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The Shed 19

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posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 07:00 PM
a reply to: Gordi The Drummer

Annnnnnnd Happy Thursday to you too!!!!

It's been a long week, an next one may just kill me, but I'm excited for the challenges nonetheless.
However Chiron in my zodiac house right now could politely lay off.
Just saying...

Hi New person!
Glad to read that everyone is doing pretty good! So cheering!!!

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posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 07:13 PM
a reply to: Caver78

LOL, I have that meme too. Love it!

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 08:08 PM
a reply to: Gordi The Drummer

Pareidolia, so that's what it's called! I was in counselling last week waffling on and there, in the wood grain, was a vagina, so I just blurted out,

"There's a vagina! How Freudian."

She looked at me slightly uncomfortably, which I suppose is an appropriate reaction really 😂 No filter.

Thanks for all the welcomes peoples, I'm feeling the fuzz in here.

So, today, like most days (and part of last night) I was fantasising about making this amazing shepherd's pie. I started prepping at about 2.30 in the afternoon and finished about 5. This was frikkin art man. And then my elder lad texted me he'd had a burger and to put it in the freezer. The smallest lad ate it and so did Fido, but... A burger!? Pfff!

Hope you guys are all peaceful and have everything you need.

Live long and prosper 🖖

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 08:23 PM

originally posted by: Mike Stivic
a reply to: Dakini37

You have no fear of dragons,
they're your kin,
You kinda have no fear of anything,
Well, welcome aboard you'll fit right in,
and so it begins,
we're already sharing laughs and grins,
Losses and wins,
Dips and spins,
a few sips of gin,
Or wine drips from skins..

That was AWESOME!

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posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 08:25 PM
Sneaks in, looks around, and gives a little friendly gathering howl..

...for all the hugs.
[[[[[[[[HUGS]]]]]]]]] back at you.

I haven't said hello to all the new creatures entering The Shed, my humble apologies.
Hello New Beings.

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 08:28 PM
a reply to: WalkInSilence


Ah, nothing stirs the soul like a pack of wolves howling into the moonlit night.

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 08:38 PM
a reply to: Dakini37

Hello there Dakini, nice to meet you. Your name means "Sky Dancer" she who carried the souls of the dead to the sky? Am I correct? What a wonderful powerful name. I don't know much about it and you spurred my curiosity.

What brings you to the realm of The Shed and ATS, if you don't mind me asking? Two different questions of course.

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 08:42 PM
Evening Dakini and Wis!

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 08:49 PM
a reply to: Gordi The Drummer

You are such a "Fuddle Muffin".
The definition is added to The Shed Encyclopedia but I can't reiterate it here for some very obscure reasons.
Please carry on, it is enchanting.

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 09:05 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Hello Sweet Pea, to counter your gentle picture...

...I thought of this.
We are like night and day in an odd manner. A balance perhaps?

I feel better today, but my co-worker who I am out $300.00 that I can't afford is not playing nice.
I will F### tear her apart if I don't get my money back.
She is on Welfare, Food Stamps, but has a new Harley that she brags about, that she could sell, and here I am giving her money so she can get to work.
Because if she doesn't come, I have to cover all her shifts and be on over time.
I am so angry.

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 09:10 PM
a reply to: WalkInSilence

Hehe, that's Google for you! A massive oversimplification of a complexity.

Dakinis are wisdom beings, they can be mundane or supramundane. They appear in many forms, young, old, mothers, evil hags etc., but they all lead living beings out of suffering, into the realm of Keajra, a place of bliss and wisdom. I have a strong connection with Vajrayogini, she has 36 other dakinis in her retinue, hence my name. Her form can be a bit unusual to some but it all has very deep symbolism, her entire body, retinue and Pure Land (Keajra) are teachings.

How I ended up here? I was watching a video of a guy who has set up an orphanage in Tanzania and began googling something, I don't know, I think I was looking for something and remembered this place. Maybe I was looking for some conspiracy thing? But for some reason I was drawn to the thread "The shed". Being a nosey bugger I had to have a peak. And there was a pic of a dragon (my Eastern astrological sign) and a lion (my Western sign). I don't believe in coinkidinks.

Sorry, I rambled. I tend to do that. Funny how irl (lol@ that term, what is "real"?) I hardly talk! Guess you guys are my outlet.

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 09:16 PM

I just woke up from my friend's couch a little before 5 am. That is ok and normal, i start sleeping early. Bought 12 cans of beer yesterday and shared them with the friend. Just a moment ago i used some of his coffee and drinking it now. Our friendship has been a kind of a symbiosis from the beginning. If one has food and one has tobacco, then we both have food and tobacco.

I enjoyed reading about Gordi's hammock testing and the pareidolia faces in the trees. I am waiting for spring to dry the nearby forests so i can go have a barbecue with friends there. With all the calming and recharging forest spirits. They might be there... wait... was it really pareidolia
maybe the tree faces are the guardians of the forest showing themselves.

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 09:44 PM
a reply to: WalkInSilence

Your friend can't afford to pay you back but has a new Harley? Not good! I could never do that to a friend. I wouldn't be too pleased with her myself. Glad you are feeling better today!

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 09:46 PM
a reply to: Dakini37

I enjoyed hearing about the Dakinis! I loved the lion and dragon pic so much I had to steal it from facebook. I'm never sure which pics I will use when I open a new Shed. I usually go by intuition. Perhaps that particular pic was meant for you to find us.

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 09:47 PM
a reply to: Finspiracy

I like the idea of guardians of the forest very much.

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 09:57 PM
Spirit Cat card reading. Written and illustrated by Nicole Par


Meet Zephyr. She is flexible, flowing and gentle like a light wid. She intuitively responds to the ryhythms of the world around her. When a door opens, she walks through, easy as a breeze. When the door closes, she circles, eddies and finds a window to slip silently through. She blooms with the Spring and knows how to let go with the Fall. She is change and she welcomes change. Her strength comes not through resistance but through perfect flow like a river sculpting the rocks, finding and making the space to keep moving.

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posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 09:58 PM

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 10:10 PM
a reply to: Night Star

I loved the Spirit Cat reading. That's the power of The Way, Dao, Wu Wei, chi. I think there are two ways of "getting there". Be steadfast like a mountain, or yielding like a river. Wonderfully inspirational Night Star. Thank you.

It also reminded me of The Structural Dynamics of Flow from The Patriot, one of my favourite programmes.
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posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 10:33 PM
a reply to: Dakini37

So glad you enjoyed the reading Dakini! I try to pick one card a day to share in here. I find them to be quite inspiring.

posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 10:43 PM
so today started off with what they call a downward trend... started my period the day before my surgery, got to work and immediately locked my purse in my car with my keys, phone, wallet, tampons, and anxiety meds... lol

but i said to myself i wasn't going to let it be one of those days, and i hung in, and it did get better. so here's to persistence in the face of (admittedly fairly minor and comical) adversity.

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