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Grandfather was at the Famous Tinian Island in WW2

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posted on Apr, 19 2018 @ 01:01 PM

originally posted by: noonebutme
a reply to: Wolfenz

It's genuinely incredible and humbling to learn of what your ancestors did in regards to serving in war.

As I mentioned, I never had a clue and they never ever let on about it. I can only assume, unlike what Hollywood often portrays, it was awful and in many cases spirit destroying. No doubt the mental wounds never heal and they carried them around for the rest of their lives.

And I know they did the best they could to save me from know what that burden was like. Just as yours and everyone else's did.

I love learning about this type of history - the sort where your lineage had such an impact and you yourself were never away of it. Very inspiring.

Exactly ..

Just Imagine ... this ...

Your Working in the Prop Shop getting the Props of a Particular Bomber... ( Enola Gay ) ( BOCKSCAR ) Balance and the Blade Alignment and Re Dressed ... and Also Getting the Engines %100 Functional & Operating and Knowing Whats that Bomber, is Holding in its Cargo and going too Kill thousands of People too End the War.. Can you Imagine..

Probably something you would not Talk about .. at that time..

No Doubt My Grandfather Had some Issues He did Drink alot , according too my mother as the Pic Shows!
He also had Cirrhosis of the Liver from Drinking .. as pretty Much a Lot of WW2 Vets did...

It Must of Bothered him. but it ended the War...

I Never thought my Other Grandfather would also would be at a Famous Place Tinian and

and Had a Hand ( Involved ) to put the FINAL End the War.

posted on Apr, 27 2018 @ 09:47 AM
Some more Updates What was Highlighted it were my Grandfather was a part of

Found this !

HI & Sq Sq
Combat Crew Indoctrination Center#
325th Signal Con, Wing
336th Army Postal Unite
592nd AAl Sand
813th Chemical Co, Air Opna
891st Chemical Co, Air Opu

6th Baab Group
9th Bm Group
504th Saab Group
505th Somb Group
Col. Tibbets Group Enola Gay

72nd Air Service Group
77th Air Service Group
579th Air Materiel Sq
535th Air Engr Sq

358th Air Service Group
359th Air Service Group
509th Cmposite Group

Found from this PDF a Unclassified Document

Twentieth Air Force Command And Staff Reference Book by 33rd Statistical Control Unit
"Contains statistics and charts regarding the results of missions (locations, targets, achievements, hits, etc), the cost of missions, a breakdown of the combat effort, maintenance and supply and organization and strength." Digitized by the Combined Arms Research Library (CARL) Digital Library, US Army Combined Arms Center.

(Crew Picture ) of the
72nd Air Service Group ( Prop Chop )
Grand father Bottom left ( Sleeves Rolled up too Biceps )
His Crew Chief Tech Sgt. Ellis Reece Bethany is 2nd too the Left Top Row

My Grandfather grave Stone

looking Back Again and from the Tale of His Crew Chief ( My Grandfathers BOSS )

Tech Sgt. Ellis Reece Bethany told By His Daoughter

During the last year of the war, my dad was stationed on Tinian and in charge of the Propeller Shop. He was awarded a Bronze Star for that service because ALL of the B-29s that pounded Japan during the final months of the war were able to go and return safely to Tinian and Saipan as a result of the repair work done in that Shop. This included the Enola Gay and Bockscar. Enola Gay's mission to Hiroshima was successfully completed as planned, and the plane safely returned to Tinian, but Bockscar had little fuel left after its mission to Nagasaki on landing at Okinawa because of tactical mistakes. My father had been responsible for alerting Col. Tibbets as to how to synchronize the propellers to conserve fuel for his trip. The weight of the atomic bombs would have made a safe return trip impossible without this modification. Another little known fact is that the planes and crews for the mission to drop the 1st Atomic Bomb were secreted away from the B-29s flying regular missions, on the far side of Tinian, and unknown to the other crews. Col. Tibbets came to see my father to get the information under top secret conditions. - Respectfully written and submitted by E. Diane Lapointe

So from this Statement by My grandfather Bosses Daughter ,

Apparently My Grandfather was involved of Getting
The Enola Gay & Bockscar 100% Operational for the Mission too Drop the A Bombs on Hiroshima

Still kinda in AWE about it ... A Big Part of History

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edit on 52018FridayfAmerica/Chicago4116 by Wolfenz because: (no reason given)

posted on Apr, 27 2018 @ 09:57 AM
a reply to: Wolfenz

Paternal grandfather at Iwo Jima here. *raises hand. He was 17 (got his mamma to sign off on enlistment, so the story goes).

posted on Apr, 27 2018 @ 10:01 AM

originally posted by: redhorse
a reply to: Wolfenz

Paternal grandfather at Iwo Jima here. *raises hand. He was 17 (got his mamma to sign off on enlistment, so the story goes).

Wow nice ... another big Part of history , thanks for sharing ..

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