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A major problem in Antarctica

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posted on Apr, 6 2018 @ 07:53 PM

"Mr. President....."

"Well, come on in. They made you first on the list so I know it's another crisis. I swear to Jesus, if this is another op where you didn't follow my instructions, your outa here."

"Let me explain what happened before you....."

"Henry, just hold on. This has to be about the yacht. Down by Antarctica, right?"

"Yes, sir."

"And I told you if they try to climb the ice wall or make any other kind of landing, you blow the damn thing up. And I'll bet you didn't do it. I got you the approval for the op and I even went to the trouble of creating a solid cover story. But......, you didn't do any of that, did you? You did your own thing again and now it's a disaster. Again. Henry......."

"Mr. President, I didn't see the need for the loss of life so I sent the USS Gibson in to hit the yacht with gamma rays."

"Did it cross your mind that the Gibson isn't cleared for covert ops? Why would you even involve that ship? Did they question why they were going after a civilian boat?"

"I told them they were going after pirates, sir."


"Yes, sir."

"Pirates of Antarctica? Are you kidding me? Aye, give me all your ice! ARE YOU ON CRACK?! Please tell me you put a lid on the Gibson's comms. Henry, do you realize that I might have to drop the Gibson to the bottom of the ocean? Is there a light inside this tunnel? I can't believe this."

"Sir, Mr. President, they hit the yacht with gamma rays and it disabled everything. Engines, electronics, they were dead in the water."

"Henry, get to the part about the souls. Do I need to get in the limo for this? At least I would have seat belts and an airbag for the collision."

"Mr. President, the yacht was drifting dead and the Gibson waited for it's next move. That's when the triangle flew over. From, um, Antarctica."

"I'm sorry, the triangle? Are you telling me Antarctica sent a triangle to the theater? A black triangle? Like a TR3B? Magnetic propulsion and PHP? Physical Holographic Projection? Is THAT what your telling me? Your not going to tell me they all got beamed up and taken to Antarctica, are you?"

"Yes, yes sir, Mr. President."

"Jesus.... Henry, here is what you need to do. I need you to leave. I need you to get out of the White House. Put your credentials on my desk RIGHT NOW! And be off the grounds in 15 minutes. Or less. Henry, listen very carefully to what I am about to say. YOUR FIRED!!!! The Gibson, a TR3B. Oh my God! You just condemned all those sailors to death. I have to drop that ship, I have too. I can't let them....... Your still here. Leave before I put you on the Gibson. Or something like that. I'll tell you what. Let's say you had a stroke. You lost your memory. And as long as you don't get it back, you know?"

"Is there, sir, is there anything I can do?"

"Heh, you could have a real stroke. Why don't you just beat your feet and get THE HELL OUTA HERE! Get him out of here. Out of my office! Out of the White House! Off the grounds! And he doesn't come back! Henry, what a mistake. You never should have let me bring you in."

"Oh Jesus, forgive me. Blue phone, Bill's number. Bill. ~ring~ Bill! It's the President. Listen, we have a crisis. I just got word from the Pentagon about the USS Gibson. They have a code 66, active code. Send somebody to manage it right away. Those boys are heroes. Make sure you say that to the press. HEROES!"

"Alright, Mr. President. I understand. I'll handle this immediately. Consider it done. I'll take care of everything on my end. Make sure you take care of everything on your side."

Meanwhile, somewhere near Antarctica, a drowsy and confused yacht captain wakes up, unfamiliar with his surroundings.

"He's waking! Put him back to sleep?"

"No, I have questions for him. I want to know if he is aware. Give him a pop injection. You can unpop him when I am done. I don't understand why his boat wasn't destroyed. We have a contract."

To be continued.......

posted on Apr, 6 2018 @ 09:50 PM
a reply to: Genfinity

Interesting. first Nazis and Dinosaurs, then Pirates. Well I am intrigued.

posted on Apr, 6 2018 @ 11:20 PM
Yes! Let me get some popcorn!

Okay, I'm ready for more!

posted on Apr, 9 2018 @ 10:58 PM
"Good cycle."


"Thank you. How are you feeling?"

"Where am I? Where is my family?"

"Your family is fine. Each of you is at a separate deen."

"What is a deen?"

"Interesting. We both speak Spangli but some of your words are unsame. For that icona, I le'oon a interpreter. My name is An'Fra and this is the interpreter, Will'Je."

"Uh..., I speak English. Where is my family?"

"Englesh? It is a legal to keep family at a separate deen. If something occurs, it becomes colearn."

"What?! Deen, colearn. The hell does that mean?"

"Can you glass those words to help him, Will'Je? Present me. Deen means, umm..., lokeashin? I don't know if I am announcing it coherently. Your family is at a separate lokeashin? And colearn....., none of your words are in the glass for colearn. Let me say....., it is less problems when a family is separate. If an event occurs with one, it is less problems for everyone."

