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Cold Weather Forecast fot The UK

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posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 11:41 AM
Not sure if I should post thi here but with all the talk of global warming affecting the world and with the UK having one of the mildest winters in a few years I thought I would.

Over this weekend and into next week it looks like the whole of the UK could get the first real winter blast in almost a decade.

It all should start on Saturday with this chart

Saturday GFS Model

This shows cold artic air over most of the UK (the thing to watch is the -5 air with which most prectiption should fall as snow).

This northly continues into Sunday

Sundays GFS Chart

After that this changes from a Northly to a North-Easter to an Easterly by Tuesday

Tuesdays GFS Chart

Now for most Yanks and everyone else outwith the UK this may not seem like much.

But pretty much from +24 Hours to +384 Hours the charts show cold weather lingering over the UK, and because of the direction in which the air is coming from there should be plenty of heavy snow showers.

The METO have already issued an advanced weather warning about this.

METO Weather Warning

I expect this to be upgraded over the next couple of days. Looking back over historic weather models the last time the UK had weather this cold for this sustained period was back in 1962.

Now it all could still go to pot, but it ceritanely looks like an Omega block is formning over the North Atlantic, which basically stops the normally mild jet stream (It basically ends up going North over Greenland and the Artic before coming back south over the UK, or Western Europe).

Could be quite nasty in most of Western Europe as well.

With Oil and Gas prices quite high at the moment this can only push prices further upward.


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