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Communications between Trump and Mueller break down.

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posted on Apr, 13 2018 @ 02:42 PM

originally posted by: JoshuaCox
a reply to: shooterbrody

He plead guilty....

They don’t need to prove anything else lol...

SO? even a innocent man will plead guilty under intense stress to make it stop. there have been studies on this. Its never a slam dunk 100 percent of the time.

posted on Jun, 5 2018 @ 07:24 PM

originally posted by: Sillyolme
a reply to: dawnstar

Well that would be distressing. What a friggin waste of time and money if it turns out he was just having a hissy fit. What does it say about his ability to be a responsible leader.
Or his mental makeup?

I don't care if this gets deleted. You are either the worldest biggest troll or completely delusional. The things you say make absolutely no sense to anyone except a very small percentage of people who seem to be affected by this same delusion.

At this point anyone who has paid any attention over the last 20 years can see how corrupt our government has become and how it was weaponized to keep globalist first leaders in office.

It is quite simple. Trump is trying to end this BS investigation that should have never happened in the first place because it 100% political and has nothing to do with finding the truth.

My politics are similar in idea to Bernie Sandards. My comments are not politically motivated, I'm simply not delusional. Trump has committed no crime and there will be no evidence to the contrary.

The Democrats are the only one wasting time and money. They delay everything and the keep insisting that a BS investigation continue when there is no evidence of any crime being commented. You really need to wake up or stop trolling this nonsense.

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