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It Can't Rain all the Time...TRA2018

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posted on Apr, 10 2018 @ 07:11 AM

It Can't Rain all the Time

The rain. I've been through a lot of rainy days in my life. I'm sure most of us have. It's not something that you can avoid completely, although I've tried my best to steer clear of the worst storms. Every once in awhile you get caught in one though, and it can be difficult to make it through. Yet, I'm unsure which is worse, being in the thick of it or just waiting out the storm.

Many times I've had to strategically maneuver my way around puddles. You never know how deep those go and I didn't want to fall in one that I'd have trouble getting out of. Sometimes I was ok with my feet getting a little wet, but it's the deep puddles you have to worry about. The ones that look shallow but they're not. Once you step in them, well, you find yourself needing help to get back on solid ground. Those are the ones I always tried to avoid.

If my destination was close, I'd run through the storm quickly, sheltering myself from the constant barrage of cold, stinging drops and also jumping over the many obstacles along the way. I always had somewhere I needed to be and when I saw an opportunity, I took it...knowing it's very rare to get a break in the middle of a downpour. But many times you have no choice, you have to brave the rain so you can get make it to where you need to be.

I've had to move painstakingly slow as well. Pushing my way forward as the blusterous winds tried to hold me back. Sometimes I found it hard to gain any ground. Walking into the wind with my head down, using my arms as shields, I'd inch along, a look of fierce determination on my face as I slowly advanced. The rain would be coming down so hard that I couldn't see where to take my next step. And even though I knew where I wanted to go, I had to stay focused or else I might lose my way.

I've seen people stop. Just stop as the rain pounded them down. Their faces turned up to the sky, letting the rain wash away the filth of the day. Was it a cleansing of their soul or had they just given up? Maybe they just were enjoying the moment, I don't know. But I often wondered if they ever finished that journey they were so determined to take.

I've watched them in fear, mesmerized. If they stay there they'll lose their momentum, if they stay there, they'll forget the reason they risked it all in the first place. I'd watch them for a few minutes and then I'd feel the sting of raindrops upon my face, which was a cold slap back to reality. If I stay too long I'll forget my purpose too!

Sometimes though, I want to stop, I want to succumb. Sometimes I don't feel like pushing back against the winds and I just want to let go. That's when I remind myself that the rain never lasts. If you can make it through the worst part of the storm, you'll come out on the other side just fine.

That's how I make it through the rain. By avoiding the obstacles, staying out of deep water, keep pushing back, never stop moving, keeping my focus, and always remembering that the rain never, ever lasts. It can't rain all the time...can it?

The End

It's been awhile since I've written one of these things (and I'm out of practice) lol. But I was excited to see the contests up and running again and wanted to show some support! Good luck everyone. The stories I've read so far have been really, really good!

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posted on Apr, 10 2018 @ 07:44 AM
a reply to: blend57

I love the 'never give up' message behind this story. And you are right, the sun always comes out sooner or later...

Two thumbs up!!!

posted on Apr, 10 2018 @ 11:46 AM

Not bad. But then again, I like the rain

posted on Apr, 11 2018 @ 08:39 PM
Nice one. Its a good message.


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