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Make Psy Light Again

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posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 02:58 AM
Hey you! Over here. Do you like higher BPM like me but not the Hi-Tech which use to sound like a stupid slot machine from hell?
Indeed they have the skills and plenty of time to use the software but most artist don't have ear for music these days. They don't have to. What they need to sound cool is to sound dark. The higher the BPM the darker it is. You can't find anything above 240 BPM not being fully satanic. Stupid sucking shot! Craziness. They have stolen the whole range. Do native American high BPM Pow Wow drums contain any darkness? No. The higher the frequency the more light it should provide. Suck it!

There's a way. I've found it. I call it Hi-Speed Goa because why not? What I do now is my own Hi-Tech which is not dark and has BPM of my choice, usually corresponding to desired brainwaves. If you are interrested I'll go into more detail but let's try it first. I don't care much about the pitch and you'll like it too after a while. Changing the pitch is unnecessary and technically more difficult as it makes the beat sound weird.
Here are my two demo playlists cut into 5 parts. I don't like to run the whole set in a car because it uses to be too long and Ican't stand the beginings after some time.
There we go:

You may need to be used to it when approaching the next personal-taste-Hi-Speed Goa. Notice how it's tuned into Schumann Resonance in description and relax. Like that shot if you like it


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