"I want to talk TO MY FAMILY!"

"Please don't make me increase the light. Remain in order."

"Increase the light? What does that mean?"

"If I increase the light, your mobility will be deducted. Remain in order."

"Wait a minute, how is the light in here? Where is it coming from?"

"I don't understand your question."

"The room is lit up but I don't see a source."

"Sourse? I do not understand. Light is everywhere. A care can add weight to the light. I can also deduct it to move you."

"You can control light?"

"You can not? All light can be controlled. That is how you were exit your boat."

"I was lifted up. I went through the ceiling. Like a ghost. I looked down and I saw my wife and kids going through the boat."

"Simple light deduction. It's regular."

"Regular? That's NOT regular. That's not regular as hell! Am I still alive?"

"Of course your alive."

"Uh..., Am I still on Earth?"

"You were near Earth when you were located. You are in Shi'Leen."

"Near Earth?!?! I was on Earth! In a boat!"

"You were near Earth in a boat."

"Alright, my boat wasn't in damn outer space! I was near Antarctica. Doing research with my family."

"What is outer space? Outside of space?"

"What?! NO! I was inside Earth! By Antarctica. Does anyone know more English then you?"

"I think your confused. You and I are speaking Spangli."

"You mean like Spanglish? We are speaking, me and you are speaking English. Your words are close but sure not close enough. You need to use that glass thing more. Or I can use it. It looks like a tablet."

"I don't understand a tablet. Is tablet in the glass? Oh, yes! Your tablet is our glass. Oh my stars, we are making progress."

"Hardly.....Listen, I am going to try to be real nice about this but if you don't let me speak to my family, I am going to lose my patience real fast."

"If you become relegated, I will increase the light and unpop you. Remain in order. What is, how did you announce it, Aunt Ar'Deeka?"

"Antarctica? What do you mean, what is it? That's the continent I was researching."

"Your from Earth."

"Yes, I am!"

"Why do you announce you are from Aunt Ar'Deeka?"

"That's the continent we were by. Before you or whoever did that beam thing on us."

"Your confused. You were by Earth."

"No, damn it! I was ON Earth. What the hell planet is this?"

"This is the planet Gaia. We are on the same planet. You are from Earth."

"So your saying I'm not on Earth?"

"This is not the Earth continent."

"Earth continent??? Earth is a planet."

"Earth is not a planet. Earth is a continent. We are on the planet Gaia."

"So are you saying you named a continent after the planet Earth?"

"You think you are on a different planet. You are not. This is the planet Gaia. Your boat was by the Earth continent."

" call it Earth?"

"Aunt Ar'Deeka?"

"How many continents are on Gaia?"


"33?!?! How many people live on Gaia?"

"125 billion. You have strange questions."

"Alright, listen. Where I come from, the planet Earth, we have 7 continents."

"Earth is not a planet, Earth is a continent!"

"No, damn it! I am from Earth. We have 7 continents; North America, South America..."

"East Am'Erika? West Am'Erika? I don't know those continents. They do not exist."

"No, there is no east or west America. And it's not Amy-Reeka. It's America! Listen, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and Antarctica. Any of those sound familiar? Those are all on Earth. They exist. They really exist."

"Earth is a continent, not a planet. Like this continent, Shi'Leen. Atlantis, Burly...."

"Atlantis?! Tell me about Atlantis!"

"You have heard of it?"

"Yes, I've heard of it. Tell me about it."

"It is the largest continent of the 33 continents. I must leave for a transition. I will be back between 54:75 and 55:00."

"Between what?"

"Between 54:75 and 55:00."

"What the hell is that?"

"What do you see?"

"NO! 54:75! What the hell does that mean?"

"54:75 is the time I will be back. Are you confused?"

"54:75?? What the hell kind of time is that???"

"What does hell mean? You repeat hell."

"Never mind that. How many hours do you have in a day?"

"I do not understand your question."

"SERIOUSLY?! Do the glass thing! Hey, guy! Do the glass thing! Can I just....Can I do it?"

"You can not use the glass. You are not equipped with a thought processor."

"A thought processor. Like a brain? I got one of those."

"A thought processor is a biowafe installed in your cortex."

"That sounds like something you can keep. But how many hours are in your day? Do the glass thing."

"Oh! Your referencing to cycles and lours. We have 100 lours in a cycle. I must go. I will be back at 54:75. Unpop him."

"What does unpop mean? What is that? Zzzzzzzzz............"

"Hibernate. I will return. He is very strange. Why does he refer to Earth as a planet? With continents? I would like to go to Earth. Earth seems so different from the other 32 continents. Why is travel to Earth restrained?"

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