of 'the rules' which have sprung up around this crooked 'fiat' financial system, masquerading with claims to consistency & fairness (when in reality the system is the opposite of fair). I wonder how the world would have turned out if crony hoarding of wealth hadn't occurred when it did. Would we have a more open & liberty-loving society? Who knows. I'm certainly not vouching for anarchy in any way, shape or form. But I suspect that if we were to follow the money trail (including the missing trillions), then we would be able to pinpoint junctions of corruption where funds or favours were diverted to line the pockets of those who already had more than anyone could ever need.

As noted previously, we already had the technology to travel the stars, over two decades ago. Everything you see at NASA is a choreographed drama. Yes, involving real science & real officials, a large body of operational staff specialists, all undertaking real work to achieve real goals. But at the top, it is stage managed, by 'the management', who are read-in to the scam, but play along for one reason or another - quite possibly seen as a genuine reason for a complex & wide-reaching system of deception, to protect the cognitive harmony of the people of Earth.

I hope there's a legitimate reason for the hoaxing which is plain as day, when you get into researching it. Not everything, but just some aspects which are carefully handled to ensure that no part of the secret, whatever it may be, can be exposed.

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a reply to: Phage

I think that 25 years is long enough to come up with a convincing cover story, so although I appreciate your input, overall my opinion won't be changed - I've seen to many inconsistencies & anomalous behaviours/ event management.

Of course, you are entitled to your opinion, and it's great to test the waters of a particular hypothesis by checking alternative viewpoints - but sincerely, I can't see myself ever changing my opinion on this one. Over a span f time & garnered through a variety of sources, I am certain that we have space-capable technologies. The technology tree of the Germans during WW2 was incredible, and within years they could have been whizzing around in UFO-type craft (maybe some of them survived to do so?) had they not been defeated in 1945. So to claim that solid fuel rockets are the cutting edge of modern technology is a blatant lie, based on proven principles of electrogravitics which were promptly classified in the 1950s. That advancement led to an incredibly powerful 'wealth/ influence generating machine', operated by the USA & the various allies & central banking dynasties in the decades since. NASA puts on fireworks displays for the masses, while the real war never actually ended; technologies will have advanced at a startling pace, and I assume that the threat of MAD eventually cooled it off to a 'lukewarn war' - a trade war with occasional proxy shooting wars (Syria) perpetuated by Nazi-affiliated corporations & countered in part by the continuing actions of the Anglo-American-Israeli network, and those who stand with them in the Commonwealth, and through exclusive trade deals with other nation states. The Nazi Undergroound is effectively a non-territorial state, existing on paper & bank ledgers all over the world, with huge corporate endeavours still inexorably tied to the frictions of the original conflicts.

25 years on, what a web could have been woven.. I sincerely hope & pray that we're on the right side of history, but I guess Time, as the Great Equaiser, will eventually level the playing field & permit for a just & unbiased self-analysis. I understand that governments & certain private institutions need to keep secrets - and I understand that overly liberal arrangements can assist in leading the populace into a situation which permits for the weakening of national security. However, we leave here as naked as we came, and so to do our work well - to walk in a just, merciful & humble political & military environment - that is the aim for which we should be striving. Only by fortifying the nation can its people be free to work according to their life's love, and to inquire spiritually or scientifically - whichever suits, if that is their way. Excessive deception operations, however, cannot be justified, imho, in this modern age. However, in light of the sophistication of modern knowledge-sharing, the people will eventually turn against those whose governance has treated them like imbeciles, promoting fake news, using the fakery of awesomely powerful CGI & blatant media bias in the selection of material to show to relatively sophisticated average members of the public.
Five minutes of research into the fakery of NASA images of Earth is enough to cause a spinout of dissonance, as it becomes abundantly clear that they're faking the images. It's intellectually insulting, so I hope there's a bloody good reason for it..

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but sincerely, I can't see myself ever changing my opinion on this one.

I didn't think so.

posted on Apr, 21 2018 @ 05:06 PM
a reply to: Phage

Yeah, you know how it goes. But seriously - why so much in the way of factual discrepancy in the photographs ('composite images') released by NASA in recent years? What about the fake image of an aurora at the northerly pole on Jupiter? That one was appallingly obvious - a cloned image (copy/pasted) of a previous photograph of Jupiter from a few years back, with a copy/pasted or fully CGI generated aurora laid over the top of the image. Scandalous. And yet we all believe in the illusion! Just what are they hiding, and why? As noted, I hope they have a really decent, legitimate reason for these shenanigans. And what are they actually achieving with their funding if much of what they release to the public is insultingly obvious faked imagery?

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 01:21 AM
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Umm... Look up camera shutter speeds and etc.

It's not a conspiracy in the slightest. You can either show the earth or the stars but not both for very valid technical reasons, and the only way to have both in frame and looking right at the same time is through highly curated composite images or well produced and definitely not live video.

So what you're reporting is in reality entirely consistent with exactly what you should expect to see given the way our image capture etc technology actually works.

In a way though this is an awesome question for how clearly it illustrates the monumental and compulsive disingenuousness of those pushing the flat earth narrative.

They ask you questions like why can't you see stars from the ISS knowing full well that only a very small percentage of people worldwide actually know offhand exactly why this is what you should expect to see.

It's like the 8 inches per mile squared formula which they know almost nobody will actually do the math on and find how quickly the formula falls apart as distance increases.

Essentially the entire flat earth movement relies on these very deliberately and cleverly deceptively constructed questions and scripted answers to appear to be telling truth in a way that will create a mental block in those susceptible to falling for this initially that makes them almost completely incapable of being deprogrammed without specialist intervention.

(Most of the mechanisms I've been able to concretely identify before are tactics used by cults which good descriptions and lists of exist on sites like the cult awareness network so I won't list them here)

The entire thing is a very clever and very malicious human brain hack essentially, and that should frighten the S*** out of all of us!

The reason I say that is because in something under 5 years this cult/brain hack has propagated faster than anything we've ever seen before. Thus, even if you are not one of the people susceptible to the hack... There's absolutely no guarantee that you won't be susceptible to the next, and there's definitely evidence that this isn't a spontaneous groundswell or mass awakening any more than the Arab spring was.

Edit to add:

You'll note my post after this is me thanking Phage for clearing up the Ben Rich thing, and that i also mentioned something about Tesla.

My having been a massive Tesla geek from way back is part of how I'm so absolutely certain that this entire thing is something other than what it's masquerading as.

Put simply, I knew and thoroughly understood enough about tesla, his work, and et cetera by the time the forged bulls*** started making the rounds that it was obvious to me from a technical as well as a writing style standpoint that the "documents" were trash... However, they were disturbingly well forged trash that showed up at a mighty convenient time.
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