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Xenosaga II

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posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 04:22 PM
Just picked up this game last night and was wondering if anyone else had as well. I played it for seven hours straight and would have to say that it was of average difficulty. For those of you whom recall the series, it seems to be more of the same. Heavy on the movie side, but the storyline makes much more sense then the mumbled ramblings of Xenosaga I. Hopefully, it won't go the painfully repetative way of the four Hack games

The original annoyed me at first, but once I got passed most of the story the fight sequences were great and the game over-all was quite entertaining. It really grew on me and that is why I purchased the second one.

The special attacks are not that spectacular, but I suppose that the options will grow over the course of the game. There is a continue option to load stuff from the first game. However, it seems all that loaded from my save was the bonus bathing suits.

One thing that I cannot stress enough is to take advantage of the Boost feature. I didn’t bother using it until I died at the first twin mechs. It is a must if you are into strategy over spending time raising levels.

PS I wonder what ever happened to AlnilamOmega. He was obsessed with the series.

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