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The "Ultra Spiritual Life" guy

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posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 11:11 AM
This guy spoofs new-age woo stuff, phony "spiritual" people, and other self-important types.

I'm An Indigo Child:

Man Bun:


posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 11:58 AM
a reply to: ColeYounger

LOL, "You're thinking that I don't know what you're thinking." That's rich !!

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posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 12:36 PM
This guy needs more attention - and I don't mean that in a sarcastic way. I've watched most of his videos, some of which include:

1. How to be offended
2. Being a social justice warrior
3. How to tell if you're woke
4. How to become Gluten Intolerant
5. Passive Aggressive relationship techniques
6. How to be more addicted to your phone

Just to name a few.

This guy is beyond awesome!

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 01:34 PM
JP Sears.

Master Guru.

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 05:26 PM
Spot on, he nailed it!

Youtube gurus, Youtube vegans/fruitarians etc etc, make me gag!

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