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posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 11:35 AM
Hi, just a suggestion really. Where i work i created a large(ish) forum for people to discuss current jobs their working on and to share information.

One feature i built in to the forum was basically a "BS thread filter".
It works by having a moderator read through a thread and decided what posts are relevant to that thread then put a flag next to them. In my version it's just a true or false field. That way you can apply a theoretical "filter" to the thread to cut out all the crap that inevitably builds up in big threads.

I understand that the mods on here have enough to do with out having to vet every post of every thread, but as with certain areas of my forum the job can be delegated to responsible users. Heck you could even put it open to voting or with a system like ATS has you could use the number of ats points as guide to who has "authority" to decide.

Personally i think it would be a massive bonus to a lot of people (especially me
) not to have to read through 100+ post of arguing and BS to get to the 5 post that actually contain relevant information.

Anyway, just an idea. I take a lot from ATS so i thought i'd give something back

posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 12:45 PM
I think it's an interesting idea but........

1/ There are around 3,000 posts a day here and that's only on ATS there is PTS, ATSNN, BTS. Staff have alot to do as it is and delegating still further such an important feature like that which would be basically trying to consistantly quality assess posts could lead to problems.

2/ Bull# is relative.

One feature we do have is ignore. Any member can ignore any other (except mods).

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